Local Residential Alcohol And Drug Rehab In London

When addiction is dominating your life, you feel like you have no control over your actions. As the addiction worsens, your self-esteem and confidence diminish until you’ve completely given up on getting clean. However, a rehab centre can help you, no matter how long you’ve been using, or the number of times you’ve been in and out of treatment previously. It’s the best way to fully understand your addiction, focus on building sustainable coping mechanisms, and learn to live a healthy life free from drugs.

Overview of the Services Offered at Primrose Lodge

Primrose Lodge is a state of the art rehab centre in Guildford, that is passionate about helping individuals who have a drug or alcohol problem. We help you overcome your addiction, and take back control of your life.  We strongly believe that a holistic approach is the only way to help a client completely recover. To achieve this, we conduct a thorough assessment to treat all the symptoms affecting your body and mind.

We are one of the few UK rehab centres that cater to the treatment needs of young people, aged 16-18, especially those who have behavioural addictions, including gaming addiction, eating disorders, and other addictions. Treatment doesn’t end after you’re discharged either. We offer a one-year complimentary aftercare service to support you post-rehab.

Services include:

  • Alcohol detox
  • Drug detox
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • Art therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Individual counselling
  • Group therapy, and more

The distance from Greater London to our rehab centre is 39 miles via the M25. We offer a sober transport service that can take you to our rehab centre, and take you home again after you’ve completed treatment.

Address: Perry Hill, Worplesdon, Guildford
Phone no: 02035539263

The Pros and Cons of Private Rehab

The Pros

24/7 support: You’re never alone at a private rehab centre. Doctors, recovery workers, and nurses are always on hand to offer support when you need it most. You will feel a sense of community, surrounded by other patients who are not judgmental, and who are going through similar issues.

A higher level of care: Government-funded rehabs have to treat a lot of patients at one time, and resources are usually spread thin as a result. Private rehabs offer a higher level of care that has proved more effective for long-term addicts.

The Cons

Living away from loved ones

How Much Does Rehab Cost in Greater London?

London is the biggest city in the UK and, as a commercial attraction, rehab centres will naturally be more expensive than in other locations. Other factors that determine the cost of treatment include the expertise of staff, staff-to-patient ratio, size of the programme, type of rehab, quality of treatment, and the number of therapies used in treatment. Some insurers only cover the basics, plus cognitive behavioural therapy. Other insurers might cover the full cost of treatment. There are multiple resources, giving various options for finding rehab treatment in London. Here is a sum-up of what is possible to find in the area when it comes to addiction services:

Standard rehabs cost between £5,000-£7,000, and luxury rehabs cost between £10,000-£15,000 a week. Treatment is similar to what you would enjoy in a 4-star or 5-star hotel, with fine dining, a gym, swimming pool, spas, massages, and even more on offer for residents.

Free/NHS Addiction Treatment Options in Greater London

Compass – Sort it! Enfield: Substance misuse support for young people, aged 18 and below, who are concerned about their substance use, or a loved one’s substance abuse. The experienced team at Compass Enfield offer confidential care and support. Request referral from your social worker, parent, or doctor.

Address: 29 Folkestone Road, Enfield, London
Phone no: 02083609102

Keystone House: This is a residential drug and alcohol programme for adults. Services include housing support, psychotherapy groups, support groups, relapse prevention, key workers, home visits, group work, individual counselling, dual diagnosis treatment, outreach services, resettlement workers, assessment to structured aftercare, and halfway houses.

Address: 9 Akabusi Close, Croydon, Greater London
Phone no: 02033761160

Addaction Barking & Dagenham Horizon: AddAction offers one-on-one support for carers and family members. They work with adults in Barking & Dagenham who have a drug and alcohol problem. Services include BBV testing and vaccination, referral to specialist services, harm reduction, support to carers, structured motivational support, self-help groups, service user development, and access to community-based groups.

Address: 26 Linton Road, Barking, Greater London
Phone no: 02085916800

Turning Point – Croydon YPSMS: Turning Point provides specialist services for young people, up to the age of 18. If you’re concerned about your own drug/alcohol use, or you need help cutting back or quitting substance abuse, they can help you. Treatment begins with a comprehensive assessment which is used to create a care plan, and help you set achievable recovery goals.

