Finding Rehab Treatment for Ketamine Addiction

Ketamine is a hallucinogenic drug often used medically as an analgesic to treat pain and as an anaesthetic for humans and animals. However, many people have become addicted to ketamine after a while abusing it. This is due to the ‘highs’ and dissociative effects produced by the drug. Ketamine can cause dangerous health issues such as kidney damage and severe abdominal pain if used over a long period. Short-term effects include hallucinations, low or high blood pressure, increased heart rate, and reduced appetite.

You may turn to ketamine out of curiosity to feel the buzz that comes with the drug or may be looking to ease your pain, fall asleep, or reduce your depression. Despite this, you should understand that the continued abuse of ketamine can result in devastating health issues. If you or a loved have slipped into addiction, you can get help to break free and avoid the imminent dangers of using the drug. There are treatment options available dedicated to ketamine abuse that you can find in the UK.

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When is it Time for Treatment?

Staying addicted to ketamine can be dangerous and your addiction may cause problems in different aspects of your life, including your finances, your job, and your relationships with others. If you notice that you’re beginning to take the drug habitually, it’s important that you seek help as soon as possible as stalling may be too risky. Realising that there’s a problem is an important first step toward recovery. And, making the effort to fight your problem will pave the way for a productive, drug-free life.

Seeking treatment for your ketamine addiction is the best way to achieve recovery and stay that way. While overcoming the hold of the drug on your life can be difficult, there are treatment programmes that can see you make it to recovery successfully. You shouldn’t wait till your addiction causes severe damage before you choose to seek treatment, as the earlier you get into treatment, the easier your recovery will be.

What Options are Available?

Treatment options for ketamine addiction include free public drug services provided by the NHS and charity bodies which are mainly outpatient based; and individualised inpatient programmes offered by private rehabs. The right treatment programme for you will largely depend on your level of addiction and other personal factors.

Private Rehab

Private rehabs are dedicated to providing individualised treatment programmes while placing priority on privacy and comfort. This is why they are the most sought-after treatment option for addiction. There are state-of-the-art private rehab clinics in the UK offering world-class treatment for ketamine addiction with proven track records of successful recovery.

One of these rehab clinics is Primrose Lodge. We are an ultramodern addiction treatment facility based in Surrey. We provide top-class addiction treatment services with a person-focused approach and a dedication to privacy, comfort, and peace of mind. Our ketamine rehab centre is furnished with modern facilities and situated in a tranquil, drug-free environment where you’ll get the best recovery experience.

If you’re worried about your ketamine use or that of your loved one, you can have complete peace of mind that we can adequately take care of you and help you make it to a sustained recovery. If your use of the drug is chronic, we have a medical detox team on the ground that will treat your physical dependence by helping your body flush out the remnants of the drug in your bloodstream whilst treating your withdrawal symptoms.

How Much does Rehab Cost?

Treatment starts at £1,000 and a 28-day rehab stay including a full medical drug detox, therapy and therapeutic rehabilitation costs £10,950

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There are numerous advantages that come with rehabilitation in a private treatment facility. These advantages make them the preferred choice of addiction treatment and the success stories are evident in the class of treatment offered by these rehabs. Some of the advantages you’ll enjoy going through a private rehab include:

  • Immediate admission
  • 24/7 expert supervision and care during integrated detox
  • Free one-year aftercare programme
  • Total privacy and confidentiality
  • Additional therapeutic programmes like music and art, as well as fitness and meditation classes
  • Family support programme
  • Easy access to treatment professionals
  • On-site amenities that make rehab homely


  • Private rehab can be expensive to many

NHS Services and Charities

While it’s common practice to access NHS drug treatment services through a referral from your GP, there are charity bodies that can take you in via their walk-in centres in the county where you reside. Some of these services include Compass, CGL, Aquarius, Turning Point, and Addiction. There are also drug abuse teams in different counties where you can get treatment without referral, although these services preclude professional therapy.

To get more information about the services you can access, contacting your GP will be the ideal first place to get guidance.

Getting a Referral

To get access to some services provided by the NHS and some charity bodies, a referral from your GP or another health professional will be required. This often makes the treatment process prolonged and difficult as the procedure for getting referred can be lengthy. Some of the services where you may need a referral to include behavioural therapies like CBT and other forms of expert counselling.

NHS programmes are also outpatient-based but there are provisions for inpatient detox and rehabilitation where you’ll be referred to a residential treatment centre. However, there’s no certainty as to whether you’ll get a referral, as you’ll be expected to explore other options first and will also have to go on a waiting list.


