Behavioural rehab

We know behavioural addictions come in many shapes and sizes, and we know they can have a destructive impact on a person’s life. However, people are learning how to overcome their dependency by attending behavioural rehab. No matter what behavioural dependence you have, the most efficient way to free yourself from engaging in unhealthy behaviour is to spend some time in a behavioural rehabilitation centre, where you’ll receive comprehensive treatment that’ll liberate you from the brutal grip of addiction.

Listed below are a range of available behavioural addiction rehabs:

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What is rehab for behavioural addiction?

Spending a few weeks in a professional rehabilitation clinic is the most effective way to recover from behavioural addiction. You will be welcomed into an understanding and peaceful environment where you’ll have no access to their specific addiction, thus allowing them to withdraw from behavioural addictions around experts who can give round-the-clock support. In addition, behavioural rehabilitation centres cater to the client’s day-to-day needs; you’ll be given nutritious meals, a comfortable room, and various exercise facilities. During your residency, you will learn why behavioural addiction started, what steps you can take to overcome it and how to prevent future relapse.

Do I need to go to rehab for behavioural addiction treatment?

If you are worried you have developed a behavioural addiction, look at the following statements, and if any apply to you, it may be time to consider reaching out:

  • I engage in behaviour to regulate my feelings.
  • I have tried to quit my addiction, but it is difficult for me to stop.
  • I’ve lost sleep from staying awake late at night to engage in my behaviour.
  • After I engage in behaviour, I feel a rush of shame or guilt.
  • I feel anxious or irritable when I can’t access the specific behaviour.
  • My behaviour has reached a point where I prioritise it over my job, studies, and relationships.
  • I don’t want others to know about my behaviour so I either make up excuses, tell lies, or engage in such behaviour at times when others aren’t around.
  • I consider engaging in my behaviour to be more important than caring for my personal hygiene.


How will a behavioural rehabilitation centre help me?

Primrose Lodge is a high-quality treatment centre where you or your loved one can seek specialist help for any form of behavioural addiction. As with the above accommodations, we provide a comprehensive rehab treatment course, and each rehab therapy and programme will depend on the individual’s condition and addiction severity.

At our Behavioural rehabilitation clinic, you will partake in a variety of life-changing therapies with expert psychologists such as:

In tandem with the therapies, Primrose Lodge offers a selection of treatment programmes to further support your physical and mental well-being, like:


Rehab will make the invisible visible

We believe behavioural addictions are a trauma response, and it is our job to help you to identify what emotional and mental problems may be happening deep down. Sometimes clients have an idea of what trauma may have caused their addiction, but often, clients can be unaware.

For example, a person with a gambling addiction may have experienced a painful divorce in the past. This loss may have left unhealed wounds, which may have been difficult for them to process, so gambling became their primary source of comfort, which, unbeknown to them, turned into an addiction.

Our expert psychologists will use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy alongside one-to-one talking therapies to help you understand how the addiction started. Once you understand this, your perspective on behavioural addiction may change as you will be presented with a new way of dealing with any underlying emotions.

Rehab will show you how common behavioural dependence is

You may feel uncomfortable when addressing your behavioural addiction, which may deter you from getting help but let us reassure you that there is nothing to feel awkward about; behavioural addiction is a common mental illness that happens to lots of people and is most likely manifested from an underlying trauma. During your residency, you will meet and interact with other amazing people who have also been affected by addictive behaviour. Listening to each other’s personal stories is likely to comfort and inspire you further towards recovery.

Behavioural rehab will show you how strong you are

Many people have described behavioural habits as uncontrollable, given that it has overwhelmed and deprived them of their quality of life. But our job is to remind you of your infinite power. The 12-step programme is instrumental in allowing you to harness your inner strength and participating in holistic therapies like Yoga and meditation will enable you to find physical relaxation and mental clarity. Although there is a structured timetable, you will have ample opportunities to take moments for yourself where you can process your thoughts and feelings. Often, being in a different environment, away from triggers and temptations, can help you access your unwavering power.

Behavioural rehab can help you and your family

Primrose Lodge understands that addiction impacts the whole family, and it can be challenging for loved ones who don’t know how to help. Therefore, our rehab centres provide family intervention therapy to support everyone affected by behavioural addiction. Our therapists can give support and guidance to your loved ones, which will help all of you to steer through their recovery as best as possible.


We’ll do what it takes to prevent relapse

We know there is no instant cure for addiction; recovery is for life. Although we understand relapse can happen, we will do our best to help you combat any future urges. Our in-house therapists will teach you useful coping mechanisms to help you navigate through any potential tough times that may trigger a relapse.

It’s time to reclaim your life

Attending behavioural rehab for any sort of behavioural need is the most effective way to recover from addiction. At Primrose Lodge, we provide the ideal environment for receiving behavioural help; you’ll be in a calm and professional home, and you’ll experience a range of holistic treatments that’ll offer something unique for everyone. Whoever you are and whatever behavioural compulsion you are suffering with, know you aren’t alone, and when the time is right, we’re ready to support you on the road to recovery.

Frequently asked questions

Will behavioural rehab cure my addiction?
Behavioural addictions are treatable, but there is no silver bullet cure. Like anxiety or depression, behavioural addictions will always attempt to resurface in your life, especially when you’re feeling low. Behavioural rehab will show you how to resist those urges and give you various life-changing techniques to steer you through any turbulent times.
How do I persuade my loved one to go to behavioural rehab?
When approaching a loved one, it’s important to assure them you’re not shaming them. Behavioural addiction is a mental illness that people have no control over, so they most likely suffer from guilt and shame. If you let them know you’re supporting them in their recovery, they will probably put their trust in you. This way, you can discuss rehab options together.
For how long do I need to attend behavioural addiction rehab?
The length of your stay at rehab will depend on the severity of your behavioural dependency and your personal needs. We have a variety of treatment lengths available, and a member of our support team will be happy to take you through them.
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