Local Residential Alcohol And Drug Rehab In Berkshire

Are you struggling with alcohol or drug addiction? If you live in Slough, Maidenhead, or any other part of Berkshire, professional help is close by and easily accessible. Our private rehab, Primrose Lodge in Guildford, is close by, and here for you whenever you need help either for yourself or for a loved one’s addiction. We have the resources, expertise, and facilities to guide you towards achieving long-term sobriety.

Our addiction clinic specialises in dealing with a wide variety of addictions, such as addiction to prescription medication, alcohol, and illegal drugs. Our service is available to both men and women of all ages, as well as children who are victims of substance abuse.

Our private rehab is situated in a serene location, that provides patients with the perfect conditions to stay focused on recovery, while also protecting them from the stressors and triggers that typically influence them to abuse drugs.
At our private rehab, you will be provided with an individualised course of treatment, that is tailored to treat your unique addiction and its effects on your physical and mental health. Our individualised approach to addiction treatment is far more effective than a one-size-fits-all approach because it cares for all aspects of your addiction and guarantees a comprehensive recovery.

Treatment will typically include a medically assisted detoxification, that will minimise your withdrawal symptoms. This will be followed by rehabilitation, which will care for the psychological aspects of your addiction. We also provide aftercare services, to keep you motivated towards long-term sobriety after you are discharged from our facility.
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A Brief Overview of the Services our Rehab Offers

Primrose Lodge is a UKAT facility located in Guildford. We specialise, and have years of experience, in the treatment of a variety of addictions.

Our staff genuinely care about the full recovery of our patients. We are able to ensure your recovery is effective, and as comfortable as possible, by making use of state of the art facilities, and providing you treatment in an attractive, safe, and homely environment. Even though our services are affordable, you can still be certain of our clinical excellence and an exceptionally high standard of treatment and accommodation.

Features you can look forward to at our private rehab during treatment include:

  • 24-hour care
  • Immediate admission
  • 1-year free aftercare
  • Luxury surroundings
  • Experienced staff
  • We arrange everything

By road, Primrose Lodge is located about 37 miles from Berkshire. It is about an hour drive via the M4, going through Bradfield, Sindlesham, Bracknell, and Bagshot. If you prefer, we can provide a sober transport service to take you to and from our facility, to your home in Reading, Windsor, or any other part of Berkshire you may reside in, on a schedule convenient for you.

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The Pros and Cons of Private Rehab

There are a number of benefits that come with receiving addiction treatment in a private rehab facility. A primary benefit is access to treatment from highly qualified addiction specialists, as well as all the resources necessary for a successful recovery.

Some other pros of addiction treatment through a private rehab include:

    • Immediate treatment: When seeking professional help for addiction in a private rehab, there is usually no delay or waiting list. That is, you can get the quality of treatment you need as soon as you need it.
    • Conducive and protected environment that aids recovery: In a private rehab, you will be cared for in a controlled and protected environment, that’s free of the stressors that typically trigger your urge to abuse drugs. Also, you will be made as comfortable as possible, to ensure you stay focused on making a full recovery.
    • Medically assisted detox: In a private rehab, you will be provided with a medically assisted detox to help cleanse your system faster, as well as significantly minimise your withdrawal symptoms. It is far more effective and safer than trying to detox on your own.
    • Privacy and confidentiality: Your information and communications with our rehab will be kept private, and not revealed to a third party without your express consent. This ensures your addiction and subsequent treatment doesn’t ever become public knowledge.
    • Individualised treatment: To ensure no aspect of your addiction goes untreated, you will be provided with a course of treatment that has been personalised to suit your particular needs and condition.
    • 24-hour care: Your condition and comfort will be supervised around the clock so that any changes can be immediately and appropriately responded to.
    • Aftercare and support: Necessary support and care can still be provided after you have been discharged from private rehab, through aftercare services. Studies have shown that recovering addicts who participate in aftercare have a higher chance of making a full recovery.
        However, there are also a few downsides of addiction treatment in private rehab. Including:
      • Some people in Berkshire may find addiction treatment in a private rehab to be more than they can afford
      • Addiction treatment at a private rehab isn’t always covered by health insurance

How Much Does Rehab Cost in Berkshire?

The cost of rehab in Berkshire will vary from establishment to establishment. Factors such as the location of the rehab facility, severity of addiction, duration of treatment, and type of treatment offered will all affect the cost of treatment. For instance, inpatient rehab treatment typically costs more than outpatient treatment. Also, if you opt for luxury or executive inpatient rehab treatment, it will cost more than standard inpatient treatment. So, the cost of rehab can vary across different circumstances.

For individuals who may not be able to afford the cost of private rehab, there is always the viable alternative of free NHS addiction treatment in Berkshire.

Free Addiction Treatment Options in Berkshire

NHS addiction treatment options available include:

      • Addiction Counselling: If your GP believes counselling is suitable for your condition, you will likely be referred for sessions with an NHS Counsellor.
      • Local Drug and Alcohol Services: This will give you access to a variety of low-intensity therapeutic interventions, which will be used to help you quit your substance abuse safely.
      • Local Mental Health Team: This will give you access to psychiatrists, psychotherapists, or other specialists.

Any of the above options can be accessed through a referral from your GP or a self-referral in certain circumstances. These options are available, regardless of if you reside in Bracknell, Newbury, Wokingham, or any part of Berkshire. The main benefits of seeking addiction treatment through the NHS is it is free of charge, available to all Berkshire residents, and accessible within your local community.

But, on the downside, NHS addiction treatment can take a while to access, as there is usually a waiting list. Furthermore, your treatment might not be referred to residential rehab, and access to a personal therapist may be limited. Also, you may have to go to different addiction clinics for different treatments. For people who want fast and individualised addiction treatment, getting it through the NHS may not be an effective option.

