Drug rehab

If you or a loved one is suffering from drug addiction, it can be a tough step to accept that it might be time to start considering rehab treatment. You may be intimidated by the prospect of care, with all the unknown aspects of a new facility and time spent away from friends and family.

At Primrose Lodge, we aim to put you at ease, providing you with the most comfortable, well-equipped setting to get you started on your drug rehab journey. With a team determined to offer personalised rehabilitation programmes for every individual, you can leave us with all the tools you need to begin your life free from addiction. Read on if you would like more information about drug addiction treatment and what to expect.


Why do I need drug rehab?

Drug rehab programmes aim to go beyond the physical aspect of your addiction and tackle the more underlying causes of what led you to participate in these dangerous behaviours in the first place. It will never be as simple as simply quitting drugs, and in our experience, this method can often lead to relapse. For this reason, rehab centres will usually incorporate various methods of treatment to help understand your drug addiction. During your programme, you can undergo many courses such as group counselling, individual counselling, life skills training and nutritional management, among other holistic therapies, to give you all the help that you need.

Addictions we treat

At Primrose Lodge, we offer professional treatment programmes tailored to several drug addictions, such as:

Amphetamine rehab

Amphetamine rehab

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Amphetamine rehab →

Cannabis rehab

Cannabis rehab

Learn everything you need to know about cannabis rehab

Cannabis rehab →

Cocaine rehab

Cocaine rehab

Learn everything you need to know about cocaine rehab

Cocaine rehab →

Crack rehab

Crack rehab

Learn everything you need to know about crack rehab

Crack rehab →

Ecstasy rehab

Ecstasy rehab

Learn everything you need to know about ecstasy rehab

Ecstasy rehab →

Heroin rehab

Heroin rehab

Learn everything you need to know about heroin rehab

Heroin rehab →

Ketamine rehab

Learn everything you need to know about ketamine rehab

Ketamine rehab →

Meth rehab

Learn everything you need to know about meth rehab

Meth rehab →


Drug addiction treatment at Primrose Lodge

It can be frightening to put yourself into the care of others and enter a facility, uncertain of what is going to happen next. Doing some research beforehand, however, can be a great way to ease your fears and prepare you for what is to come when you first walk through the doors of our centre.

When you first enter for drug rehabilitation, it is likely that you will be welcomed by our staff team, who will briefly show you around the facility and introduce you to your support worker. Your support worker is a person who will assure that you have all the help that you need, assigned to you to help ease the transition and keep you as comfortable as possible.

Following this, you will then be shown to your room and given a chance to learn more about the staff. Many of our staff team have suffered from addiction themselves, giving them a unique insight and compassionate approach to care, having seen addiction from both sides. This knowledge can also help to lessen your fears around treatment and show you that those caring for you can really understand.


Our main concern…

Our primary concern is your safety, and for this reason, we will need to clear your body of any dangerous substances that can cause harm to your health. For some drugs, this is done with a thorough medical assessment, which will help determine whether it is necessary to administer medication to help you come off the drugs safely and most comfortably. This process is known as detox.

Depending on how physically dependent you are on the substance and the time needed to adjust, there will be a chance for you to fill in a questionnaire, as this will help our team to curate a care plan tailored to suit your own specific needs. This will also help us to assign you to your one-to-one therapist. Once we have curated your personalised treatment programme, you will then be offered a schedule of all the activities and groups that will take place during your time at the facility. Days at drug rehab are likely to be very structured, as this gives you an organised schedule with clear boundaries and measures put in place to support you.

Our drug rehab programmes

At Primrose Lodge, we do not use a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to our private drug rehab programme because each person will have their own unique relationship with addiction. Allowing ourselves time to learn about each client and how they can best be supported will help us to tailor the best possible care plan for you. Our aim is to treat individuals at the core of their drug addiction by utilising several different therapeutic models in our private drug treatment, including counselling, group therapy and meditation.


Individual counselling with an experienced addiction therapist helps to delve into the root causes of your drug addiction. This could even work to uncover suppressed feelings from childhood, abuse, abandonment or perhaps a more recent bereavement or abusive relationship. Once this new level of understanding is reached, you can then move on to relapse prevention through coping strategies which can be applied to aspects of everyday life.

