Internet addiction treatment

Going to an internet addiction rehab for an addiction to online platforms may seem excessive, given that many of us probably think we spend too much time on the internet and engaging in social media. But it becomes a necessity if this habit spirals out of control and, like all addictions, can compromise someone’s physical and mental well-being.


What is internet addiction treatment?

Rehab for internet addiction works in the same way as rehab for any other form of addictive behaviour. Clients will stay in a safe and peaceful environment for a number of days or weeks, where they will begin to withdraw from the internet. Residents will be given a private room, nutritious meals, and they’ll have access to nature and exercise facilities. As clients experience internet addiction withdrawal symptoms, they’ll be offered a variety of holistic therapies, which have been proven, numerous times, to be immensely successful in treating internet addiction.

Do I need internet rehab?

Internet addiction comes under the umbrella of behavioural addiction and spending some time in rehab is the most beneficial way to combat such behaviours. If any of the following statements apply to you, then perhaps it’s time to consider spending some time in internet rehab:

  • I feel powerless to cut down or quit my internet usage
  • I’ve used the internet to control my emotions
  • I feel irritable and anxious when I can’t access the internet
  • I’ve prioritised social media over my family and friends
  • I’ve prioritised social media over my work, studies and hobbies
  • I neglect my personal hygiene as a result of spending too much time online
  • I would rather use the internet then engage in real-life social scenarios


What happens in internet addiction rehab?

Primrose Lodge offers the ideal environment where you can seek professional help for internet addiction. We have a range of treatment programmes available, and each programme will be dependent on the specific situation and the seriousness of your addiction. Here is how we will help you overcome dependency to the internet and learn healthy coping mechanisms:

We’ll address the source of your internet addiction

Each person has their own unique story which has brought them to addiction. One-on-one therapy with a professional psychologist can help your loved one understand what past events may have triggered their addiction. For example, it may be that your loved one has recently been through something such as bereavement, a break-up, bullying etc. Internet addiction may have been their way of handling such trauma, for example, if a person is being bullied, they may use social media to seek relief.

So, rehab will provide a safe space to share their experiences, and our therapist can piece together how their addiction to being online may have come about. This can bring about a profound healing experience that’ll enable them to gain a new perspective on their addiction.

You’ll receive transformative therapies

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) allows patients to identify the patterns that compel them to go online. People with internet addiction may be unaware of their thought processes and what drives them to crave the internet. However, a highly trained CBT therapist will break everything down for them, enabling them to understand their mindset better. For example, a person may experience emotions related to anxiety shortly before they go online, the therapist will be able to pinpoint the specific anxiety and how it operates in conjunction with their internet usage.


We’ll attempt to ascertain any co-occurring disorders

People suffering from internet addiction often have other chronic mental health issues exacerbating their addiction. Therefore, our therapists will identify any other disorders that co-occur with addiction at an internet addiction rehab centre. Such disorders include anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, ADHD, PTSD, eating disorders, body dysmorphia, etc.

If we find any co-occurring conditions, we can look at practical ways to take care of them, and patients will have a much better chance of recovery.

We offer creative therapies

Internet addiction rehab offers many creative therapies to help your loved ones understand and healthily express themselves. For example, there is Art therapy, where residents can get creative; music therapy, where residents can play instruments to relax, and talking therapies; where residents can let their voices be heard.

Often people with internet addiction may use the internet as their way to express themselves, so by giving them a chance to be more wholesomely creative, they may acquire a new point of view which could increase their self-confidence.

You can access a natural state of calm

Since clients will no longer have access to the internet, they’re likely to experience anxiety and irritability which will heighten their nervous system, so participating in Yoga and meditation can calm their nervous system; by asking them to focus on their breath, their body will relax and their negative thoughts should ease, which could help them to resist any urges they have to use the internet.


You build powerful connections with others

Internet addiction rehab will often offer group therapy sessions, where each resident can share their stories of addiction – if they wish. This may feel daunting, but everybody is in the same boat. Everybody feels vulnerable. However, when patients know that there are others who feel compelled to use the internet or any other form of behavioural dependency, they know it can happen to others too, so they feel less alone and instead become surrounded and empowered by solidarity and hope.

Rehab gives you the best coping mechanisms to prevent relapse

Although there is no instant cure for internet addiction because addiction is a chronic mental health issue, and recovery is for life, rehab provides people with the crucial coping mechanisms to defeat internet addiction post-rehab. Our excellent and CQC-approved rehabilitation centre is devoted to helping people break free from their addiction. In addition, we offer free aftercare for up to a year post-rehab course.

How to approach your loved one about internet rehab

It’s essential to take a moment to acknowledge that behavioural addictions, such as an addiction to the internet, are mental illnesses. We understand how frustrating it can feel to watch a loved one suffer from addiction, hoping they can snap out of it, and we realise that living with someone who spends all their time on the internet can upset and irritate you. However, we strongly advise you not to embarrass them for their addiction or force them to go to rehab. This will only make matters worse for them and you.

In nearly all cases, people with addictions are in denial about their problem, and arguments between you and them can further widen any gaps in your relationship.

Let them know you are supportive

Our advice is to tactfully explain how their habit is making you feel. There is most likely an underlying cause for their internet addiction. For example, somebody could feel lonely or suffer from low self-esteem, so the internet might be their only source of comfort and where they find acceptance. When it comes to behavioural addictions, the behaviour is usually not the problem; instead, they’re using the behaviour (internet addiction) to cover up their internal struggles.

So, try not to use language that will upset them, like: “you always spend too much time on the internet. Try getting a real-life instead” rephrase it to: “I’ve noticed you’re spending a lot of time on the internet; I think maybe you’re using it in an unhealthy way, how about we look at getting some help?” Let them know you’re there for them without shaming their behaviour. If the person addicted knows you’re being supportive, they may feel secure enough to open up further. Then, you can browse through a selection of internet addiction rehab clinics and read first-hand reviews from previous residents.

Acceptance is the first and most crucial stage in addiction recovery. Once a person becomes aware of their addiction, they have the power to address it.


Let’s get you on your way to recovery

If you want to know more about internet addiction treatment or if you think it is for you, get in touch with us today, and our care team will evaluate your symptoms and advise you on the best treatment, so you can start your recovery journey.

Frequently asked questions

Can I still use the internet after undergoing internet addiction treatment?
The internet is integral to our daily lives so it is important to be able to use the internet responsibly. After undergoing treatment for internet addiction, you should still be able to use the internet in moderation. Your treatment plan will help you understand how to make healthy choices when using the internet and develop healthy boundaries for technology use. It’s important to remember that treatment does not mean you have to give up using the internet altogether. Rather, it helps you learn how to use it in a more balanced and healthy way.
What software or technology can help me limit my internet use after treatment?
There are a variety of digital tools available that can help you manage your internet use. For example, you can set limits on the amount of time you spend using specific websites or apps, block certain websites or apps during certain times of the day or track and limit the amount of data you’re using. Additionally, there are programmes such as Freedom or Self Control that allow you to set a daily limit on the time you spend online. This can be done in conjunction with therapy to help you achieve your treatment goals.
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