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Prescription drugs are often not considered to be as dangerous as illicit drugs bought off the street, but they can be just as harmful even though abuse tends to start with a legitimate prescription. Some of the most commonly-used prescriptions drugs include concerta, benzodiazepines, Ritalin, morphine and Adderall.

Regardless of what prescription drug you’re using or how you started abusing it, it’s important to get treatment as soon as possible. Primrose Lodge is a CQC-registered full-service facility that offers prescription drug dependency treatment. Our experienced staff offer around-the-clock care and holistic therapy to ensure you have the best chance of recovery.

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Counselling or psychotherapy is an essential component of addiction treatment. Addiction to prescription drugs, or to any other kind of drug for that matter, is deeply rooted in the brain. Being a mental disease, addiction can only be effectively treated by addressing the psychological roots of prescription drug addiction.

There are two primary counselling approaches which we have adopted at Primrose Lodge; individual or one-to-one therapy counselling, and group therapy. Individual therapy involves counselling sessions with just you and your counsellor, while group therapy includes you, the therapist and others who are trying to overcome addiction as well.

Medical Detoxification

The first step before rehab begins is a prescription drug medical detox. Detox is a process your body undertakes to cleanse itself of drug toxins. In the case of prescription drug dependency or addiction. During the medical detox process, patients are prescribed an approved medication to manage their symptoms of alcohol/drug withdrawal.

The process is tailored to the individual to negate the effects of fitting, vomiting, tremors etc… until the client is substance-free. The treatment is clinically proven to be the safest way to detox, taking between 7-14 days to complete, with 24/7 care and support, provided throughout.

Detox Timeline

Generally, the onset of withdrawal tends to begin within the first 24 hours of your last dose and the symptoms may remain for several days. Usually, the first few days of detox will be accompanied by the worst of the withdrawal symptoms. After this phase of withdrawal, the symptoms can be expected to peak before beginning to decline and finally dissipate after 7-10 days. The vast majority of drugs are detoxed within 14 days.


Addiction is a disease of the mind and must be treated as such. Treatment begins with a medical detox because you need to rid your body of the drug toxins, so you can focus on therapeutic rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation is aimed at unearthing the underlying cause of your addiction and addressing the problem accordingly. At Primrose Lodge, we offer different rehab programmes for prescription drug addiction, but our most comprehensive and intensive is our 28-day programme. With our holistic therapies and treatments, you can guarantee you will be treated physically, as well as mentally and spiritually.

We are always ready to answer your questions regarding rehab at our centre. Please get in touch anytime.

Rehab Programme

We strongly recommend a minimum of 28 days rehabilitation. In this time, you will be treated psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually. Our specialist programmes include:

  • One-to-one Counselling
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Fitness and Massage
  • Yoga & Meditation
  • Music & Art therapy
  • Process Addiction
  • Holistic Programme
  • Mindfulness and Acupuncture
  • Relapse Prevention Techniques

These therapies may be used in any given combination, depending on the most apt treatment approach for you!

Detox & Rehab Benefits

  • Be in a safe and nurturing environment
  • Medical detox with 24/7 care & support
  • Overcome the root causes of addiction
  • Experienced team of doctors & therapists
  • Personalised rehabilitation programme
  • Look, feel, sleep better & regain confidence
  • Learn techniques for relapse prevention
  • 1 year complimentary aftercare support

16-18 Treatment

Adolescents may start abusing prescription drugs if they are given a prescription and even if they aren’t, they may use a parent’s prescription or even obtain the drugs illegally. Whatever they do to get the drugs, don’t delay getting help once you notice that there might be a problem.

Our sister centre in Banbury, Oxfordshire, specialises in prescription drug addiction treatment for teenagers between the ages of 16 and 18. If you have an adolescent within that age bracket whose abusing prescription drug, Banbury Lodge would be ideal.

1 Year Free Aftercare

Even before your rehab programme is over, we’ll begin to prepare you for relapse prevention, but even that is not enough. To give you the best chance of maintaining your sobriety and attaining long-term recovery, we recommend continuous treatment in the form of aftercare.

To help keep you on track even after your rehab programme is over, we offer a free aftercare programme for an entire year. This covers everything from weekly sessions and phone support to one-to-one therapy and outpatient support.

Don’t underestimate prescription drug addiction, get treatment today!

It’s a mistake to assume that dependency or addiction to prescription drugs is not as serious as other drugs. No matter what you or a loved one are addicted to, you deserve to get the treatment you need to get your life back on track.

Primrose Lodge is staffed with people who have been through rehab themselves and know what it’s like to be in your shoes. You’ll get the best of care with us. Ready for treatment? Please call us on 0203 553 9263 to get started.

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Call Now 0203 553 9263

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