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During your stay at Primrose Lodge, you will experience a variety of holistic therapies and treatments that are designed to help you walk the road to long-term recovery. It’s easy to get therapies and treatment programmes confused because they often overlap. In this case, therapies refer to the addict’s psychotherapy treatments, such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT), one-to-one counselling and group therapy. Often these are with or elicited by a professional psychologist. The treatments are run by professionals in their respective fields, and each is designed to accompany the therapy- to ensure a comprehensive recovery.


Available treatment programmes at Primrose Lodge

While in rehab, every day will feel different; some days may be more emotionally demanding, and on some, you may crave physical activity. Our treatment programmes are created to help you navigate through each day as it comes. At Primrose Lodge, we offer four valuable treatments within our programme that clients participate in:

Family recovery programme

Family recovery programme

Learn all you need to know about our family recovery programme

Family recovery programme →

Fitness programme

Fitness programme

Learn everything that you need to know about our fitness programme

Fitness programme →

Healthy eating programme

Healthy eating

Learn all you need to know about our healthy eating programme

Healthy eating →

Mindful fitness programme

Mindful fitness programme

Learn all you need to know about our mindful fitness programme

Mindful fitness programme →


Mindfulness exercise…

If you have had an intense yet worthwhile day in a group or talking therapy, you may be craving some alone time where you can access a solitary meditative state and reflect on your thoughts. Group therapy is amazing as you listen to and empathise with others, but it’s vital you stay in tune with your own thoughts and feelings, too; gentle mindfulness exercises give you the perfect moment to stay connected with yourself.

Fitness programme…

If you’re feeling restless from sitting down and talking, you may want to move your body and release any tension with dynamic exercise in our fitness programme. Not only will this give you a healthy dose of endorphins, but it will also help to let go of any tension you’re holding onto and assist you in getting a good night’s rest.

Healthy eating…

While therapies help nurture your mental well-being, we want you to feel physically nourished. Exercise and nutrition go hand in hand to ensure that you are physically and mentally healthy throughout your stay. Recovery is mentally demanding and keeping your energy levels up is essential. We want you to focus entirely on your recovery, so we’ll provide nutritious and enjoyable meals throughout your stay.

Family recovery programme…

As you progress in your recovery, you may begin to think about your loved ones and how addiction has affected them. Naturally, this can bring up a myriad of emotions, which are to be expected. Therefore, we have a weekly family recovery programme available for you and those closest to you to attend. This treatment option will work with a therapist to heal any wounds inflicted by addiction so you can move forward together.


All our treatment programmes are designed to provide additional support to the therapy programmes. If it helps, you can think of the therapies as the headliner, and the treatments are the supporting acts. You may have come solely to receive therapy, but hopefully, one or more of the treatments may capture your attention and surprise you. Furthermore, you may decide to follow one of these treatment methods post-rehab, and they may become one of your useful coping mechanisms for recovery.

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