Spice rehab

Spice, a synthetically made drug, similar to marijuana but more dangerous, is a substance that is deceptively easy to become addicted to. For this reason, many individuals have had to seek out support for their addiction through spice addiction treatment. In spice rehab, you will be able to regain normalcy in your life, undergo a spice detox process, learning to handle challenges without having to resort to spice as a method to help to cope with the pressures brought on by daily life.


What is spice rehab?

Spice addiction treatment revolves around removing the drug from your system and healing your mind as well as your body following withdrawal from the substance. Spice addiction is often caused by underlying mental turmoil in the mind that boils over in the form of addiction. As the addiction builds, so too does the physical and mental dependency on the drug, and many will feel the need to keep using it just to function at a normal pace. Spice addiction treatment is a rehab programme that will help you get past the physical side of your addiction as well as address the mental unrest that comes with it.

How does spice rehab work?

With the assistance of trained professionals, spice rehab will help you to stop using the drug, remove it from your system and provide methods to help cope with any challenges that might come your way without the need to resort to spice. This will be assisted by medical health professionals that will help you detox from spice with a monitored, medically safe approach that, based on the severity of your symptoms, may be assisted by some drugs to help make the process as comfortable as possible.

Furthermore, mental health professionals will be available, providing rehab therapy sessions to help you process past or current thoughts that have been causing you pain or discomfort. That way, once the spice rehab programme has finished, or when you are ready to finish your treatment, you will be sure to keep away from spice in any situation.


Why should you go to spice rehab?

Spice drug rehab can be done at home or at a dedicated rehab facility. An outpatient spice rehab treatment should be done cautiously with the continuous consultation of medical professionals. You should also consider attending nearby support groups such as Narcotics Anonymous or general addiction support groups that will help you meet peers in similar situations, speaking in a group led by a professional who can empathise with what you are going through and motivate you to keep walking the path of recovery during the spice rehab process.

While you can undergo your spice rehab treatment at home, inpatient treatment would be a safer, more professionally maintained environment to re-acclimate your mind and body to the new norm that is sobriety.

Furthermore, you will have to decide whether to use a public facility owned by the NHS, a charity, or a private spice rehab treatment facility. Public facilities will cost less, if anything at all but will require a longer wait to be admitted and begin treatment due to the crowded nature of public rehab facilities. Meanwhile, private spice rehab will ensure that you and your loved ones get the treatment you require with less and often no wait times.

Spice rehab at Primrose Lodge

How you would like to experience spice drug rehab is a decision that only you can make. Rehab for spice addiction is available in all forms and options, but the most important thing is to begin. Luckily, Primrose Lodge has made sure to be available on a 24/7 basis for admissions to our spice rehab treatment. Becoming a resident at our facility is one of the first steps you can take on a smooth journey towards sobriety.

Our medical professionals at Primrose Lodge are seasoned addiction experts who have been in your shoes, recovered, and are now committed to leading you to a successful, happy lifestyle that they know you can have.

Furthermore, spice drug rehab programmes are specifically catered to at Primrose Lodge by providing specialised medically approved drugs that will help you adjust physically to the absence of the drug as well as various activities that will get your body acquainted to a life free from dependency. Supported by our luxury en-suite rooms reserved for our residents, we guarantee your comfort and satisfaction during this difficult time.

To that end, we provide personalised spice rehab treatment for all our residents based on their lives, characters and nature of their addictions. As we are committed to ensuring your well-being, we also make sure to provide free lifetime aftercare to keep in touch with our residents and keep up with their positively progressing journey of life after spice rehab.


What you should do now

Drug dependency is not a smooth journey for everyone. It is a rocky one that only goes downhill if untreated. However, it is never too late to start your ascent from the low points of spice addiction. Rehab for spice treatment is a sure-fire way to recover the life you may have lost during these tough times. Regardless of your age, Primrose Lodge would like to provide a safe space for you to get your life back. We are invested in your well-being, aware that you will have experienced immeasurable losses along the way and know you can get your life back through spice rehab treatment. At any time, contact us to get any advice on rehab or to admit yourself or a loved one to our facility. This will be the best first step to recovery.

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