Finding Heroin Rehab Treatment Options

For the most effective results, treatment for heroin addiction should include both medically-assisted treatment and behavioural therapy. If your use of heroin is chronic and heavy, inpatient treatment is likely the best for you. You’ll begin with a medical detox, during which you’ll receive round-the-clock medical care to help you deal with the risks and difficulties of withdrawal.

After detox, rehab will commence and you’ll receive therapy to deal with the psychological roots and effects of addiction. Ideally, a rehab programme should last between 30 to 90 days for the best chance of recovery.

When is it Time for Treatment?

If you’re addicted to heroin, there isn’t much you can do about having your life revolve around the drug. No matter how heroin abuse starts, it quickly spirals out of control. You may skip family and work obligations to obtain or use heroin, you may have money troubles because you spend so much on drugs and you may find yourself living a double life because you’re always trying to hide your secret.

When heroin takes over your life and becomes more important than your daily activities, you know now is the time to get help. Dependency on heroin can lead to a host of problems that can affect your family as well. You know you’re dependent on the drug when you experience withdrawal symptoms, such as flu-like symptoms, between doses.

There are signs and symptoms of heroin addiction which you can look out for in yourself or a loved one. Some of the signs are physical and others are behavioural or emotional, and may include the following:

  • Negligence
  • Disinterest
  • Constricted pupils
  • Mood swings
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Scratching
  • Fatigue

If you notice these symptoms, it’s best you contact an addiction treatment specialist immediately.

What Options are Available?

There are various options available to you or a loved one for heroin treatment. They range from private rehab to free options such as fellowship groups. The options you choose will depend on a number of factors, including your financial resources.

Private Rehab

Private rehab provide a personalised treatment programme, with holistic treatment designed to treat all facets of addiction. You can expect the meals at a private facility to be better prepared and more nutritious, while the accommodation will likely be more comfortable.

Primrose Lodge offers all the perks of a private rehab, ensuring that you have a thorough clinical experience designed to help you maintain long-term recovery from addiction. To achieve our goal, we offer the following services:

  • Personalised treatment plan: We believe that a full and permanent recovery from addiction is only possible when you get a treatment programmed that’s perfectly suited to your individual therapeutic, emotional and medical needs and that’s what we offer.
  • Medically assisted heroin detox: Getting rid of the drugs in your system is the first step before going into rehab. Our medical team will provide 24/7 care to ensure a safe and comfortable detox.
  • Variety of therapeutic models: We offer a range of therapeutic models, including holistic treatment, to ensure that we can treat the spiritual and psychological aspects of addiction, as well as the physical.
  • Dual diagnosis: We can treat any mental health conditions which may be co-occurring with addiction.
  • Family support: Your family won’t be neglected at Primrose Lodge. They’ll get the psychological and emotional support they’ve been denied all this time they’ve had to deal with your addiction.

Our heroin rehab programmes are comprehensive and are designed to offer the best possible chance of recovery. Please call us anytime to learn about how we treat heroin addiction.

Medical Detox

During the detoxification process, patients are prescribed an approved medication to manage their symptoms of heroin withdrawal. The process is tailored to the individual in order to negate the effects of fitting, vomiting, tremors etc… until the client is substance-free. The treatment is clinically proven to be the safest way to detox, taking between 7-14 days to complete, with 24/7 care and support being provided throughout.


  • Holistic treatment to ensure that you can attain wellness
  • Better amenities to ensure maximum comfort
  • Lower staff-to-patient ratio to keep the quality of treatment high
  • Better location, so you can recover in a conducive, peaceful environment
  • Privacy to give you some time to yourself
  • Better access, so you won’t have to wait for ages before you get admitted
  • Greater variety of therapies, so you have a better chance of finding the best options for you
  • Better follow-up care to keep you on track after treatment
  • Being able to detox on site to ensure a smooth transition into further treatment
  • Personalised treatment programmes


  • Private rehab is costly

How Much Does Rehab Cost?

Treatment starts from £1,000 and goes up to £10,950 for 28 day detox, therapy and holistic rehabilitation.

Call us today and discuss your specific needs and get a personal quote!

NHS Services and Charities

The NHS recommends going to see a GP before anything else. There you can get assessed and your doctor may decide to treat you from their office or recommend you to a local NHS addiction service. Some services require referrals, so going to a GP can make it easier to get into a programme that offers services suited to you.

There are other services which don’t require a referral, such as Change, Grow, Live (CGL); Catalyst; and Compass. These programmes often make provisions for walk-ins and can offer a variety of services ranging from counselling to assessment.

Getting a Referral

The first step is to go to a GP where you’ll be assessed and diagnosed. At your first appointment, your doctor will want to know details about your heroin use and the state of your mental and physical health. Once the assessment is done, they may refer you to a service for treatment, but it can take time before you begin treatment.


If a mental health condition is discovered, you may have antidepressants prescribed for you. You may also be placed on a replacement medication to get you off heroin while allowing you to escape the withdrawal symptoms or the worst of them, at least. Using a schedule, you’ll be weaned off the new drug using a method called tapering. If needed, you’ll be given medication to help with any symptoms.


