Woman Admits to Funding Her Boyfriend’s Addiction

When it comes to addiction and how it affects family members and friends, there are many ways that individuals will react. Some will do all they can to try to ‘fix’ their addicted loved ones while others may become resentful and angry at the fact that their loved one has allowed their life to spiral out of control.

Then there is the added problem of those who enable their addicted loved one. This is a frequent problem among families and can lead to added issues for all involved. Family members often make the mistake of believing they are helping the addict when they are, in fact, enabling him or her to continue with the addictive behaviour. Failure to make the addict face the consequences of his or her actions will delay treatment and could have disastrous consequences for everyone involved.

When Helping Becomes Enabling

On a recent episode of the talk show Jeremy Kyle, a guest admitted that she is funding her boyfriend’s drug habit by dominating men online. Coralie said she wanted to get help for her boyfriend Chris so that he could beat his addiction once and for all, but then went on to admit that she works as an online dominatrix to fund his crippling habit.

Chris also appeared on the show with Coralie and his mum Gillian to plead for help for a heroin addiction that is destroying his life. He admitted that he injects heroin up to eight times every day and is spending £150 daily on funding this habit.

Coralie said that almost all their benefits go on purchasing heroin for Chris, as Jeremy responded with, “You might be really shocked if I tell you that I don’t think you should get benefits if you’re spending it on drugs.”

Taking Extreme Measures

Many friends and relatives feel that they are helping their addicted loved ones by providing them with money, but this is a huge mistake. This type of behaviour sends a message to the addict that it is okay for him or her to continue with their addictive behaviour, and many will never reach out for help as a result.

In Coralie’s case, she admits to going without food and forgoing electricity so that Chris can get his fix. She then said, “I dominate men online for money. I do chat or cam sessions fully clothed.”

Jeremy and the studio audience were shocked at her confession, with Jeremy saying, “You’re degrading yourself sexually so people will give you money and you buy him heroin. You are enabling him; you need to tell him, ‘stop, go to rehab and change your life’. You’re making the situation worse, and if someone doesn’t stand up and stop him, he’s going to die.”

How Can Family Members Help an Addict?

Those who live with an addict will know how difficult this can be. It is often impossible to get the addicted individual to admit to having a problem, and it is incredibly frustrating to watch as they continue to abuse certain substances.

Chris’s mum Gillian was offended by Coralie’s suggestion that she had not been a good mother to her son, but Jeremy decided that both women needed to pull together in order to help Chris overcome his addiction once and for all.

One of the best ways for family members to get a loved one into treatment is through an intervention. This process is used to encourage the addict to take responsibility for his or her actions and to encourage the person to get help. Around ninety per cent of interventions end with the addict entering treatment.

If you would like more information about interventions or to discuss treatment options for yourself or a loved one, contact us here at Primrose Lodge today.

Source: (The Sun) Jeremy Kyle guest dominates men online to fund her teenage boyfriend’s heroin addiction… and he spends £150 of benefits A DAY on the drug

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