Local Residential Alcohol And Drug Rehab In Wiltshire

Drug or alcohol addiction can throw your life off its natural course, and make everything more difficult for you, and the most effective way to regain a healthy and fulfilling life is to seek treatment for your addiction. If you’re in need of professional treatment to overcome addiction, there are several options available in Wiltshire for you to choose from. No matter how long you’ve been dealing with substance addiction issues, you can go on to achieve a healthy and fulfilling life with the right treatment and support. Our rehab facilities, at Primrose Lodge in Wiltshire and further afield, can help you overcome addiction and go on to live your everyday life without depending on mind-altering substances.

As soon as you commit to addiction treatment under medical supervision, your chances of success are significantly increased, and your journey to recovery can be an easier one. Treatment facilities in Wiltshire offer the opportunity for you to get the most out of rehab, and learn skills that will be helpful in building a satisfying and drug-free life. Addiction treatment begins with substance detox, and we recommend following this up with rehabilitation, to treat the root causes of addiction and ensure long-term sobriety. Getting help for addiction in Wiltshire will, therefore, help you overcome it and its short or long-term consequences. No matter the substance you’re using, we’ll help you find comprehensive treatment at a qualified addiction rehab in Wiltshire.

A Brief Overview of Services Offered by Primrose Lodge

Primrose Lodge is rehab centre based in Guildford. Our highly experienced addiction therapists provide efficient and professional detoxification and rehabilitation to individuals dealing with a wide range of addictions. Primrose Lodge is well-equipped to offer treatment for substance addiction, alcohol addiction, depression, anxiety, anorexia, codependency, dual diagnosis, and more. We also offer 24-hour medical support and supervision.

We are located in Guildford, Surrey, 74.3 miles away from Wiltshire. It is about a 1 hr 32 min drive via the A342 and M3 going through Upavon, Andover, Frimley, and Camberley. Clients can benefit from our sober transport service, to take them to and from their treatment appointments. In addition, we provide our clients with a free year of aftercare at our facilities, after completing treatment.

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The Pros and Cons of Private Rehab

If you’re seeking treatment for drug or alcohol addiction, private rehabs in Wiltshire offer a significant chance of recovery. However, you may choose to examine the pros and cons of private rehab before making a final decision. Some of them include:


  • 24-hour supervision by qualified physicians and counsellors
  • Motivation from other private rehab patients who’ve experienced similar treatment
  • Intense level of care that improves the odds of treatment success, especially if you’ve experienced relapse after trying other treatment methods
  • Residential treatment focuses solely on recovery, and prevents distractions from the outside world
  • Wide range of treatment methods and exercises, including individual and group counselling


  • Might not be covered by private insurance

How Much Does Rehab Cost in Wiltshire?

There are a number of factors which contribute to the cost of rehab in Wiltshire. Furthermore, the amount you have to pay for treatment depends on the method of treatment needed to treat your specific addiction. Factors contributing to treatment costs include the location of the facility, amenities provided, length of programme, and so on. Depending on your level of substance dependence when you enter treatment, you may be recommended for comprehensive treatment lasting 30, 60, 90 days, or longer. Rehab costs in Wiltshire can range from £300 to £20,000 per week, depending on those factors.

Even though addiction treatment and rehabilitation can seem expensive, it’s crucial to get treatment to overcome addiction, and its potentially deadly effects. The rate of success for treatment is a more important factor to consider when seeking help for addiction. This is because the cost of treatment doesn’t guarantee long-lasting recovery or relapse prevention after treatment is completed. Fortunately, we can help you find suitable rehab options in Wiltshire that can offer you comprehensive treatment, with long-lasting recovery and free aftercare for one year. Whether you need affordable addiction rehab in Wiltshire, or luxury treatment centres, we’ll provide you with the support you need to find the best one for you.

Free/NHS Addiction Treatment Options in Wiltshire

Getting treatment for drug or alcohol addiction can save your life, so we recommend a wide range of options to ensure recovery. Free/NHS funded addiction treatment options are available in Wiltshire if paying the costs of private rehabs isn’t an option for you. NHS treatment centres can be found in several locations in Wiltshire, or other nearby areas if you prefer. This makes it easier to access support from your friends and loved ones, as you don’t have to travel far to get free treatment for addiction.

With NHS addiction treatment, detoxification may be provided to help you break a physical dependence to the substance you’re using. The benefit of NHS drug detox programmes is that they are provided free of charge. However, the main drawback is the waiting times. Your doctor may refer you to your nearest NHS detox centre, but you may have to wait for weeks or even months before actually being seen. This is the reason many people choose to enter private detox instead. The long waiting lists for NHS treatment may mean you end up changing your mind about going through with the treatment.

Addiction Support Groups in Wiltshire

When the inpatient or residential treatment programme is completed, you may leave the facility and return to your home and old connections. However, it’s important to have sober friends, and an encouraging community, who enhances life in recovery. Usually, addiction support groups offer this form of support and encouragement, and it’s in your best interest to join one as soon as possible after treatment. Finding a support group in Wiltshire is easy, as there are various support groups for different types of addiction. You’ll be able to form healthy relationships and find non-drug users to support you in challenging times.

Your GP, counsellor or caregivers in rehab can help you locate a suitable support group in your community. You can also choose from the list of AA and NA support groups located in and near Wiltshire, or do some research into the national or local groups that help people with substance addictions to find some of the support groups available, such as Wiltshire Addiction, Support Project (WASP) and Carer Support Wiltshire. It’s important to note that you don’t have to commit to the first addiction support group you attend. Groups differ from each other, and the first group you attend may not be suited to your personal requirements. It may take a few attempts, but you should find one you feel comfortable in, and participate as much as you can to ensure sustained sobriety.

