Local Residential Alcohol And Drug Rehab In Bristol

You have made the right decision in choosing to kick your addiction, and seek help for yourself, or a loved one. There are numerous treatment options available in Bristol, targeted at providing different levels of support to those around the county, and, with the right choice, you or your loved one will be on the sure path to sobriety.

Addiction treatment involves a detox programme that will keep you stabilised to help you through withdrawal, as well as a rehab programme that will address the root causes of your addiction, treat the psychological damage caused by your substance abuse, help you achieve sobriety, and teach you techniques and coping skills to help you stay clean after treatment has finished.

There are both public and private rehab services accessible in Bristol, but the best treatment that for you largely depends on your situation and personal preferences. We at Primrose Lodge offer an intensive rehab programme close to Bristol, that is completely individualised. We will give you the details of our services, and provide the recovery tools that can help you achieve your commitment to sober a life.

A Brief Overview of Our Rehab Services

Primrose Lodge is a rehab centre that caters to the individual needs of addicts wishing to kick their addictive behaviours and gain sobriety. We are a cutting-edge treatment facility based in Guilford, Sussex, and offer the highest level of hospitality and rehabilitation. Your comfort is guaranteed through our exciting amenities and private living arrangements.
We offer an onsite medical detox, that will eliminate the drugs or substances from your body and keep you stabilised. This will ensure you get into rehab free of harmful toxins and in a sober state. Our rehab programmes are made to meet every last detail of your personal situation, which is important to help you advance to sustained recovery.
Our treatment services and rehab programme include:

  • Alcohol detox and rehab
  • Drug detox and rehab
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • Meditation
  • Family recovery programme
  • Trauma therapy
  • Art therapy

Our services also come with an aftercare programme, designed to provide continuing support after the completion of your treatment. Additional services that will help you be more comfortable include laundry services, a linen changing service, well-prepared meals that account for your dietary restrictions, as well as a treatment framework that supports emotional support from family and friends.

Primrose Lodge is located 110 miles from Bristol, around a 2-hour drive when you start from the A32 and connect to the M4, then make your way to junction 4 of the M3 into the A331 that leads to Guilford. Engaging our sober transport service means you won’t have to worry about any transport stress or cost, as we provide a free transport service from Bristol.

The Pros and Cons of Private Rehab

The advantages of going through a private rehab like ours are numerous. We offer a certain level of care that you’re likely not to receive elsewhere. The following are extra benefits that you can enjoy when you are a resident patient in Primrose Lodge:

  • A privacy policy that guards your sensitive information against getting into public knowledge
  • Guaranteed luxury comfort with our private classy bedrooms and ensuite baths
  • Easy to access to experienced healthcare professionals
  • Purpose-built recovery and meeting rooms designed to facilitate sobriety
  • Extra amenities, such as a gym for combined physical and mental health
  • A one-year free aftercare programme for continued recovery support
  • A free transport service that takes away the stress of organising transportation from Bristol

Some issues associated with private rehabs include:

  • Cost

How Much Does Rehab Cost in Bristol?

If you’re contemplating how much you need to spend for your rehab, you should understand that treatment costs vary according to the service you wish to partake e in, the duration of your treatment, and the type of treatment you receive. You should be careful, however, when it comes to letting the cost of treatment control your decision.

Not every high-cost treatment programme guarantees the level of care their fees may suggest, and low-cost programmes may end up costing you more if you repeatedly have to repeat treatment as a result of inadequate care. This is to say, a truly cost-effective treatment programme is one that has the better chance of tackling your addiction once and for all.

Charity rehab programmes, and NHS services, in and near Bristol come at reduced fees or are completely free of charge because they are funded through Government budgets and public donations. However, there are limitations and issues connected to these programmes that may make them unsuitable for you personally. NHS programmes are limited to outpatient treatment, which will only successfully treat you if you have a low-level addiction.

Every private rehab does come at a price, but they offer the best standard of treatment through their intensive inpatient programmes, that are carried out in comfortable environments. At Primrose Lodge, we always make sure our treatment programmes are streamlined to the particular needs of our clients, to ensure a successful recovery.

NHS Addiction Treatment Options in Bristol

The Bristol Drug Project is a free and confidential service that aims to help people make life changes and set themselves free from the bondage of drug and alcohol misuse.
Bristol ROADS (Recovery Orientated Alcohol & Drugs Service): This is a service that provides a wide range of support to people who are looking to put an end to their problematic use of drugs and alcohol, and those looking for help for a loved one.

Addiction Support Groups in Bristol

Life after treatment will be easier without drugs and alcohol, as a result of the coping strategies you have learned during rehab. However, this does not mean that there won’t be challenges along the way. You need an emotional support structure in place that can help you get past these hurdles, and achieve a drug-free state. Addiction support groups are well-equipped for this purpose.

These groups are made up of men and women who are going through recovery, just like you, and can provide help from a place of understanding. Through shared stories of different challenges and successes during meetings, you can gain new insight into what is involved in post-rehabilitation. You can also get advice when you share your struggles with the group.
Support group meetings are free to attend as long as you are willing to fight your addiction. They are ideal for people going through outpatient treatment, and those who just completed treatment in a residential facility. These groups are mostly guided by 12-step therapy, with some founded on evidence-based programmes.

