Cannabis rehab

Even though recreational cannabis is primarily accepted in many societies as a legal substance, numerous people are still seeking cannabis addiction treatment. As with alcohol, occasional and modest amounts of marijuana consumption may be considered innocuous, but like alcohol, frequent consumption and higher measures can cause people to become addicted to cannabis, paving the way for physical and mental health problems. If you are struggling with cannabis dependency, it is essential to understand you are not alone, as many people seek help for and recover from cannabis addiction.

Fortunately, cannabis rehabilitation centres create a safe and ideal setting for you to detox and work through the underlying causes of addiction– under the guidance of expert professionals who are devoted to helping you break free of cannabis dependency.


What is rehab for cannabis addiction?

Cannabis rehab offers clients the chance to detox in a comfortable and safe atmosphere. In conjunction with this, clients receive various forms of talking and creative therapies, to ensure they get the tools they need to successfully recover.

How do I know if cannabis rehab is for me?

If you identify with any of the following tendencies, then it may be time to consider seeking cannabis addiction help:

  • You consider cannabis as an everyday necessity.
  • You’re constantly thinking about cannabis and obtaining the next fix.
  • You’ve ignored your physical appearance and personal hygiene since using cannabis.
  • You feel helpless to stop using cannabis.
  • You’re concealing your cannabis use from friends, housemates, and family.
  • You only associate with others who use cannabis.
  • You neglect or suffer negative consequences in work, school, or day-to-day. responsibilities after using cannabis.
  • You’re avoiding social interactions.


How does rehab help cannabis addiction?

At Primrose Lodge, our world-class cannabis addiction treatment centre in Surrey, clients enjoy luxurious surroundings and a cutting-edge cannabis rehab treatment programme run by highly experienced staff. A broad range of therapy modules is available, including:

Each patient is unique and there is no one size fits all therapy template. Our therapists will work with each patient to develop the rehab therapy programme just right for them. As part of our programme, you will go through a drug detox before you embark on your therapy treatment.

Cannabis rehab offers unwavering support

When asked about the best aspects of rehab for cannabis addiction, a previous client stated:

“The supportive community and the level of the compassionate professionalism of the therapists.“

Cannabis rehab is beneficial to all those struggling to quit cannabis. It can be impossible to stop using cannabis alone, which is why the healing and supportive environment offered in cannabis rehab gives you the best possible chance of making a successful recovery.

Having a healthy support system around you and receiving help from highly professional medical staff are two fundamental aspects of cannabis rehabilitation. At Primrose Lodge, we want to immerse you in a family unit atmosphere while also providing top medical care, encouraging you to focus on recovery.

Rehab helps your loved ones too

Primrose Lodge also provides a unique Family Recovery Programme, which aims to rebuild a loving family environment that may have been compromised by addiction. Families often suffer terribly due to the cannabis use of a loved one. Our Family Recovery Programme offers family members and clients individual therapy with a qualified counsellor. Thereby letting everyone concerned work through any past troubles and ensure they can gain a happier and more loving future.


Choosing the correct rehab for cannabis addiction

When it comes to choosing the right cannabis addiction treatment, we at Primrose Lodge offer an excellent treatment service that will guide you through your rehab journey.

Private cannabis rehab

Private cannabis rehab offers you a dedicated facility, therefore avoiding outside temptations. The first stage is a period of cannabis detoxification (“detox”), in which your system cleanses itself of cannabis.

Sometimes a cannabis detox may pose a danger to the client in the form of withdrawal symptoms, which is why it’s best to be supervised professionally. Once cannabis detox is complete, cannabis rehab patients can begin therapy whilst enjoying the benefits of a calm and secluded setting, where they can focus on their recovery. They will also receive bespoke dietary and fitness plans – in tandem with the belief that a healthy body contributes to a healthy mind.

Why cannabis treatment at a private rehab is worth it

Some of the advantages of cannabis rehab include:

  • A peaceful, luxurious environment far from the stresses of the outside world and the drug-taking environment which is problematic to some.
  • A broad range of different therapy models so that each patient can develop a cannabis addiction treatment program that is most appropriate for their particular needs and circumstances.
  • Complete confidentiality: patients can relax knowing that their condition will remain a private matter.
  • High-quality medical support available 24/7 for patients struggling with withdrawal symptoms or psychological and emotional consequences of cannabis use.
  • Tailored dietary and fitness plans to ensure a client can get – and stay – healthy as part of that recovery.
  • Free aftercare (for up to a year) to assist in the fight against relapse. 


Other cannabis addiction treatments

MA (Marijuana Anonymous)…

Cannabis fellowship groups are a fantastic cannabis rehab treatment method, commonly known as Marijuana (cannabis) Anonymous.

How is MA useful?

Marijuana (cannabis) Anonymous provides a non-judgemental atmosphere, in which recovery cannabis rehab clients can discuss their situations, open up about challenging experiences and ask for advice on challenges they face. Whichever cannabis rehab treatment option you ultimately decide to embark upon, you should always ensure that you sign up to attend a fellowship group such as Marijuana Anonymous (MA) in your local area.

Booking Cannabis Rehab

Primrose Lodge offers an exceptional standard of care, and we leave no stone unturned when it comes to providing you with a supportive atmosphere within comfortable settings. More importantly, Primrose Lodge ensures you are safe while you cleanse your system of cannabis. Our treatment offers free aftercare too, so you can count on us to help you navigate through any potential relapse scenarios. Primrose Lodge has helped many people recover from cannabis addiction, and we are looking forward to helping you too.

If you or a loved one wants to stop using cannabis, we can help. Call our confidential helpline today.

Frequently asked questions

Does everyone who uses cannabis need rehab?
No, not everyone who uses cannabis develops a dependency and requires rehab. However, the longer a person uses the substance and the higher dose they use, the more likely it is for them to need professional recovery treatment. Other underlying factors which can increase the risk include mental health issues, trauma and a family history of substance abuse. If you or a loved one are displaying signs of addiction, seek help is immediately to avoid further damage to your health and well-being.
How long does cannabis rehab take?
The length of rehab treatment can vary depending on the individual’s needs and circumstances. At Primrose Lodge, we have a number of options for cannabis rehab ranging from two weeks to three months. While we understand that everyone has different responsibilities and so may not be able to stay in cannabis rehab for an extended period of time, the longer the stay, the more successful the recovery.
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Who am I contacting?

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