Address: 51-55 South End, Croydon, Greater London
Phone no: 02086863945

Addiction Support Groups in Greater London

CASA Family Service: This service helps young people, children, and families affected by parental drug/alcohol use. They offer support and nonjudgmental advice to families living in Islington. The first time you visit, a team meets with the carer or parent to discuss what they need for their family. The support you receive from CASA strengthens child-parent bonds, enhances family life, and improves communication.

Address: 86 Durham Road, Finsbury Park, London
Phone no: 02075617490

Some Space Camden: Some Space works with partners, families, and the friends of those who have a substance abuse problem. They offer individual support, education sessions, weekly support group, and counselling sessions. Mutual support groups are on Tuesday from 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm.

Address: 7-8 Early Mews, Arlington Road, London
Phone no: 07500220735

Substance Misuse Peer Support Project, Wandsworth: This is a project for friends and families affected by another person’s substance misuse. Services are provided by Wandsworth Carer Centre, and it is open to all adult residents. Services include individual advice & information, support groups, signposting, referral to specialist services, and telephone support.

Address: Wandsworth Carers Centre, 181 Wandsworth High Street, London
Phone no: 02088771200

Carers Lewisham: Advice and support for carers (including young people) who are caring for someone with an alcohol or drug problem. Meetings are every Monday from 8:30 – 9:30 pm.

Address: Carers Centre, Waldram Place, Forest Hill, London
Phone no: 02086998686

How to Choose a Recovery Programme

A few tips to help you make the right choice of programme include:

Certification of the rehab centre: Choose a rehab centre that is certified and licensed to treat your addiction. In the UK, all rehabs must be registered with the Care Quality Commission. The staff at the rehab centre, including drug counsellors, nurses, doctors and psychotherapists, should also be qualified to treat your specific addiction.

Types of therapies: The best rehab centres use multiple therapy techniques, including cognitive behavioural therapy, individual therapy, and group therapy. They also deal with dual diagnosis, if any symptoms of this are noticed during your comprehensive assessment.

Customised treatment: Treatment should be customised specifically for you. At our rehab centre, Primrose Lodge, we begin treatment with a detailed assessment, during which we get to know you better. We also conduct a physical exam and mental health evaluation to determine the severity of your addiction. The combination of results, along with your input and advice from your treatment team, is used to create your recovery plan.

The principle of the rehab centre: Some rehab centres follow a scientific approach, while others are based on the 12-step programme. Choose a rehab centre that lines up with your belief system.

NA meetings in/near Greater London


St Michael’s Church, 71 Wimbledon Park Road

Monday 7:00 pm

Westbourne Grove

All Saints Vicarage, Clydesdale Road

Monday 7:00 pm

West Ealing

St John’s and St James Church, Mattock Lane

Monday 7:30 pm


Lodge House, 10 Park Avenue

Monday 7:30 pm


Richmond Bridge Fellowship Club, 447 Richmond Road

Tuesday 7:00 pm


St Ignatius Church, 27 High Road

Tuesday 7:30 pm

Earl’s Court

The Church Rooms, St Mary’s, The Boltons

Tuesday 7:30 pm


The Church of St Mary and St John, Balham High Road

Wednesday 7:15 pm


The Presbytery, 39 Duncan Terrace

Wednesday 7:30 pm


Friends Meeting House, Lawn terrace

Friday 7:30 pm


Lifeline Project, 110 Mare Street

Friday 7:30 pm


St Paul’s Church, 50 Long Lane, Finchley

Saturday 7:30 pm


St Vincent’s Community Centre, Talma Road

Sunday 7:00 pm

AA meetings in/near Greater London


Teddington Methodist Church & Community Centre, 1 Stanley Road

Sunday 7:00 pm


Polish Catholic Church, 2 Windsor Road

Sunday 8:15 pm

Forest Gate

Durning Hall, Earlham Grove

Saturday 12:30 pm


Epsom Methodist Church, Ashley Road

Saturday 10:00 am


Villiers House, Tolworth, Hospital, Red Lion Road

Friday 8:00 pm


St Agnes Centre, Gillingham Road

Friday 8:00 pm

Addiction Counselling in/near Greater London

Addiction Support and Care Agency: ASCA is a registered charity that offers confidential counselling and advice for residents of Kingston and Richmond.  Services include health and wellbeing programme, group therapy for carers, and one-on-one counselling.