The major support groups that you’ll find in Bristol, with meeting venues across the city, include Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. These are 12-step therapy-based groups which have meetings all throughout the county, and they are held on different weekdays on a weekly basis. Other support groups that you could benefit from are SMART recovery, FamAnon, Cocaine Anonymous, and others.

How to Choose a Recovery Programme

Deciding to break free from addiction is a great first step to take toward a happy and more productive life. The next step is making the choice of an ideal rehab programme. Addiction treatment programmes and services in Bristol are all different and are not all suitable to adequately handle your particular situation. The effectiveness of the treatment path you follow will be determined by your personal case of addiction.

The choice of treatment primarily lies between an inpatient or outpatient programme. A mild case of addiction can see you effectively treated through an outpatient programme, where you’ll need lifestyle changing rehabilitation and counselling. However, in severe cases, an intensive residential programme is required, preferably through a private rehab facility.
Overall, inpatient programmes are the most adequate methods of treatment. Even if you’re going through a mild addiction, you can get treatment in a residential rehab facility. However, in this case, you’ll only go through a short rehab stay. Outpatient programmes are mostly used when people have pressing responsibilities with time restraints.

Also, when choosing the rehab programme to undergo, you have to weigh up the kind of treatment centre you’re going through, and if their methods of treatment and environment suit you. If you want total comfort with provision for your own space, then a private rehab centre is ideal. Comfort is an important part of our services at Primrose Lodge, as we go a long way in making our client relaxed and more focused on recovery. This why we have taken extra measures to provide cutting-edge amenities in a tranquil environment, to make the recovery process easier and worry-free.

The selection process can be overwhelming and frustrating, considering all the factors involved in making the right choice, and the consequences of choosing a treatment plan that doesn’t fit. However, it doesn’t have to be this way, as we can provide all the guidance you need that will see you take the right next step. Do not hesitate to call us today for free guidance.

NA meetings Near Bristol

Weston-super-Mare Topic / Share
Sundays 6:00 pm
United Reform Church
Waterloo Street
BS23 1LF

Bristol Kingswood – More Will Be Revealed
Mondays 7:00 pm
Room 5
The Park Centre
20 High Street
BS15 4AR

Bristol Step A Month
Tuesdays 12:30 pm
Tyndale Baptist Church
Whiteladies Road

Bristol Step Meeting
Wednesdays 6:30 pm
St Stephen’s Church
St Stephen’s Street

Clevedon Basic text discussion
Thursdays 7:30 pm
St Peter’s Church
1 Alexandra road
BS21 7QH

Bristol Clean ‘n’ Crazy
Fridays 12:30 pm
Tyndale Baptist Church
Whiteladies Rd

Bath Step/Share Meeting
Saturdays 6:30 pm
Hay Hill Baptist Church
Fountain Buildings
The Paragon

AA Meetings Near Bristol

Bristol Keep It Simple Sunday
The Pickle Factory, 13 All Hallows Rd.
Time: 12.30
Postcode: BS5 0HH

Bristol Eleventh Step Monday
James Room, Bristol Cathedral, Pembroke Rd
Time: 20.00
Postcode: BS8 3BX

Bristol St James Priory At Broadmead Baptist Tuesday
Broadmead Baptist Church, Union St, Broadmead
Time: 18.30
Postcode: BS1 3HY

Bristol St James Priory At Broadmead Baptist Tuesday
Broadmead Baptist Church, Union St, Broadmead
Time: 18.30
Postcode: BS1 3HY

Bristol Principles Before Personalities Thursday
New Street Centre, New Street, St Judes.
Time: 10.30
Postcode: BS2 9DX

Bristol Salvation Army Saturday
Salvation Army Centre, Logos House, Wade St
Time: 20.00
Postcode: BS2 9EL

Addiction Counselling Near Bristol

Upon completion of your rehab programme, you can choose to engage in further therapy to reinforce some of the coping techniques you learned during your treatment. There are private addiction specialists in Bristol who can help. Your psychologist will work with you to address the difficulties you’ve been facing since you left treatment. Although psychological help can be accessed through free community programmes, there are restrictions that could stop you gaining access to a therapist when you truly need one. Private counselling services can take this roadblock out of the way.

You can get the contact details of private counselling services in Bristol, who are addiction professionals, through the following directories:
Counselling UK
British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy
Counselling Pages
National Counselling Society

Local Govt Addiction Resources in Bristol

Bristol Specialist Drug and Alcohol Service: This is a Bristol-wide service that provides mental health support and specialist treatment services to those going through a difficult time as a result of addiction to harmful substances.

How Can I Get To and From Bristol?

By car
The city of Bristol is served by a network of motorways that provide accessibility within the county, and to other neighbouring counties. The M4 provides connection to the city from London to West Wales, and the M5 serves Birmingham to Exeter. The M49 motor gives swift access between the M4 Severn Crossing, which passes through the west, and the M5 in the south, with the M32 connecting the city centre from the M4.
By train
The two principal railway stations in Bristol, Bristol Temple Meads and Bristol Parkway, provide rail connections to Swansea, London Paddington, Cardiff Central, and Birmingham, as well as to other local and regional stations.

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