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Primrose Lodge offer a full medical detox, carried out within the safe and supportive surroundings of our rehab. If you or your loved one want to stop drinking but are fearful of the withdrawal symptoms, we can help the process be a much more comfortable and safer experience.

A medical alcohol detox is required when a dependency to alcohol has developed physically. Clinically proven to be the safest way to withdraw from alcohol, it reduces both the physical and mental symptoms and helps to safeguard against life threatening side effects such as alcoholic seizures and delirium tremens.

For those who wish to remain sober, the first step is to remove the alcohol completely. Cutting out alcohol suddenly or withdrawing too quickly is extremely dangerous if the individual is physically addicted. Most people do not realise how dangerous it is; in fact it is the most dangerous substance to withdraw from without medical help and support.

Medical Alcohol Detox

A medical detox is provided to all those admitting to our clinic with a physical dependency to alcohol, drugs or prescription medications. On admission, each patient is carefully assessed by our Doctor for signs and symptoms of alcohol dependency and other drugs. In the case of alcohol, a substitute medication is prescribed that is sufficient to alleviate dangerous and unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. The amount prescribed depends on the individual’s tolerance levels and if there are any other substances involved. The individual’s general health, medical history and mental well-being are also considered factors. Our Doctor is very experienced in treating individuals with addiction problems and substance dependencies and holds the relevant qualifications to back his sound knowledge and understanding of the condition.

Primrose Lodge alcohol detoxes are safely completed within 7 to 10 days. We offer this treatment as an inpatient only, due to the risk factors involved. This allows us to medically supervise the patient throughout the process and provide around the clock support and monitoring. All those that undergo our medical alcohol detox will also receive counselling and therapy alongside for the duration of their stay. Aftercare can also be arranged and is a vital part of the treatment.

Am I Dependent on Alcohol?

On admission to Primrose Lodge you will receive a comprehensive medical assessment conducted by our Doctor, who specialises in treating addiction. It is always best to undergo a full medical assessment in order to determine if there is a dependency present and to what extent. Detoxing from alcohol can be very dangerous if not carried out correctly; Primrose Lodge provide a full medical detox within a safe and nurturing environment free from the temptation of alcohol and external distractions.

If you are wondering whether you will need a detox from alcohol, there are some signs to watch out for that would indicate you have a dependency that requires medical treatment:

  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Uncontrollable shaking
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhoea
  • Cravings for alcohol
  • Delirium tremens
  • Alcoholic seizures
  • Respiratory difficulties
  • Racing heart
  • Hallucinations – auditory or visual
  • Paranoia
  • Sweating
  • Nervousness
  • Confusion

These symptoms will present themselves when the body needs more alcohol in order to be able to function. Drinking alcohol will alleviate the symptoms; this is how you will know if they are a result of alcohol dependency.

Will I Suffer During an Alcohol Detox?

If you choose to undergo a medical alcohol detox at Primrose Lodge, every effort will be made to ensure you are comfortable throughout the process. We have staff available 24/7 to ensure any concerns are promptly addressed. Our qualified Doctor will frequently review your detox medication regime to ensure the physical side effects of withdrawing from alcohol are being adequately managed by medication. In addition you will also receive Counselling and Psychosocial support throughout. The high levels of support and care afforded by our clinic, mean that you will be comfortable detoxing, and therefore be able to finish the detox and leave our rehab completely alcohol free!

Detoxing from alcohol without medical assistance can be extremely unpleasant and even life threatening. Alcohol withdrawals kill more individuals than alcohol does itself. It is vital that you get the correct professional support if you are thinking about quitting drinking and that you do not attempt to stop on your own.

Benefits of a Medical Detox

There are numerous benefits to having a full medical detox with us, as oppose to trying to stop alcohol on your own:

  • You will receive a comprehensive medical assessment and medication, prescribed by our Doctor, to manage alcohol withdrawal symptoms
  • You will be continually monitored throughout your detox to ensure your safety and comfort
  • You will receive nutritious freshly prepared meals and additional vitamins to build you up physically whilst detoxing
  • You will be in a healing focused environment, away from the temptation of alcohol
  • Your family will benefit from knowing you are in the safe hands of a qualified Doctor and receiving professional support
  • You will complete the detox and be alcohol free

Recovery from Alcohol Addiction

Once your detox at Primrose Lodge has been completed, it is suggested that you undergo our comprehensive alcohol rehab programme. Alcohol addiction is a chronic relapsing brain disease; this means that you are at very high risk of returning to alcohol once detoxed.  Initially you will feel much, much better for having stopped; but unless you learn healthier methods of coping with and managing your feelings, you are likely to drink again.

Primrose Lodge are passionate about saving lives and helping alcoholics to become alcohol free on a permanent basis. Alcoholism is a lifelong and life threatening condition. We invest in our patients and do whatever we can to help them achieve permanent sobriety. If you are having a detox with us, please give serious consideration to undertaking a full alcohol rehabilitation programme also. Our primary care treatment programmes run from 4 up to 12 weeks residential, with 1 year free aftercare on completion. Our rehabilitation programmes, delivered by highly qualified and experienced professionals, are designed to treat the root causes of addiction, along with the mind, body and spirit. We can not only free you from your physical addiction to alcohol, but also free you from your mental craving and desire to drink. For an individual who has never experienced this freedom, the realisation that they NEVER have to drink again, is nothing short of a miracle!

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