Ketamine rehab

Long-term use of ketamine comes with a whole host of problems, seeping through to your relationships, career, and finances and causing devastating health issues, including kidney damage and severe abdominal pain. If ketamine is adversely affecting your life in any way, ketamine rehab can help you regain control of your life. Our experienced team knows what it feels like to be in your shoes and can help you navigate the path to recovery with non-judgemental support for ketamine addiction treatment in a safe setting.


Treating ketamine addiction

Ketamine rehab is necessary to not only combat the physical aspects of your ketamine use, but the psychological too, digging into the root cause of your substance abuse and teaching you coping mechanisms to prevent relapse – something that is simply impossible to achieve without professional support and guidance. At Primrose Lodge, we provide comprehensive, science-based treatment that focuses on individuals, taking into account their own personal journey and life experiences.

Do I need ketamine rehab?

If you have noticed yourself taking ketamine habitually, experiencing cravings or withdrawal symptoms when you’re not using, or prioritising the drug over friends, family, and work, then your life would benefit from ketamine addiction treatment.

Take our quick quiz to find out if ketamine rehab is the right choice for you:

Ketamine quiz

  1. Have you ever thought that you need support with controlling ketamine use?
  2. Have you ever tried to stop taking ketamine but couldn’t?
  3. When not using, do you find yourself thinking about or obsessing over ketamine?
  4. Over time, have you noticed yourself needing higher doses of ketamine to achieve a high?
  5. Have you ever felt ashamed or guilty about your drug use?
  6. Do you ever take ketamine alone?
  7. Have you noticed your relationships deteriorating as a result of ketamine?
  8. Have your friends or family ever expressed concerns about your drug use or suggested rehab to you?
  9. Does obtaining ketamine take priority over paying rent or bills?
  10. Have you ever borrowed money or stolen something in order to obtain ketamine?
  11. Do you ever miss work as a result of your ketamine use?
  12. Have you ever abandoned other commitments or hobbies as a result of your ketamine use?
  13. Have you experienced any health issues as a result of ketamine, such as memory loss, anxiety, abdominal pains, or others?
  14. Do you continue to take ketamine despite knowing the negative consequences it is having?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, ketamine rehab can be hugely beneficial. Reach out to our experienced team to begin your journey to life that’s back in your control. While overcoming ketamine abuse can be difficult, there are treatment programmes available that can help you make a successful recovery. You shouldn’t wait for your addiction to cause severe damage before seeking treatment; the earlier you begin, the easier your recovery will be.


Ketamine addiction treatment options

There are several options available for ketamine addiction treatment, including services provided by the NHS and charity bodies and private rehab services. Whilst NHS services are free, these are mainly carried out via an outpatient process, and so you will be exposed to stressors and triggers that may lead to relapse.

At Primrose Lodge, we provide comprehensive, science-based treatment that treats not only the physical symptoms but the psychological ones too. Our inpatient programme focuses on individuals, taking into account their own personal journeys and life experiences.

Our ketamine rehab treatment

Your treatment will begin with medical drug detox. Using ketamine over a long period can lead to tolerance and dependence, which will result in withdrawal symptoms whenever you attempt to quit or drastically reduce your dosage. Our professional team will help you safely negotiate this phase as your body flushes out any drugs.

Once you have completed the detox phase, you will then move on to treat the psychological aspects of your condition. Rehabilitation is key to lasting sobriety, as you will delve into the root cause of your drug use, identify stressors and triggers, and develop coping mechanisms to help you navigate a clean life.

The therapies involved in ketamine rehabilitation include:

  • One-on-one therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT)


As a hallucinogenic drug that interferes with brain chemistry, ketamine has a marked psychological impact when abused to the point of addiction. It is therefore essential to engage in this psychological healing as a part of your recovery.

Our experienced team also provides assistance with nutrition, exercise, yoga and meditation, arts, and other beneficial activities which contribute to all-round health and wellbeing.

Our rehabilitation programme can be tailored to suit your own unique needs; however, we advise a 28-day programme. If your dependency is particularly severe and you require more help, we can offer a more extensive plan.

Ketamine support for young adults

Typically a drug used in the party scene, it is all too common to see young adults with a ketamine abuse problem, often being unaware of its dangers. If you’re concerned that a younger family member may be abusing ketamine, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our therapists work with young adults to help them uncover underlying factors that may have led to their drug use, such as stress, conflict, and other difficulties they may have experienced in their life. These issues are addressed using several techniques specifically designed to suit the needs of younger people in a safe and controlled environment.

Further support for ketamine recovery

Primrose Lodge recognises that overcoming ketamine addiction is often a life-long process, with cravings returning months and even years after recovery. The importance of aftercare is consequently significant, and so we offer twelve months of free aftercare to our clients.

We also recommend joining groups like Drug Addicts Anonymous (DAA), where you can receive support from others going through similar experiences.

Tips for families

If you are concerned about a loved one’s use of ketamine, it can be an extremely worrying and stressful time. It is often difficult to know what to do and what steps to take, especially when your emotions are running high. Once you have identified signs of ketamine abuse or addiction in a loved one, there are steps you can take to guide them into treatment. These include:

  • Talking calmly to your loved one in a non-judgemental way, preferably when they are sober.
  • Listening to them and offering your support.
  • Avoid blaming them – remember addiction is just like any other illness.
  • Researching treatment options that you can share with your loved one.
  • Staging an intervention with a professional interventionist.


Unfortunately, there are times when no amount of talking will lead to a successful rehab admission. It is important to remember that the person must want to get help for treatment to work. If this is the case, you must set boundaries and ensure your own wellbeing during this time.

Booking ketamine rehab

Ketamine addiction does not need to define your life – help is just around the corner. When you are ready to take that first step, there is a productive and fruitful life waiting for you at ketamine rehab.

Call our confidential helpline today; we will help you find the treatment that works best for you and answer any questions you have about the process.

Frequently asked questions

Can I leave ketamine rehab early?
Ketamine rehab is your choice and you can leave at any time if you decide to end your treatment. However, a successful outcome requires you to stay in ketamine rehab long enough to reap the full benefits. It is not uncommon for people to want to leave ketamine rehab as soon as they start to see results, however, this more often than not leads to relapse. It is advised to stay the full course so that you may develop and maintain healthy habits and ensure you don’t miss out on crucial lessons learned later in ketamine rehab.
How much does ketamine rehab cost?
The cost of ketamine rehab depends on the length of stay and type of treatment. As a guideline, our 28-day programme ranges from £5,000 to £13,450. This may seem like a large sum of money, but our clients often recoup this sum within the first year or two of sobriety as they no longer have to fuel their ketamine use.
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Who am I contacting?

Calls and contact requests are answered by admissions at

UK Addiction Treatment Group.

We look forward to helping you take your first step.

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