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Please read the comments from our alumni. They have all come from different walks of life and they have all have had different challenges to face. We always find alumni clients have various expectations for treatment which we listen to and then try to make improvements to our facilities and treatment. Check out the reviews as they share their thoughts on our facilities and their experiences attending them. All the reviews are verified but full names are removed for confidentiality.

05 Mar 2020
Amazing place,really professional staff and therapists.
05 Mar 2020
I entered Primrose Lodge with some trepidation, unsure what or who to expect. It has exceeded all my expectations. The staff are welcoming, fair and caring, many have experienced addiction first hand so are very knowledgeable and approachable. The community you enter and people who join later will be your support network, shoulders to cry on and people to have many many laughs with. The programme is well constructed and thought out. It is focused on AA but do not let this put you off if you think that’s not for you, I did too but am now planning meetings to attend when I get out, it is in no way god centred. Drama therapy is great as is DBT and all the group meetings. Food is plentiful and tasty and fresh fruit available all day. Primrose Lodge has changed my life, I am an alcoholic but now have the tools and knowledge to enable me to return to my life with a new routine and new zest for life. I started with ten days, realised this was not enough and extended. You don’t have to book in for the full 28 but you will get an excellent outcome if you do and if you engage with the programme. If you have any doubt that you have a problem then I would certainly recommend Primrose Lodge.
05 Mar 2020
I was very anxious to come to Primrose Lodge as I was in denial that I was an alcoholic but by working the programme here, I soon accepted that I was. I liked the structure of the programme and the routine I created at Primrose. The staff have all been very helpful, supportive and understanding of my needs. The therapists were always on hand for a chat when I needed them and helped me to open up and let my emotions come out. I have particularly enjoyed learning to meditate (although I was sceptical of this at first), drama therapy and DBT sessions. The support staff are caring and considerate, the chef is very accommodating and the food is fantastic. I have never eaten so well in my life! Primrose Lodge has a homely atmosphere and I have made many great friends here who I will keep in touch with in the future. I thought some of the rules were ridiculous at first but soon realised there were reasons behind them! Don’t be put off thinking that the programme is all about God. It isn’t. It is a spiritual programme which just requires you to accept that you cannot recovery by yourself. I would highly recommend Primrose Lodge to others suffering addicts.
03 Mar 2020
Primrose Lodge saved my life. The staff are professional and non-judgmental and make you feel safe and welcomed. The food is amazing, the facilities are clean and tidy, and the therapy provided is varied and excellent. I would recommend Primrose Lodge to anyone struggling with addiction - thank you to everyone who has helped me on my journey.
03 Mar 2020
Fantastic treatment here at Primrose Lodge! I truly believe my stay here may have saved my life!
29 Feb 2020
I spent 10 days at Primrose Lodge. I was detoxing from alcohol. The time spent really helped me a lot. The staff are very professional and caring. Its not a big rehab centre and so you get to know all the other people in rehab very well. It helps to hear everyone else's stories and challenges and to get to know them all very well. The therapy sessions are run very well and the therapists are also very professional. I found the sessions and the time spent here very helpful to my recovery. I would recommend anyone wanting to detox or do rehab for addiction to seriously consider coming to Primrose lodge. It works.
28 Feb 2020
Coming into Primrose Lodge has well and truly changed my life. I came here at one of the darkest points in my life, and with no experience of treatment I didn't expect to get much from the program and thought it would be a miserable experience. The support staff very quickly made me feel at home and have been fantastic throughout my stay here. The program here covers a number of approaches and not only helps you to get and stay clean, but also helps prepare you for the rest of your life. The therapists are very relatable as they can talk from first hand experience and are extremely effective. I would thoroughly recommend Primrose Lodge to anyone who is ready to make a big change in their life.
28 Feb 2020
very good and professional
Paul Graham
25 Feb 2020
I was in a dark places and i was at a bad time. I sort help, and i came to primrose lodge for rehab. At first i was told to do 7 days by an adviser on the phone. when i arrived here, i wasn't very happy with the strict rules that where en posed on the clients. I was seen to by the doctor, who advised me it would take, days to complete the program of detox. i thought very carefully that night, and made my mind up to follow the rules and regulations that were en posed by primrose lodge, and i sort the manager the next morning and told him i made my decision to do the full days. I am now fully detoxed, am i a lot happier. the staff have been wonderful to me. the facilities at primrose lodge are very good. and i would recommend it to anybody who needs the same help to fight against drugs and alcohol. During the program i have met some lovely people from all works of life.
23 Feb 2020
Coming to Primrose Lodge has saved my life. The expertise of the therapists is phenomenal and comes from first hand knowledge through their own experiences so they can fully empathise with the clients. The support staff are extremely supportive and the program is diverse and effective. It focuses on both physical and mental healing and supports clients' in creating a comprehensive care plan to prepare them for recovery after initial treatment is completed. I would recommend Primrose Lodge to anyone who seeks recovery.
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