Adderall Drug Abuse: Signs and Symptoms, Detox and Withdrawal

What Is Adderall?

Adderall is a prescription medication used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and narcolepsy. Adderall, a brand name, is a combination of amphetamine and dextroamphetamine, which are central nervous system stimulants.
There is a currently a growing crisis in the UK of young people abusing and becoming addicted to Adderall. They are not sufferers of ADHD or narcolepsy but take it nonetheless recreationally and/or due to school examinations. Short-term use to stay up longer and cram-study harder quickly pass and what is left is a young adult addicted to the substance itself

Short-term Effects

Include improving concentration, restlessness and regulating the patient’s mood. However even when taken it as prescribed the user can experience a host of negative side effects including unhealthy weight loss due to appetite suppression, irritability/hostility, dry mouth. constipation and heart palpitations


Fatigue and sleep difficulties
Lack of motivation
Inability to concentrate
Mood swings
Thoughts of suicide
Panic attacks
Heart disease

Signs And Symptoms Of Abuse

Loss of appetite
Being overly talkative
Unusual excitability
Social withdrawal
Financial troubles
Secretive behaviour
Sleeping for long periods

Withdrawal And Detoxification Process

During the medical detox process, patients are prescribed an approved medication to manage the symptoms of withdrawal. The process is tailored to the individual in order to negate the effects of fitting until the client is addiction-free. The treatment is clinically proven to be the safest way to remove substances from the body. You will receive 24/7 medical care and support throughout and the detox will take 14 days.

Detox Timeline

The timeline for withdrawal will depend on the dose and how long you’ve been taking Adderall. Withdrawal symptoms may last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.
Day 1-3 – The first few days of withdrawal may be accompanied by feelings of sluggishness, physical fatigue, and intense hunger, accompanied by sleep disturbances, ranging from an inability to sleep to not being able to do anything but sleep.
Day 4-7 – As your physical symptoms subside, you may experience a surge of emotional issues, including anxiety, panic attacks, irritability, and an inability to feel happy.
Week 7-14 – At this point, cravings are strong but will be addressed during one-to-one counselling and group therapy

Treating Addiction

There are several options when taking the next step and pro-actively treating your/loved one’s addiction to Adderall. Going to the local GP is a start where you will receive guidance and support regarding local options i.e. support groups and therapy services.
However, the quickest and most effective treatment is 28-day detox and therapeutic rehabilitation stay where we can treat the root causes of your abuse and teach you life management skills and relapse prevention techniques that will enable you to live life addiction free!

Detox & Rehab Benefits

Be in a safe and nurturing environment
Medical detox with 24/7 care & support
Overcome the root causes of addiction
Experienced team of doctors & therapists
Personalised rehabilitation programme
Look, feel, sleep better & regain confidence
Learn techniques for relapse prevention
1-year complimentary aftercare support

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