When you get in touch with your GP and you’re suffering from the effects of using ketamine, especially during withdrawal, your GP can prescribe medications to help ease the symptoms you’re facing. Some of these medications may include antidepressants, anxiolytics, and antipsychotics. These medications will help reduce the symptoms of withdrawal and other mental effects induced by the drug such as hallucinations, delusions, and depression.


Some pros of going through an NHS or charity drug treatment service for your ketamine addiction include:

  • Getting treatment close to home, as these programmes are carried out in communities
  • Treatment services are completely free of charge and you can access them if you’re a resident of the borough or county where services are carried out or if you have a GP in said county


While NHS services are free and in close proximity, there are limitations that you may have to endure or look elsewhere for treatment as a result. Some of these disadvantages are:

  • Lack of 24/7 care and support during detox as services are primarily carried out on an outpatient basis
  • You’ll be exposed to relapse triggers daily because you won’t receive care in a drug-free environment
  • Referral to a residential facility is not a certainty and you may wait for weeks to months to get referred
  • Access to professional therapy can be difficult as you’ll be required to go through layers of procedures

Fellowship Groups

Fellowship groups are mutual aid societies where addicts come together to help each other stay focused on recovery. These groups are mostly non-profit organisations where meetings are held on a regular basis to provide a platform for former addicts to reflect on their recovery journey and provide emotional motivation to each other, especially new members.

What is NA (Narcotics Anonymous)?

Narcotics Anonymous is an international society of men and women who are dedicated to helping one another maintain their recovery from addiction to different kinds of drugs. The organisation is a non-profit body that is open to drug addicts who have made the firm decision to quit using. The group adopts 12-step therapy to guide members in leading addiction-free lives. Members come together on regular meeting dates to share their experience and discuss certain topics to increase their knowledge and learn new ways to maintain their sobriety. Membership to NA is free of charge and there are no fees imposed on members whether new or existing.

How is it Useful?

Your commitment to recovery is one that you have to stay true to for the rest of your life, as slipping up could mean you resume your addiction. if you’ve successfully undergone treatment for your ketamine addiction, then you have the basic foundation required to kickstart a healthy life.

However, you have to build up to living without the drug and you need all the support you can get to achieve this.

NA will provide the network of support needed to help you stay on track. You can learn new, insightful relapse prevention strategies from other group members and you’ll also have the opportunity to forge new friendships. What’s more, group members can help you whenever you’re emotionally weak and on the brink of a relapse.

Pros and Cons


  • NA offers a form of support as you’ll be helped with people who intimately understand your ordeal
  • NA provides an opportunity for you to rebuild and enrich your social life
  • You can also grow in confidence when communicating with others


  • NA is handled by non-addiction professionals

Private Addiction Counselling

Counselling is the part of the recovery process that will treat the psychological illnesses that resulted from your addiction, or those that may have been present before you started using ketamine. These mental issues will be addressed through therapies like DBT, CBT, and Motivational Interviewing. A private addiction counselling involves one-on-one sessions or group therapies with a psychologist in private rehab centres. These sessions take place regularly during rehab and you can opt to receive more treatment after your programme is over.

How Does it Work?

Counselling is aimed at treating the psychological problems that are connected to your addiction. You’ll be put through certain therapies to understand the nature of your addiction and how it has affected your behaviour and thinking patterns. You’ll also work with your psychologist to identify and address those thoughts, behaviours and feelings that led to your addiction to ketamine.

As your treatment continues, your therapist will track your progress and help you work with the difficulties you’re facing. You’ll also be mentored through therapy on behavioural changes and how to enhance your interpersonal relationship with others.

Pros and Cons


  • Through private addiction counselling, you can get the psychological help you need to maintain your recovery without the hassle of going through referrals
  • Private addiction counselling is one of the most effective methods for treating psychological problems connected to addiction


  • Private addiction counselling may be expensive
  • It may not be enough to get you clean

Which Treatment Service is Right for Me?

With Primrose Lodge guiding you to recovery from your ketamine addiction, you should have the sense of confidence to successfully turn your life around and kick your addictive habits for good. We go a long way in ensuring all your issues are tackled and we also provide advanced therapies in the most conducive and comfortable settings.

We also go the extra mile by providing added services such as co-dependency treatment, in the case where a family member is also suffering psychologically as a result of your ketamine abuse. Our aftercare programme, which is carried out for a period of one year, will also help you re-adjust properly to your home environment through further guidance from our experts.

We recommend that you join a support group after treatment to help boost your strength in maintaining your recovery during the long term.

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