One of the most difficult times for any individual in treatment is having to leave rehab. Parting ways with a place that you have grown to call home, along with all the support it provides, to an environment that holds those same reminders of addiction can seem overwhelming. One of the biggest fears can come with the knowledge that you will have to reintegrate into your old life, but with one big difference. You will need to do it sober.

At Primrose Lodge, we are aware of just how challenging it can be leaving us after such an impactful time at our centre. Rehab is a transformative experience that frees us from the darkest of times, launching us into the light through connection and support from like-minded people. These bonds are not just temporary, but for life. Through Alumni, all of us at UKAT have strived to ensure that just because you leave our facility, this does not mean the end of your time with our extended family.



What is Alumni?

Established in 2017, Alumni is a life-long support community that operates across all seven of our UKAT centres. Wherever you are in the world, you can always find the support you need with Alumni.
Joining our Alumni team means that you remain interconnected with one of the largest recovery groups in the UK. With new members joining us every day, you need not feel alone once you have left our centre.

Some key benefits of joining our Alumni team include:

  • The opportunity to build lifelong companionships
  • Support putting into practice skills you have learned in treatment
  • Events and days out with our UKAT family
  • A private Facebook group for extended care

Our group was established to offer a go-between, easing the transition from treatment back to everyday life. Any concerns that you might have regarding sobriety, or the fear of relapse, you can voice to our community, who have all been in your shoes and seen the challenges that come with living without drugs or alcohol.
Joining our Primrose Lodge family does not simply extend to your time as a resident, but through our Alumni programme, you can remain an integral part of our community, for life!

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Who am I contacting?

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