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Alcohol rehab and drug rehab in Suffolk - Rehab therapy group session

If you’re  currently living in or near Suffolk, there are available treatment options that can help you attain freedom from addiction.

Addiction may be a dangerous disease, but it is one that is 100% treatable. Treatment options through public and private services are easily accessible, and have proven very effective over the years. Intensive inpatient care through private rehab involves dedicated detox programmes that will help you through withdrawal, and holistic therapies that will address the causes and effects of your addiction, introduce you to a sober state, and teach you the skills to help you remain that way.

On top of that, local options are available, including support groups that will prove helpful in keeping you on track. We will provide details of the services offered at Primrose Lodge, on top of other effective recovery options available in and around Suffolk.

How do rehab centres near Suffolk make life better?

Rehab facilities such as Primrose Lodge  offer an ideal route to recovery, due to the bespoke, unrivalled professional services on offer. Low to no-cost residential facilities and treatment programmes can often too crowded, making for tough living conditions, on top of the fact the waiting time to receive treatment can be substantial.

At private rehab centres like Primrose Lodge, we process admission quickly and efficiently, so your treatment could begin as quickly as 24 hours after initial contact. With Primrose Lodge, we have a provision in place that can see you gain immediate entry. We offer top quality rehab services that go far beyond inpatient care. Some of the key benefits of Primrose Lodge to note are:

  • Well equipped gymnasiums
  • Freshly prepared meals from expert chefs
  • Free Wifi
  • Family recovery programme
  • Open day for the family every month.
  • Individual treatment therapy
  • Extended care.

What are my rehab options available in Suffolk?

Through Suffolk, the NHS as well as other charities offer viable alcohol and drug rehab options . On top of that, there are a range of private rehab facilities around the town and at nearby locations that also provide an alternative option for support to those looking for a better life. Choosing between these options can be an overwhelming task, even more so if the person involved requires immediate assistance.

When making the decision of what kind of rehab to opt for, here are some aspects to consider before making your final decision:

  • Are they offering Inpatient or outpatient treatment services?
  • Is it private treatment or NHS treatment?
  • How much is it going to cost?

On top of this, it is important to look at the features and benefits on offer. Listed below are a range of beneficial aspects that may be offered at some private rehabs – All of which can be found at Primrose Lodge:

  • Highly-trained medical practitioners
  • 24×7 support and care
  • Help in overcoming the root cause of addiction
  • Relapse prevention techniques
  • Family support programme
  • Free aftercare programme

The price of alcohol and drug rehab in Suffolk

The cost of attending private rehab can vary, and a number of factors come in to play when determining the overall price, including:

  • The length of your treatment
  • The facilities provided during rehab
  • The type of therapies you receive during rehabilitation
  • The type of addiction you are receiving treatment for.

The cost of private rehabs may be daunting compare to available free options, but their are a plethora of advantages offered when the two are compared. and offer a better chance at recovery. You can learn more about why private rehabs are more beneficial by visiting Primrose Lodge’s ‘About us’ page.

List of free addiction support groups in and near Suffolk

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) in or near Suffolk

Bury St Edmunds

Small Hall, United Reformed Church Halls, Whiting St
IP33 1NR
Fridays at 12.30pm


St Thomas The Apostle Church, Bramford Lane
Fridays at 7:30pm


Christ Church, Grange Farm Avenue
IP11 2FB
Saturdays at 7:00pm

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) in or near Suffolk

Bury St Edmunds

Sundays at 1:00pmGarland Street Baptist Church Centre
Garland Street
IP33 1HN


Mondays at 7:15pmThe Severals Pavilion
2-4 Bury Road


Mondays at 7:30pmFriends Meeting House
22a Friars Street
CO10 2AA

Why should you choose a rehab in or near Suffolk?

Like the rest of the country, addiction is prevalent throughout the county. from alcohol addiction to drug addictions such as cocaine. If you are someone from Suffolk who suffers from addiction, The best decision you’ll ever make is accepting you have a problem. Once you have accepted this, the wide range of free and private rehab options available to you in, around an near Suffolk will serve as the ideal help and support you need to begin, persevere through, and complete you recovery journey.

One such available option is Primrose Lodge, and we pride ourselves in offering the highest quality service to ensure every client we have beats their addiction, and continues to beat it after treatment is complete – So contact  us today to begin your alcohol rehab/drug rehab journey!

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