Gambling Rehab: A Guide To Treatment Programmes

Once in a while, gambling can be a fun pastime. It can also provide a unique opportunity to win the jackpot if you happen to be lucky. However, gambling can also become an addiction if you engage in it so frequently that it becomes an obsession. Before you know it, your once innocent indulgence can become an addiction that ruins your life financially, socially, psychologically or even physically.

Primrose Lodge is a CQC registered, full-service facility, where you can get treatment for your gambling addiction. We offer round-the-clock care and holistic treatment to ensure you get the best possible chance of recovery.


Like any other addiction, gambling addiction has its root cause in psychology. The action begins as a casual activity, but over time, becomes a habit. Before long, if you keep going back to it, you can become psychologically dependent, at which point you will likely have become addicted.

Counselling is an essential part of addiction treatment – especially with an addiction to gambling. Using both one-to-one and group counselling, our psychotherapists and counsellors will work with you to unearth the root cause of the addiction and treat it accordingly. Eventually, you’ll no longer be controlled by your destructive habit.


A gambling addiction can affect your entire life if left unchecked. You could suffer heavy financial troubles, from losing a business to having your home repossessed. You could even lose child custody or see your marriage come to an end. Furthermore, you could end up lapsing into other addictions or being affected by other psychological conditions. It’s important to get professional help for gambling addiction as soon as you notice there’s a problem because it can soon spiral out of control before long.

It can be a challenge to treat a gambling addiction, but half the battle will have been won if you can admit that you have a problem that needs fixing in the first place. The rest of the fight will still involve a great effort on your part, but you can get all the professional help you need from a rehab facility like Primrose Lodge. With our comprehensive 28-day rehab programme, you’ll receive holistic treatment to ensure you’re treated physically, mentally and spiritually.

Rehab Programme

If you or a loved one are suffering from an addiction to gambling, you can receive world-class treatment at Primrose Lodge. Our rehab programme is designed to deliver highly personalised treatment and takes all your personal needs into account. We are a full-service facility that’s equipped to handle a variety of addictions, including a combined process addiction like gambling and a substance addiction such as alcohol, using a range of treatment and therapy options.

Our gambling rehab programme is designed to offer:

  • A comprehensive individualised treatment programme that includes individual counselling, Dialectal Behavioural Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Family Recovery Therapy and 12 step Therapy, amongst others.
  • A safe and nurturing environment in which to defeat addiction.
  • Round-the-clock care delivered by an experienced team of professionals.
  • Free aftercare upon completion of your treatment programme.
  • Medical detox if you’re addicted to any drugs (in addition to gambling addiction).

Relapse Prevention

There’s no guarantee you won’t go back to gambling, even after completing treatment. That’s why we greatly emphasise relapse prevention whilst your rehab programme is still ongoing. It can be particularly challenging if you live in an area where there are numerous casinos or you have friends or loved ones who gamble. However, it’s still entirely possible to avoid relapsing.

The key to preventing relapse is learning key coping strategies and getting essential support, such as that which you’ll receive with from our comprehensive (rehab programme. Some of the recovery skills you’ll learn during your time with us include:

  • How to stay focused on your primary goal, which is to rid yourself of the desire to gamble.
  • How to stop yourself from taking that one bet which could lead to another and then spiral out of control again.

Treatment for 16 to 18 Year-Olds

Whether they do so online or with their friends, teens often gamble, as the activity increasingly becomes a popular pastime for many. Like adults, older adolescents can quickly become compulsive gamblers. It can seem like teens don’t have as much to lose as adults, but that is not true. They too can get into debt or even fall foul of the law when desperately trying to fund their addiction.

If you’re a teen or you have a teen between the ages of 16 and 18 with a gambling addiction, reach out to us for help. Our sister centre in Banbury, Oxfordshire offers gambling addiction treatment, especially for teens.

One Year’s Free Aftercare

Our rehab programme is as comprehensive as there is, but it can be challenging to return to your regular life after receiving treatment, without encountering the occasional temptation. While rehab sets you on the path to recovery, aftercare helps you stay on that path.

Our aftercare programme includes everything from telephone-based support and individual therapy to weekly sessions and outpatient care. With our help, you can achieve your goal of full and permanent recovery from gambling addiction.

Start now and get your life back on track today

Gambling addiction is a real disease, so don’t for one minute believe that it isn’t. Once you can admit to yourself that you or a loved one have a gambling problem, you will have already run half the race. At Primrose Lodge, we are staffed by addiction experts who not only have the experience and know how to treat you; they have also suffered successfully recovered from some form of addiction themselves.

So, call us today on 0203 5539263 and begin the process of getting your life firmly back on track.

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