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Top addiction treatment centres in Sudbury, Suffolk

Stronger drugs are now more widely available, contributing to Sudbury, Suffolk’s growing substance abuse problem. Luckily, there are several reliable rehabilitation centres in the Sudbury, Suffolk area where people can choose from a wide range of alcohol and drug addiction treatment options. However, Primrose Lodge in Essex is one of the best options if you are looking for individual-centric extensive treatment.

This residential rehab centre is led by UKAT, one of the UK’s leading detox and rehab service providers. It treats various addictions, including drug abuse (cannabis, cocaine, heroin and others), alcoholism, gambling, and behavioural disorders.

At UKAT, we strive to provide a safe and empowering setting for those struggling with addiction, allowing them to develop a positive attitude toward their recovery journey. Our facilities offer personalised detox treatments, giving you the confidence to overcome your addiction and reclaim control of your life.

Drug and alcohol abuse statistics in Sudbury, Suffolk

Substance abuse has taken many lives in Sudbury. Recreational drugs, as well as prescribed opioids, have a devastating impact on the lives of young people. According to government data, Suffolk had 39 drug deaths in 2021, the most since records began in 1993. This is also the highest figure in the east of England. Essex came in second with 24 deaths.

As per the report, in 2019-20, the National Drug Treatment Monitoring System (NDTMS) reported that nearly half of the adults in treatment (48%) were receiving opiate treatment, while nearly one-third (31%) were receiving alcohol treatment in Suffolk. In 2018-19, an estimated 6,811 alcohol-dependent residents in Suffolk did not have access to rehabilitation services.

Rehab options in Sudbury, Suffolk

Sudbury, Suffolk has both private and public rehabilitation facilities. Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and the government-owned NHS (National Health Service) provide free and confidential rehab options to help you on your journey to a drug-free life.

Free support groups are highly beneficial for gaining access to support and care, particularly for those who cannot afford rehab. However, an individual may require immediate admission in some cases. Due to the scarcity of seats, admission to a free rehab centre can be difficult. Access to UKAT’s Primrose Lodge facility near Sudbury is simple and without hassle.

Why should you choose the Primrose Lodge rehab facility near Suffolk?

Primrose Lodge in Guildford, Surrey, is 113 miles away and two and a half hours from Sudbury in Suffolk County. Although not close to Sudbury in Suffolk, this CQC-registered facility is nestled in tranquil surroundings, providing a calm and serene environment essential for your drug-free journey. This rehabilitation centre has 19 luxurious en-suite bedrooms, a breathtaking view of the gardens, and a private gym to help you maximise your recovery journey through rejuvenation in a natural setting. Other benefits of choosing the PrimroseLodge facility include:

  • Treatment for different types of addictions, including co-dependency and behavioural disorders
  • Enrollment in small groups, which facilitates individualised attention.
  • Spacious gardens to take nature walks.
  • A private kitchen with nutritious meals.
  • Family recovery programme
  • Free 12-month aftercare and lifetime extended care to prevent relapse
  • Recognised by BUPA and AXA insurance

UKAT’s brand promise: If you successfully complete our 90-day inpatient treatment programme but relapse within 30 days of leaving, we will welcome you back for a free 30-day treatment period.

List of free addiction support groups in Sudbury, Suffolk

If you are unable to afford a private rehabilitation facility in Sudbury, Suffolk, here are some free support groups that can assist you in beginning your addiction recovery journey:

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) in Sudbury, Suffolk

Sudbury Morning Freedom

The Christopher Centre, 10 Gainsborough St
Time: 11:00
Duration 1hr 30 mins
Distance: 0 miles
Postcode: CO10 2EU

Halstead Living Sober

The Baptist Church, Headingham Rd.
Time: 20:00
Duration 1hr 30 mins
Distance: 8 miles
Postcode: CO9 2DA


The Seminar Room, Hadleigh Library, 29 High St
Time: 20:00
Duration 1hr 30mins
Distance: 10 miles
Postcode: IP7 5AG

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) in Sudbury, Suffolk

Share Meeting

Norfolk & Suffolk Area
Saturday 18:00 ~ 19:30
Christopher Centre10 Gainsborough Street Babergh Sudbury Suffolk
CO10 2EU

Chelsea Virtual Hut JFT and Share Meeting

London – South West Area
Sunday 7:30 ~ 8:30

Just for Today Breakfast Meeting

North East England Area
Sunday 8:00 ~ 9:30

Cocaine Anonymous (CA) in Sudbury, Suffolk

The problem has been removed

Abundant Life Church
Lakenheath Village Back St
Brandon IP27 9HF
Time: Monday 19:30

Cocaine Anonymous

Christ Church
Grange Farm Ave
Felixstowe IP11 2XD
Time: Monday 19:30

Step 11 Saturday Spirit

Boston Lodge
Boston Rd
Lowestoft NR32 1UG
Time: Saturday 09:30

Why choose an alcohol and drug rehab centre near Sudbury, Suffolk?

Sudbury, in Suffolk County, is close to Essex and about 60 miles from London. It is a tranquil market town near the River Stour that was once famous for its wool and silk textiles. This town is set in the children’s novel “The Hundred and One Dalmatians”, which inspired the Disney film of the same name. St Peter’s Church, a former Anglican church in Sudbury, Suffolk, that is now a historical site, is another attraction. Sudbury, Suffolk, has beautiful skies and a variety of green spaces that are conducive to mind and body healing.

Primrose Lodge near Sudbury is an ideal rehab centre for your recovery journey if you want a quiet place for your recovery near the city.

We at UKAT centres fully support all your efforts to live a sober life because we believe in your determination. Take the first step toward healing by seeking assistance right away!

Call us today at 0808 258 2194 for assistance and immediate support.

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