Co-dependency Rehab Treatment

Co-dependency and addiction typically reinforce each other: if you have a substance addiction and are in a co-dependent relationship, making the decision to quit – not to mention actually overcoming the addiction – can be even more difficult as a consequence. However, the sooner you find yourself able to take that decision, the sooner you can start along the road to recovery – and every day that passes without your taking that step sees your substance abuse disorder not only negatively impacting you, but also the other party in the co-dependent relationship, and everyone else around you.

At Primrose Lodge, we can help you break free of a co-dependent relationship and provide all the assistance and treatment you need to achieve permanent recovery. Call us today on 0203 553 9263 and speak with one of our specialists.

Our Co-dependency Rehab Clinic

Our CQC-registered rehab clinic in Surrey specialises in helping people from all walks of life overcome all types of addictions. We can also provide holistic therapy, along with everything else you need to escape a co-dependency situation.

To guarantee you get the best treatment possible, that’s most appropriate to your specific needs, we will first evaluate you to establish the extent of your addiction and the circumstances around it, including your domestic situation. We will then be able to personalise co-dependency treatment which will cover all aspects of your condition. Rest assured that whilst attending our full-service facility, you’ll be provided with round-the-clock care from compassionate medical professionals.


As part of our co-dependency treatment, we provide counselling therapy to all our patients. Counselling is an essential part of treatment because it will help you understand the causes and consequences of the decisions that led you, first, to your initial involvement with drugs, and subsequently to your repeated drug abuse and eventual addiction. Counselling will also show you how co-dependency is proving more of a hindrance than a help and how you can effectively turn things around.

The precise composition and schedule of your treatment program will depend on your unique needs, but we will provide both one-to-one counselling therapy and group counselling therapy ideal for peer-to-peer support and for learning from the experiences of others.

Medical Detoxification

Detoxification – “detox” – is a vital part of addiction treatment. It is crucial that your system is cleansed of substances of abuse before you enter the main therapy phase of your treatment program. During detox, you’ll experience a variety of withdrawal symptoms as your body rids itself of drug-related toxins. These withdrawal symptoms can make the detoxification process difficult to bear. To minimise your discomfort and guarantee detoxification is a success, we can provide a medically assisted detox.

Medically assisted detox from our clinical medical team utilises a variety of medications to minimise withdrawal symptoms and make detoxification easier. With our medical detoxification, you’re provided with not only a more comfortable experience but also a safer one. We will provide 24/7 care and therapeutic support for the entire duration of your medical detox.

Call us today on 0203 553 9263 for a safe and effective recovery from addiction.

Detox Timeline

The duration of detox and how the timeline progresses will vary from individual to individual; this is due to a broad range of factors such as your physical and mental condition, the severity of your addiction, and the presence of any co-occurring disorders, amongst others.

Depending on your substance of abuse, detox can commence and withdrawal symptoms begin to be experienced within a matter of hours after your last intake (for drugs with a longer half-life, detox may take longer to set in). Once the process begins – and, again, its crucial to remember that the precise nature and extent of detox varies significantly from one drug to another, and as a result of numerous factors including those mentioned above – a range of physical and psychological symptoms may manifest, peaking between two and four days after the last dose.

After that time, the most intense (and acutely uncomfortable) symptoms will begin to subside, although sleep and eating patterns are likely to be disrupted for several days more and cravings will probably persist (though at a less overwhelming intensity and frequency). Most obviously, your mood is likely to remain low (exacerbated by other symptoms). Most withdrawal symptoms will disappear between one and two weeks after the last dose; if any (most notable depression) persist, you may have developed post-acute withdrawal syndrome (PAWS) which can last upwards of a year and may well require ongoing therapy.

To ensure your detox process is smooth, effective and safe, it’s best not to try detoxing alone at home. Instead, contact us at Primrose Lodge on 0203 553 9263 for detox treatment that comprehensively cares for all your needs.


Once detox has been completed, it’s important to follow it up immediately with a comprehensive rehabilitation programme. This is because detox only deals with the physical element of your addiction, which is insufficient on its own. In order to guarantee a lasting recovery, the underlying causes of your addiction need to be addressed, and this cannot be achieved merely by stopping taking drugs (however hard that in itself may be). Proper rehabilitation involves a combination of physical and psychological treatment, on the principle of “healthy body, healthy mind”: cleansing the body of substances of abuse but not working on your desire to abuse those substances means your recovery is almost certain to be only a temporary one.

At Primrose Lodge, we can provide a rehabilitation programme that takes into consideration your co-dependency issues and also cares for all other aspects of your addiction. Our rehabilitation programme will utilise behavioural therapies, counselling, and other forms of treatment to provide you with the best possible basis for a full recovery.

We have a 28-day programme that can comprehensively care for all your needs. However, in the event, your addiction is especially severe and you require treatment for longer, we can provide an extended treatment programme.

Rehab Programme

We offer a comprehensive inpatient addiction treatment programme that takes into consideration your co-dependency. After putting you through an evaluation process, we will have all the necessary information needed to best proceed with your inpatient care.

We apply a variety of treatment methodologies which are proven to deliver powerful and lasting results. The entirety of your treatment will occur in a safe, nurturing and supportive environment, under the care of our compassionate and experienced medical team, counsellors and therapists.

Our rehab programme provides a strong foundation that the rest of your recovery can be built on, thus minimising your chances of suffering a relapse. The entire treatment programme is highly structured and can be personalised to suit your unique situation and requirements.

You will be provided therapeutic support and will be supervised round-the-clock by our staff, with treatment amended as necessary to meet your changing needs. For more on our rehab programme, give us a call on 0203 5539263.

Detox and Rehab Benefits

Some of the benefits of our detox and rehab treatment that you can expect to experience include:

  • Medical detox will cleanse your body of all drugs, thus giving your system the fresh start it needs to make a full recovery.
  • Therapy in rehabilitation will identify factors contributing to your drug abuse problem (such as co-dependency) and guide you towards lasting recovery.
  • Emotional and therapeutic support will be available whenever you need it.
  • Comprehensive care that covers all aspects of your addiction will be provided by experts.
  • You can experience a safe and smooth recovery process, with the aid of medication where appropriate.
  • You will have a greatly reduced likelihood of suffering a relapse during and after treatment.

Treatment for 16-to-18-Year-Olds

Our sister centre in Banbury, Oxfordshire can be of assistance if you have a loved one between the ages of 16 and 18 with a co-dependency issue. Treating addiction and addiction-related issues isn’t the same for adults and teenagers – especially because of the developmental problems that can occur in younger people abusing drugs. Our sister centre in Banbury has the necessary resources and years of experience helping teenagers retake control of their lives, recover from drug abuse, and stay clean long-term.

Contact us today so we can help arrange the admission of your loved one.

One Year’s Free Aftercare

Research shows that recovering addicts who engage in aftercare are less likely to relapse. In light of this, we provide one year’s aftercare completely free of charge. By attending, you will have access to outpatient support as you reintegrate into normal everyday life. We provide weekly sessions, one to one therapy, and also offer phone support so you can have someone to talk to whenever you need to. If you or a loved one have a co-dependency issue alongside a substance abuse disorder, Primrose Lodge can help. Call our confidential helpline today by dialling 0203 553 9263 to get started on the safe and effective path to recovery.