1yr Free Aftercare

Aftercare is a vital part of the ongoing recovery process for those that undergo a period of intensive addiction treatment. In view of this, Primrose Lodge offer all clients that complete their treatment programme, 1 year free aftercare with our service.

Statistically, it has been shown that those who continue to attend aftercare and 12 step meetings have a far better chance of staying clean, sober and on the right track than those who don’t.

Adjusting to life as a newly sober individual isn’t always easy. The programme we teach is very simple, but it takes practice in order for it to work. By providing free aftercare, we can help our patients implement its principles into their daily lives and thus reap the benefits.

The Importance of Aftercare

It is important to realise that recovery does not end when treatment stops. There is no cure for addiction; what we do offer is a a way of maintaining continuous sobriety through following a programme of recovery. Patients often have the misconception that once they have completed primary care treatment they are cured of addiction. Our experience shows that this is most definitely not the case. Science and the medical world are yet to find a permanent cure for addiction and its common co-occurring illnesses.

During the primary care treatment phase, patients undergo an intensive rehabilitation period where the underlying causes of their illness are addressed. It is important that this happens; as by not addressing their issues professionally, events, experiences and beliefs may well prove to be a stumbling block in their future recovery. Experiences and events do not make an individual an addict or an alcoholic, but they can impact greatly on the individual’s quality of life and ability to deal with things rationally.

Preventing Relapse

Addiction is a chronic relapsing brain disease, that affects the individual mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. There is an extremely high chance of relapse if it is left untreated. Our treatment programme provides a firm foundation for recovery, but for continued recovery the individual must learn how to implement certain principles and actions into their daily life. Aftercare assists in the transition of applying what they have learned whilst in treatment, to the outside world and into their daily lives. Aftercare also provides a sounding board for any issues that may be worrying them, a chance to share in their progress and inspire others and the further opportunity to benefit from therapy if needed.

What Happens in Aftercare?

Aftercare sessions are held in-house at our residential facility, where the patients undergo their initial treatment with us. This service is only available to those that complete their treatment programme. Facilitated by one of our qualified Counsellors, those attending, have the opportunity to check-in and discuss any issues that may be of a concern to them. The therapist will then help them to resolve any issues by using the principles of our recovery programme, and by applying a number of proven treatment modalities. Furthermore, the individual will receive encouragement, support and motivation from their peers with whom they underwent treatment with.

Coping with life in the early vulnerable stages of sobriety can prove to be extremely challenging. We recognise that this is when additional support is most beneficial. Our aftercare service is free; we want to help our patients to continue in their sobriety and succeed in life, long after they leave the treatment environment.

Most of our patients find aftercare a very “grounding” experience. It provides a safe and confidential space in which they can pause and take stock of how they are really feeling and coping. Life can be very stressful and fast paced at times; it can be easy to get caught up in the problems it presents. Those that are in recovery cannot afford to slip back to their old methods of dealing with things; aftercare helps them to achieve true perspective and apply the newly learned tools of recovery that they have acquired during the treatment process.

The Benefits of Aftercare

Aftercare offers many benefits for those transitioning from active addiction to a clean and sober life. Here are just a few:

  • The opportunity to catch up with peers with whom they underwent treatment in a safe and healing environment
  • Receive professional guidance and intervention from one of our qualified Counsellors
  • The opportunity to learn from others experiences of similar issues and and how they successfully overcame them
  • Return home feeling motivated, focused and inspired once again.
  • A chance to honestly evaluate how they are doing and how they can improve on that
  • Share their problems and concerns freely without worrying about being judged
  • Receive solution focused therapy that helps to keep them on track and keep putting their recovery first
  • Continue to learn and grow through sharing, listening and supporting others attending the sessions

Our Aftercare Programme

For all of our patients who complete a primary care treatment programme with us, there is the opportunity to benefit from our free 12 months aftercare. These sessions are held weekly at Primrose Lodge and can be accessed and used as part of a full ongoing programme of recovery. Complacency and overconfidence can lead to relapse and undo all the positive work that has been achieved. It is vital for the newly sober and clean individual to stay recovery focused.

We pride ourselves on our continuity of care with our patients. We really want to help make a difference to their lives and to the lives of their loved ones. We will do all we can to assist them in their continuing sobriety and recovery. If you have any questions relating to our free aftercare programme, please call and speak with a member of our team who will be happy to advise.

“I love attending aftercare, I get to see my peers and have the chance to share my fears without worrying my family. Aftercare has helped me keep a perspective on life and stay focused. As a result I am now approaching my first year of continuous sobriety!” Emma

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