Group therapy

Group Therapy involves listening and sharing with fellow addicts and identifying with similarities. The human connection which comes from realising that you are not alone, that you are not the only one living with this illness, is life-changing. The fellowship fostered regularly transcends the rehab clinic stay, and lasting friendships are forged. Building a recovery network for post-rehab life starts in group therapy.

Some other programmes that we offer for private  drug addiction treatment are:


Benefits of drug rehab

Drug addiction is a terrible illness, but all of us at Primrose Lodge wish to assure you that there is absolutely no need for you or a loved one to suffer in silence. With proper drug addiction treatment, you can overcome your challenges and get your life back on track. It will not be able to make all the necessary changes overnight, but there are several benefits that can come with seeking out the right support. For example:

  • You will be in a safe, nurturing environment surrounded by people either trained to support you or in the same position themselves.
  • You will receive round the clock support.
  • There will be a range of techniques for relapse prevention, helping to maintain sobriety once you leave us.
  • You will have a chance to sleep better, eat healthier and focus entirely on recovery.
  • We understand that drug addiction treatment will continue, even after rehab, and we offer an aftercare programme to offer further support.

What happens after drug rehab?

Whether you have been having drug rehab in a residential clinic or on a daycare basis with regular counselling at an outpatient facility, when the time comes for your programme to end, you will have to get back to normal everyday life. For some, this can be a worrying time.

After all, it was within the context of daily life that you developed an addiction to drugs in the first place. It is natural that you might feel apprehensive about what happens after drug rehab. You might be worrying that you are going to fall back down the path of addiction again now that you do not have that support from your counsellors or therapists.

What you should know, however, is that there is plenty of support within your local community and accessing it is highly recommended. Fellowship support groups such as NA are often regarded as a vital part of the recovery process, so you should definitely consider joining.

By joining a fellowship support group, you will have a group of people who will be there for you when you are in need of help and support. You will know that you are not alone and that you can always talk to others who are in the same situation that you are in. You will be able to learn from those who are further along in their recovery than you are and, as you get stronger in your own recovery, you can start to help others too.

We also provide our Primrose Lodge aftercare service, which you can use for one-year for free following your drug rehabilitation.

Common concerns faced by those entering drug rehab

Here are some common concerns people face when entering drug addiction treatment and how we support you:

Why should I trust the staff, people I don’t even know, with my welfare?…

All our staff at Primrose Lodge have experienced drug rehabilitation themselves and know exactly what it’s like to be in your shoes. Throughout the duration of your residential drug rehab programme, you’ll receive round-the-clock care with a team trained to offer you the best support possible and achieve lasting recovery.

I won’t know anyone there. I am going to be alone…

These feelings of loneliness, for many of us, were part of the reason we turned to drugs in the first place. They can provide comfort, an escape from these uncomfortable emotions. Although having these thoughts can be frightening, it becomes easier when you are in the company of those who understand and relate. At Primrose Lodge, our goal is to make sure that you are always surrounded by friendly, caring faces, aiming to show you that there is a better way. At our facility, we even assign new clients with a ‘buddy’ to help ease your transition into rehab and get to know other members at the facility.


Starting drug addiction treatment

Get in touch with us. At Primrose Lodge, we know that it is difficult even to acknowledge that you or a loved one could have an addiction; nevertheless, if left alone, the problem will not go away and will only grow until it devastates your life and those around you.

If you, or a loved one, wants change, the decision is and always must be theirs. You cannot force anybody to seek drug addiction treatment. The first thing to do on the road to recovery is to talk to us and our exceptional psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, and other addiction specialists at Primrose Lodge. We are always happy to answer any questions you might have; to find out more drug rehab information, contact us today and we will assist you.

How much does drug rehab cost?
The cost of drug rehab will depend on several factors, such as how long you choose to stay at our facility and any individual requirements that you might have. At Primrose Lodge, we aim to provide affordable addiction treatment for anyone who needs help, offering care plans that secure a long and lasting recovery.
How long does drug rehab take?
At Primrose Lodge, we offer drug rehab programmes ranging from 2-12 weeks. While the recommended length of stay at rehab will vary from person to person, we always advise that clients remain in our care for at least 28 days. This way, individuals will have ample time to fully engage with their treatment programme.
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