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Please read the comments from our alumni. They have all come from different walks of life and they have all have had different challenges to face. We always find alumni clients have various expectations for treatment which we listen to and then try to make improvements to our facilities and treatment. Check out the reviews as they share their thoughts on our facilities and their experiences attending them. All the reviews are verified but full names are removed for confidentiality.

27 Mar 2021
This establishment has given me tools to beat my addiction but more than this they have given me hope and happiness. The staff are professional and caring and I would recommend this facility to anybody suffering from the disease of addiction.
23 Mar 2021
I am so glad that I chose Primrose Lodge as my place for recovery. I had never believed I would leave this place without the slightest urge of never drinking again. Instead, thanks to the Amazing staff and Therapy I received I am leaving as the person I knew I was before my addiction made my life unmanageable. I now have all of the tools necessary that providing I keep using them a happy life of sobriety lies ahead. The accommodation was really nice and it is a nice intimate Rehab centre without too many people staying at any one time. This made it very easy to get to know all of my peers and friendships were built very quickly with everyone. It’s like a big happy family all looking out for each other. I’m actually sad to be leaving, I couldn’t recommend it enough!
Sarah J
22 Mar 2021
I will forever be in debt to Primrose Lodge. I arrived broken by alcohol and cocaine addiction and I had hit rock bottom. Over the weeks and after many group and 1 to 1 therapy sessions I began to get my life back. I now realise that my addiction is a disease and following the 12 step programme I can live a clean and sober life. I accept I will be in recovery for life but I have gained the tools on how to deal with living a clean and sober life. If it was not for Primrose Lodge I will still be in that very dark place.
Stew D
22 Mar 2021
I came here after hitting rock bottom and in desperate need of help. This place felt like home from the moment I arrived, it was a wonderful feeling to be surrounded with people I could instantly relate too - something that’s never happened to me before. I’ve learned so much about myself in really no time at all, I feel better than I have in decades and made lifelong friends. Like most things in life you get back what you put in; if you want it Primrose will help you make it happen.
22 Mar 2021
I would highly recommend this treatment centre to everyone. It is truly amazing. My stay here has been 100% fantastic. Thank you primrose lodge for saving my life. Amazing staff. Couldn’t have asked for a better stay. Thank you.
21 Mar 2021
If you struggle with addiction and feel hopeless and lost. Please try this. I did and it worked for me and loads others. Don’t give up, try this first
Marco Di Maria
19 Mar 2021
I came into Primrose Lodge, wanting to change, as I was completely broken inside and out, the staff and therapists were out of this world, they assisted every need for me from the second I walked in, to the second I walked out. I walked out of Primrose Lodge a completely new man. My therapist Edwina, was absolutely amazing, she was everything I needed and more. The other therapists, Jules, Kate and Gilly were also amazing, the manager John has created a great team including all of the support staff. I really believe that this place has been completely life changing for me. I can second the previous review, I am living proof that this place really does fulfill the needs and recovery of an addict like myself. I can honestly say PRIMROSE LODGE SAVED MY LIFE
John K
15 Mar 2021
I came into Primrose a broken man , mentally and physically and my relationship at home was in tatters. I am leaving today mentally strong , physically well and thankfully going to home to my wife and 3 children. I never dreamt that this could be possible but it is now a reality. The therapeutic team and support staff and of course Johnny who makes it all tick are absolutely amazing in all areas, they have helped me turn my life around and I will forever be grateful. I must say a special mention to Jules of whom has inspired me and guided me through this journey and who was the key to me going back to a happy home . Primrose Lodge is the place where magic happens and I am the living proof of that John K
Emily B
14 Mar 2021
Absolutely loved my time at Primrose I feel ready to take the next step in my recovery! The food is amazing and the chef is so accommodating (I’m vegetarian and he always had something prepared for me). The support team and therapists are incredible and I couldn’t fault them.
09 Mar 2021
Five star review. Primrose Lodge is a wonderful place. The staff are very professional And helpful and a pleasure to have around as are the therapists
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