Address: 233 Lower Mortlake Road, Richmond, London
Phone no: 02089401160

CGL Basis: This is a free and confidential service for adults in Greenwich. CGL works with individuals who abuse cocaine, cannabis, steroids, alcohol, stimulants, and New Psychoactive Substances. They also extend support to individuals who partake in chemsex. Services include 12 weeks of individual therapy, support to either cut back on regular use or become abstinent, harm reduction, group support, and free staff training.

Address: Royal Arsenal Medical Centre, 21 Arsenal Way, Woolwich, London
Phone no: 02036962640

Barnet Recovery Centre – Finchley: Barnet provides support for individuals who have a drug/alcohol problem. Services include self-help groups, needle exchange, brief interventions, a full assessment of individual needs, substitute prescribing, access to inpatient detox and rehabilitation, aftercare service, individual support, specialist services for alcohol users, psychological intervention, and more.

Address: 42a Hendon Lane, London
Phone no: 03003032866

Waltham Forest Community DAAT: The community drug and alcohol services provide confidential and free support for residents of Waltham Forest, aged 18 and over. Services are for people who are opiate dependent, or have complex addiction treatment needs.

Services include individual key working and care planning, assessment, advice & information, BBV testing, Hepatitis B vaccination, onward referral to specialist agencies, relapse prevention, substitute prescribing, aftercare services, referral to inpatient detox, needle exchange, support for carers and families, group work, and more.

Address: Larkswood Centre, Thorpe Coombe Hospital, 714 Forest Road, London
Phone no: 03005551241

Local Govt Addiction Resources in Greater London

Sutton Drug and Alcohol Recovery Team: The DART team offers specialist counselling, needs assessment for individuals (17 years and above) who require inpatient rehabilitation, and prescription and screening for blood-borne viruses.

Address; Jubilee Health Centre East, 6 Stanley Park Road, Wallington, Greater London
Phone no: 02035133950

Redbridge Recovery and Reintegration: R3 is a service that provides treatment, support and advice for individuals affected by drug and alcohol use. Redbridge offers an integrated service that is nonjudgmental, treats you with respect, and helps you make positive changes in your life.

Address: 3rd floor, Ilford Chambers, 11 Chapel Road, Ilford, Greater London
Phone no: 02082217600

Richmond: The Young People’s Substance Misuse service includes a range of specialists from various agencies, working together to provide alcohol/drug services for young people living in Richmond and Kingston. They also provide support for carers and families affected by a loved one’s drug/alcohol use. Services include group work, individual support, harm reduction, support for professionals who work with young people, school-based work, and family work.

Address: 42 York Street, Twickenham, Greater London
Phone no: 02085476920

Switch Sutton: This is a service for young people who have a drug or alcohol problem. Switch also provides support for your relatives, friends, and family members affected by your drug use. Services include individual support, sexual health advice, employment support, and information & advice.

Address: 25 Manor Road, Wallington, Greater London
Phone no: 02087721881

How Can I Get To and From London?

It is around a one-hour drive from London to Primrose Lodge in Guildford. The best route is via the A3, which takes you through Horse Guards Road, A3212, Albert Embankment, Peckham, Camberwell, Vauxhall, Westminster highway, and Wandsworth Road.

There are several airports in London. London Southend Airport is easy to access by car, across the south and east with quick connections via the M25. Coaches from Victoria Station travel to various destinations in the UK, and parts of Europe. The red buses are a popular option for visitors who want to see the sights of London.

The underground is the fastest way to get around the city and skip the traffic. It is split into six zones and covers every area of the city. Some routes have a night service that operates on weekends. Central London is supported by eight train stations which include Euston, King’s Cross, Paddington, London Bridge, Waterloo, and Liverpool Street. Remember to get a Visitor Oyster Card if you’re staying longer than a day, as it saves you a lot of money on public transport.

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