  • While the level of care you’ll get may not be as comprehensive or personalised as in a private rehab, it can help with addiction cases that are not too severe.
  • It’s an acceptable alternative if you or your family cannot afford private rehab right now.


  • Low-cost or free treatment options such as those offered by NHS services and charities are typically in high demand and given that funds don’t always stretch to cover everyone, you may have to wait for a while before you’re attended to.
  • It can be difficult to access some services, especially if a referral is required.
  • Due to limited availability of funds, there isn’t always enough for upgrades, hence, these treatment programmes may only offer outdated treatment methods.
  • There isn’t as much privacy in a public programme and the amenities are typically kept at the bare minimum.

Fellowship Groups

Fellowship groups are comprised of individuals who meet on a regular basis with the goal of helping one another achieve a common goal, which, in this case, is addiction. They are free to join and are typically open to everyone who is looking to recover.

What Is NA (Narcotics Anonymous)?

Narcotics Anonymous is an example of a fellowship group. It’s an international organisation with meetings held at regular intervals across various locations across the world, including the UK. It’s based on the 12-step model of recovery pioneered by Alcoholics anonymous (AA).

NA meetings are for people who have problems with narcotics, as the name suggests, however, people who use other drugs are also welcome. Members remain anonymous as a way to protect everyone’s identities. The group has an established structure which spells out how the members are expected to get through the 12 steps.

How is it Useful?

Fellowship groups are often prescribed as a treatment option to explore simultaneously while receiving outpatient treatment. They are also a popular option for aftercare and have been found to improve the chances of staying clean and sober.

Joining a group like Narcotics Anonymous can be especially beneficial for you if your community and/or family are not as supportive as they should be or don’t know how to be. With NA, you’ll have the friendship and help of people who know exactly what it’s like to be in your shoes.

Pros and Cons


  • Support groups like NA can help you stay focused on your recovery journey, because you will be highly motivated to avoid a relapse.
  • You don’t have to make any financial commitment to be accepted in a fellowship group, so NA offers a cost-free way to get addiction support.
  • Due to the highly structured manner in which fellowship groups are conducted, you’ll always know what you’re doing next, which ultimately makes it easier to follow through with it all.
  • NA provides a low-pressure environment in which to learn from the experiences of others.


  • Not every member of the support group may be a good influence.
  • Since fellowship programmes are community-based, you won’t be far removed from the bad influences in your community.
  • You can’t get professional addiction treatment from support groups.
  • Fellowship groups often take on a religious view, which may not sit well with you if you’re not a Christian.
  • Attending meetings and following the 12-step programme is time-consuming and you may not be able to follow through with it for this reason.

Private Addiction Counselling

Private addiction counselling is an important part of treatment because it addresses the psychological aspect of addiction. It takes over where detox left off and aims to uncover the root cause of the addiction. Once the underlying problem is discovered, the therapist can then proceed to administer treatment as needed.

During counselling, you’ll learn essential skills such as how to manage your cravings for heroin when they come. You’ll also learn how to effectively replace your old habits with newer, healthier ones. There are various kinds of therapy, some of which can be combined for the best results.

How Does It Work?

When you sign up for therapy sessions with a counsellor, you’ll have to attend sessions based on appointment. Depending on who you’re working with, sessions may be scheduled on a weekly basis or more frequently.

There are two major kinds of therapy based on this format; individual and group therapy. Individual or one-to-one therapy involves a setting whereby you and the therapist have a session alone. On the other hand, group therapy involves a session with the counsellor and others who are in a similar situation as you. Both of these can be combined.

Pros and Cons


  • Counselling aims to get to the root of the problem, which is necessary if appropriate treatment is to be administered, ensuring a better chance of attaining permanent recovery.
  • You’ll learn essential skills for maintaining sobriety and dealing with your cravings.
  • Counselling can help you learn how to regain your self-esteem and uphold your self-respect, allowing you to feel like you can achieve anything.
  • With only a few sessions, you’ll be able to see life in a different light as you begin to see what a future free of heroin could be.


  • Counselling can take a great deal of time before it creates a significant difference, so you’ll have to be extremely patient.
  • It can cost you a lot of money if you opt for private counselling out of a proper rehab programme.
  • It can backfire if you begin to blame yourself for whatever bad things happen to you.

Which Treatment Service is Right for Me?

We’ve learnt that the most effective treatment for addiction treatment is private heroin rehab. At Primrose Lodge, we provide all the services mentioned above and more, giving you the best of everything in one comprehensive programme.

Our view on treatment is holistic, with our services including a variety of therapy types, including individual therapy, group therapy and family support, as well as medical detox, which is an important first step for treatment. A private rehab like ours allows you to get into treatment quickly. In fact, you can get into Primrose Lodge in as little as 24 hours.

We offer maximum privacy, with a fantastic location and the option to have your own room. We also care about your comfort as much as we care about ensuring that you recover quickly. You’ll have access to a range of amenities to ensure that you don’t miss home too much while you’re away.

For us, treatment doesn’t end with a rehab programme, as we also offer aftercare. We always encourage our clients to join a fellowship group regardless of which treatment option they go for.

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