Addiction Support Groups in Berkshire

Addiction support groups effectively aid recovering addicts and help them along the road to recovery. Fortunately, there are several addiction support groups available in and around Berkshire that you can take advantage of, including:

Primrose Lodge is a private rehab where you can receive comprehensive addiction treatment to help beat various types of addiction.

DrugFAM in Reading, Witney, High Wycombe serves as a helpline that helps families, friends, and other loved ones struggling with the addition of a loved one.

Bracknell Friends and Families Support Group provides support and information to struggling addicts. It also offers a platform for addicts to share their experience and socialise without fear of judgment.

Family and Friends Support Group (Camberley) aims to cater to the needs of the family and friends of substance abusers.

Staines Family Support Group caters to the family and friends of substance abusers.

How to Choose a Recovery Programme

A tailored approach to addiction treatment offers the best solutions to aid a safe and comprehensive recovery from addiction. You should also take the following into consideration when seeking an ideal recovery programme in Berkshire:

        • Is the cost of the treatment programme within your budget?
        • Are you better off with addiction treatment close to home or abroad?
        • Would you prefer an inpatient or outpatient setting?
        • Does the treatment facility have experience in treating addiction similar to yours?
        • Will insurance cover the programme’s cost?
        • Would you prefer to continue working while receiving treatment?

Also, make sure to seek professional advice from your doctor.

NA Meetings in/near Berkshire

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings are held every day in various parts of Berkshire. No matter where you live in the area, finding an NA support group will not be a problem.
Find one close by:

Women’s Meeting
St Albans church, Charles Street, Oxford, Oxfordshire
Wednesdays at 7:00 pm

Baptist Church
Milton Road, Wokingham, Berkshire
Tuesday at 8:00 pm

The Glass Tower
6 Station Rd, Didcot, Oxfordshire
Fridays at 7:00 pm

Sunday Serenity
Room 2, The Hamilton Centre, 135 Bulmershe Road, Reading, Berkshire
Sundays at 7:30 pm

Back to Basics
Iris, 4 Waylen St, Reading, Berkshire
Mondays at 7:30 pm

Happy Monday Meeting
McInnes Room, Warneford Hospital, Warneford Lane, Oxford, Oxfordshire
Mondays at 7:30 pm

Newcomers Meeting
Reading Quaker Meeting House, 6 Church Street, Reading, Berkshire
Wednesdays at 7:30 pm

AA Meetings in/near Berkshire

A number of AA meetings are held around Berkshire that you can use to your advantage. Some popular ones include:

Goring Village Hall, Garden Room, High St
Time: Sundays at 6.00 pm

Streatley Lunchtime Daily Reflections
The Morrell Room, Church Lane
Time: Mondays at 1.00 pm

Newbury Big Book Study
Friends Meeting House, Highfield Ave
Time: Tuesday at 8.00 pm

Pangbourne Speakers
St Bernadette’s Church Hall, Horseshoe Rd
Time: Mondays at 7.45 pm

Thatcham Experience, Strength & Hope
West Berkshire Community Hospital, London Rd, Benham Hill
Time: Sundays at 11.00 am

Reading Big Book
St Luke’s Church Hall, Englefield Rd, Theale
Time: Wednesdays at 8.00 pm

Thatcham Lunchtime Reflections
Thatcham Baptist Church, Wheelers Green Way
Time: Wednesdays at 11.45 am

Newbury: Spiritual Recovery
Newbury Baptist Church, Cheap St
Time: Saturdays at 6.30 pm

Addiction Counselling in/near Berkshire

Regardless of your substance of abuse, it shouldn’t be a problem to find addiction counselling nearby, in or around Berkshire, that best suits your needs.
C G L Change Grow Live, Slough, UK. Telephone +44 1753 692548
SMART Drug and Alcohol Recovery Service, Bracknell, United Kingdom. Telephone +44 1344 312360
Sarah Adams Smith Counselling Psychotherapy, Sandhurst, UK. Telephone +44 7828 774290
SMART Drug and Alcohol Recovery Service, Wokingham, UK. Telephone +44 118 977 2022
IRiS Reading. Reading, UK. Telephone +44 118 955 7333
Mind Garden Therapy, Reading, UK. Telephone +44 118 907 0420

How Can I Get To and From Berkshire?

A variety of public transportation services are available all through Berkshire, which makes it easy for you to get to AA or NA meetings in or around town. The roads are also car friendly, so you will have no trouble driving around to check out rehabs.

Getting from Berkshire to Primrose Lodge by Car

You can take either the M4, the A33, or the A322. The M4 offers the fastest route. To begin your journey, simply get on the M4 from Yattendon Rd, Ashampstead Rd, Common Hill and Bath Rd/A4. Proceed on the M4 then take A329(M) to A322 in Bagshot. Follow the A322, take Scotts Grove Rd and Chobham Rd to A322 in Worplesdon.
Getting from Berkshire to Primrose Lodge by Rail

Windsor has two train stations, Windsor and Eton Riverside, and Windsor and Eton Central. Great Western Railway travels between London Paddington, Reading, and Oxford. You can change trains at Slough and catch a change to Windsor and Eton Central.

South Western Railway travels directly from London Waterloo to Windsor and Eton Riverside station.
Maidenhead is also served by trains operated by Great Western Railway that travel between London Paddington, Reading, and Oxford.

Remember that, for your convenience, Primrose Lodge offers a sober transport service that can transport you from your home in Berkshire to our rehab facility on a schedule that you are comfortable with.

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