Mephedrone Rehab

Mephedrone has affected households since 1929 when the drug was initially made – fortunately since then, many have recovered from the use of the drug, going back to living clean, healthy lives following their mephedrone rehab treatment.

Reaching a point of independence from the mental and chemical dependency of this drug requires mephedrone addiction treatment and rehab programmes that will support you through the tough, difficult times associated with the mephedrone rehab process, as well as keeping you away from Mephedrone for the rest of your life.

Learn all about the mephedrone rehab process at Primrose Lodge, how we are here to help you with your recovery and what the first steps are that you can take.


What is Mephedrone rehab?

The mephedrone rehab process revolves around bringing you back to a healthier path where you are no longer dependent on a substance. This involves rehabilitation of the psychological symptoms that began as a result of the dependency as well as restoring your body to its previous state before mephedrone addiction.

Furthermore, we believe that the true cause of addiction is a deeper layer of unresolved mental turmoil that manifests in the form of substance abuse. During a Mephedrone rehab programme, we ensure that you are able to work through these setbacks to move forward to the life that you deserve.

With the help of medical health professionals, we rid your system of the drug addiction, offering the tools to repair the fallout that occurred from consistent Mephedrone abuse on your body, mind, and lifestyle.

What to expect from Mephedrone rehab

Beginning rehab is the first step to recovery and aims to rid your body of the Mephedrone in your system. This is called a Mephedrone detox. While this is a difficult process, our addiction medical professionals will be there to help you and keep you safe every step of the way.

Afterwards, you will be able to spend your time in therapy sessions, around your peers or even doing physical activities that you enjoy. This will help mentally and physically repair you from the effects of Mephedrone.

Following the conclusion of the Mephedrone treatment programme, you will return to your life and be able to spend your days as a sober member of society who does not require any substance or drug to cope with the challenges of life.


Choosing the right Mephedrone rehab programme

It is vital that you weigh your options when deciding what kind of rehab programme to begin. The wrong programme could possibly make the process backfire, while the right Mephedrone rehab programme can minimise your pain and the difficulty of the process considerably.

The first factor that you will have to consider is whether you want to undergo the Mephedrone rehab process at home or enrol in an inpatient rehab facility that will provide a Mephedrone rehab treatment programme, aided with medical care and taking into account your mental well-being in the long-term.

As an outpatient (only attending rehab for scheduled appointments), you will have to be in contact with a medical professional to keep you safe. This could be dangerous for several reasons. Outpatient Mephedrone rehab treatment often lacks the facilities and tools that inpatient rehab provides, helping patients to heal in a healthy, sustainable way.

However, if you are strongly set on outpatient rehab, we strongly recommend attending addiction therapy or group meetings such as Narcotics Anonymous or any other support groups that you may relate to.

Meanwhile, as an inpatient, you will be taken care of holistically and will be working towards healing your mind and body through Mephedrone rehab treatment.

Once chosen, your next decision will be whether to enrol in a private or public rehab. The cost of public rehab will be lower or possibly even free. The trade-off is that public rehabs are often over-capacity and will require time to begin treatment. Meanwhile, in private facilities, the Mephedrone rehab cost is higher, but admission is significantly quicker and more convenient. Furthermore, private rehabs are often better maintained and kept up to date with new tools, treatments and equipment.


Mephedrone rehab at Primrose Lodge

We at Primrose Lodge believe strongly that the cause of Mephedrone addiction is a build-up of underlying traumas that have not been processed, bubbling up as substance or drug abuse. To that end, our Mephedrone rehab programme is structured in such a way that the focus is on healing your mind as well as your body. We begin with our medical professionals. Our own medical professionals have gone through addiction themselves and know what it feels like. They have since recovered and are ready to guide you and your loved ones towards a healthy, happy life.

Along with our seasoned staff and as part of the Mephedrone addiction treatment, we ensure that you are provided with a safe space to heal using various therapy techniques as well as group and individual therapy to keep you supported constantly by your peers and our medical professionals.

At Primrose Lodge, we ensure that the Mephedrone rehab treatment that you sign up for is crafted specifically to fit your character and the nature of your addiction. We do this to deliver a personalised experience that works best for each resident in our facility.

Furthermore, after your Mephedrone rehab treatment programme has ended, we will be keeping in touch with you to ensure you are remaining strong and healthy despite the challenges of the real world. Generally, part of the Mephedrone rehab process is to train our residents to apply healthy coping mechanisms in the real world and avoid falling into the clutches of addiction again.

Therefore, after Mephedrone addiction treatment, we keep in touch to make sure you continue to apply these coping mechanisms. We call this aftercare – it is free and lasts a lifetime. The Mephedrone rehab cost is a one-time payment for an ongoing connection, with no expiry date.


How to get in touch with Primrose Lodge

As your health and well-being are our highest priority, we make sure to keep our phone lines and email open for you to contact us whenever you want to. Whether it is just advice you are looking for or to find out about our 24/7 admissions process, we would be happy to assist you on your journey towards happiness and success.

We want you to remember that looking into Mephedrone rehab treatment options is already a great first step and that you should be proud to have gotten this far in the Mephedrone rehab process. We would now like to help make your journey easier.

Frequently asked questions

How long does Mephedrone rehab take?
Primrose Lodge offers several treatment plans for mephedrone, ranging from two weeks to twelve weeks in length. Choosing the right plan for you will depend on the severity of your addiction, including how long you have been taking Mephedrone, how frequently you take it and the underlying psychological causes that push you towards drug abuse. Our admissions team is always on hand to answer any questions and advise you on the correct treatment programme for you.
What is the success rate of Mephedrone rehab?
There is no definitive answer when it comes to the success rate of Mephedrone rehab as there are a number of factors that can affect the outcome of treatment. Success depends on how much you want to participate during therapy sessions, how willing you are to implement the techniques learned in rehab and whether you continue with aftercare once you have completed a rehab programme. If you are ready to make a change, Mephedrone rehab is highly successful.
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Who am I contacting?

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