Spice detox

If you become addicted to Spice, you’ll need to undergo a Spice detox to break free from the physical and mental dependency. In the UK Spice is considered an illegal and dangerous substance often referred to as synthetic marijuana.

We know the side effects of Spice withdrawal can sometimes feel awful and may result in a person resuming Spice intake or becoming very unwell. Therefore, it is vital to undertake a professional in-house detox under the guidance of expert psychologists. This will ensure you get the safest and most comfortable experience possible as you embark on the road to recovery.


What is Spice detox?

A Spice detox is when you cease using Spice and thus cleanse it from your body. However, since your body has grown dependent on Spice, it will initially try to reject the detox, and this will manifest in the form of withdrawal symptoms. After the process is complete, there will be no traces of Spice in your system, thereby making it much easier for you to recover.

How to detox from Spice

In order to detox from spice successfully and without any problems, it’s best to do it under professional guidance. But what is possibly more important is that clients can be aided by an experienced therapist who can give them the care and guidance they need. When we’re not feeling good physically, we’re more likely to feel bad mentally. In the case of withdrawals, you may feel disheartened and discouraged to continue. This is where you can rely on your therapist to help you get through it.

What is Spice withdrawal?

The effects produced by Spice are like those produced by marijuana, but the ingredients in the drug cause it to be much more potent than the latter. As a result, using Spice regularly can cause physical dependence before long. When that happens, you’ll experience withdrawal symptoms if you stop using the drug. The severity of each withdrawal symptom will differ depending on each individual’s health.

You’re likely to experience both physical and psychological effects at first, but the psychological symptoms may remain long after as post-acute withdrawal syndrome (PAWS). These symptoms may include panic attacks, irritability, cravings, and anxiety.


Why do we have withdrawal symptoms when detoxing from Spice?

Our bodies run most efficiently when the factors associated with their functioning are stable and constant. This is called homeostasis. If you regularly expose yourself to drugs, your state of balance gets thrown off. Your body then adjusts the levels of hormones, neurotransmitters, and so on to accommodate the presence of Spice.

If we suddenly go cold turkey and cease intake of Spice, the body’s state of homeostasis becomes disproportionate, and such imbalances cause various adverse effects, which reveal psychological and physical symptoms.

How long is the withdrawal from Spice?

Common symptoms and timeline of Spice withdrawal


The Spice withdrawal length tends to be around two weeks in duration. After a few hours since the cessation of Spice, clients will start to experience mild symptoms, which will peak after three days. This can be the most physically challenging stage, but rest assured, you will be around a team of supportive and understanding medical professionals who will do what they can to ease your symptoms and offer you emotional support. Fortunately, withdrawal symptoms subside by the second week, giving clients an optimum opportunity to experience the many benefits of talking and creative therapies.

Psychological support during drug detox can make all the difference. Our clinical team will provide around-the-clock care to meet your physical needs, and emotional needs will also be met. Cravings are to be expected, and you’ll receive help for them.

Benefits of Private Spice Detox

  • You’ll be able to free your body from Spice in a safe and nurturing environment where you’ll be protected from negative influences that may trigger a relapse.
  • You can access therapeutic or psychological care as needed since you’ll have round-the-clock medical supervision.
  • After your detox, you can continue to benefit from the rehab facility in the form of free aftercare for an entire year.
  • We have no access to Spice, so you can be assured there’ll be no temptation to reuse.
  • You won’t be going through it alone. You’ll be with others who are going through a similar experience to you- you can draw on the strength of others to further inspire you toward recovery.
  • Whilst undergoing your detox, you won’t have to worry about anything else; we will provide you with a comfortable room, wholesome and nourishing meals, and you’ll have personal time to think in peaceful surroundings.


Let us help you detox from Spice

If you or a loved one is struggling with Spice addiction, we can help you end the suffering and regain control of your life. At Primrose Lodge, we are proud to have created a safe and empathetic environment suitable for undergoing a comprehensive and successful Spice detox. Our highly trained and experienced staff can provide specialist care and life-changing spice addiction treatment to help you on your way to a successful recovery.

Frequently asked questions

Can I detox from Spice at home?
While it is possible to detox from Spice at home, we would always recommend completing this process in the capable hands of trained professionals. Spice withdrawal can be very uncomfortable, and when symptoms start to set in, many users return to the drug out of desperation.
Can I exercise while I am detoxing from Spice?
At Primrose Lodge, we ask that our clients hold off from strenuous exercise while detoxing from Spice. This is because the process can be challenging, both physically and mentally, so we ask that our clients take some time to relax until they are physically well enough to continue their usual activities.
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