How to Choose a Recovery Programme

Choosing a recovery programme for alcohol or drug addiction can be quite complicated, mainly because there are so many options to choose from. The normal recommendation is for you to get in touch with qualified addiction counsellors to get some useful advice and direction. These experts all have the required information that can help you make the best choice in terms of location, length of stay, and whether you’ll need residential treatment. In addition, they’ll offer a free assessment of your situation and level of addiction, so that you can choose the best and most suitable recovery programme.

There are several options for treatment in Wiltshire and further afield, and this can make it overwhelming to make a final choice. Here are some questions to ask potential rehab centres, that will guide you in choosing the recovery programme that’s right for you:

  • How comprehensive is treatment?
  • Are aftercare services offered?
  • How long is their waiting period?
  • Is the clinic qualified and experienced in your type of addiction?
  • What is the client-to-staff ratio?
  • How much does treatment cost, and what are the possible payment methods?
  • Are treatments and accommodation in the same location?
  • What’s the duration of the treatment programmes?
  • Are staff members experienced and certified?

NA meetings in/near Wiltshire

Attending NA meetings in Wiltshire can be very helpful in dealing with the challenges that occur in addiction treatment and recovery. We, therefore, recommend them as a way to achieve an active and long-term recovery. 12-step groups, such as Narcotics Anonymous, can reduce your chances of relapse after treatment, and also increase the odds of sustained sobriety. NA meetings offer a great source of support from other recovering addicts who are also on a similar journey.

Here are some NA meetings in and around Wiltshire to choose from:

The Girl Guide Hut
Park Road Trowbridge, England BA14 8AQ

Wednesday 7:30 pm

Central Community Centre
Emlyn Square
Swindon, England SN1 5B

Thursday 12:00 PM

United Reformed Church
Fisherton Street
Salisbury, England SP2 7RG

Thursday 7:30 pm

DHI The Hub
High Street
Midsomer Norton, England BA3 2DP

Wednesday 7:15 pm

Fountain Buildings
The Paragon
Bath, England BA1 5DU

Saturday 6:30 pm

AA meetings in/near Wiltshire

There are several AA meetings in/near Wiltshire, and we recommend attending several in order to find one that’s the best match for you. Alcoholics’ Anonymous meetings are typically well-organised and follow a unique pattern; and the focus is on one substance – alcohol. However, there are differences within each meeting, which is why you should attend two or more before committing to the one that suits your needs.

Here are some AA meetings in and around Wiltshire to choose from:

Chippenham Step

St Andrews Church Hall, Market Place
Sunday 18.00 – duration 1hr
SN15 3HT

Trowbridge: Big Book Study

St Thomas’ Church, St Thomas Rd
Tuesday 12.30
BA14 8PT

Swindon Discussion

Salvation Army, Booth House, Spring Close
Thursday 20.00


United Reformed Church, 30 Fisherton St,

Monday 19.30


Holy Trinity Church Hall, Plassey Rd
Wednesday 19.30 – duration 1hr 30mins

Addiction Counselling in/near Wiltshire

Professional addiction counselling can help you if you want to get treatment for drug or alcohol addiction. Counselling-focused centres can provide effective care and support, but you can also get the help you need at rehab centres in Wiltshire. Addiction counselling can help you overcome substance addiction, and also teach you the techniques necessary to build a better life. If you’re in need of drug or alcohol counselling, there are several counselling treatments available in Wiltshire, and they also provide stress management and skills training programmes. The aim is to provide you with all the information you need about your options so that you can have the support to make the best decision.

Addiction counselling in Wiltshire includes certified and experienced experts, such as professional interventionists, psychotherapists and counsellors. The services are usually confidential, non-judgmental and supportive, and dedicated to ensuring mental and physical wellness. If you’re searching for addiction counselling, or are in need of professional intervention to help a loved one seek treatment, the addiction treatment experts in Wiltshire can help them understand the importance of treatment and encourage them to willingly enter treatment.

Local Government Addiction Resources in Wiltshire

  • Turning Point – Drug and Alcohol Services (Trowbridge): This Wiltshire Substance Misuse Service offers support for individuals dealing with addiction.

Address: Part Ground Floor and First Floor, The Halve, Trowbridge, Wiltshire
Phone no: 01225718980

  • Motiv8: Government-funded addiction treatment service for people younger than 18. They provide help and support with substance abuse.

Address: Wiltshire Council, County Hall, Bythesea Road, Trowbridge.
Phone no: 08001696136

How Can I Get To and From Wiltshire?

By Bus & Coach

National Express operates regular long-distance coach services from several locations in England to Marlborough, Salisbury, Chippenham, Swindon, and other towns in Wiltshire.

By Car

The M4 provides convenient access to the north of Wiltshire and Swindon from London or Heathrow Airport. The best route from the Midlands and the north is via the M5 to the Almondsbury interchange, and afterwards via the A36, M4, or A4 into Wiltshire.  In addition, car hire company Sixt Car Rental is widely available if you are heading to Swindon from all major airports. Car hire centres are also available in and around Salisbury.

By Rail

If travelling from the Midlands and the north, the Bristol to Weymouth and Southampton lines make stops at Westbury, Trowbridge, Bradford on Avon, Salisbury and Warminster. Additionally, the TransWilts line connects Chippenham, Swindon, Trowbridge, Melksham, Westbury, and Warminster every two hours.

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