Why Sex Addiction Should Be Treated Seriously

Sex addiction is often a taboo topic and the issue tends to only ever arise whenever sex scandals are reported in the media. Those who find themselves at the centre of these sex scandals will often claim to have a sex addiction and that the reason for finding themselves in their current predicament is because they are ill. While many of these individuals may very well be suffering with a sex addiction, the condition should not be used as an excuse for inappropriate behaviour. Sex addiction is a very real condition for many people and it can destroy many lives. There are countless reasons sex addiction should not be dismissed or treated as a joke. For some individuals, it is a condition that is ruining their own life and the lives of their families.

What Is Sex Addiction?

To understand sex addiction, it is important to understand what the term ‘addiction’ means. Most people assume that addiction only relates to substances such as illegal drugs and alcohol, but it can be described as any pattern of behaviour that has a negative impact on the individual and interferes with his or her quality of life. Therefore, almost anything can be classed as an addiction, including sex.

For many years, the term sex addict has been used as a topic for stand-up comedy; on top of this many people believe that others use it as an excuse to have extra-marital affairs. However, a sex addiction can cause undue stress for all involved, particularly the loved ones of those affected.

Types of Sex Addiction

A sex addiction is not the same for everyone. There are many ways in which this condition can manifest itself. For example, some people may become addicted to pornography to the point that it begins to consume their lives.

Others will become obsessed with masturbation, while others will spend all their time on sex phone lines. There are others who will develop an addiction to prostitutes and some who will become consumed by masochistic or sadistic behaviour.

Whatever form it takes, a sex addiction has the ability to wreck the life of all involved. This is the reason sex addiction must be taken seriously and why many organisations provide programmes to treat the condition.

Do You Have a Sex Addiction?

Any sexual activity that feels out of control can be classed as a sex addiction. However, just because you like to have sex or have sex with a number of partners does not mean you are addicted to sex. If you like to visit prostitutes, watch pornography, or like specific sexual activities, you are not necessarily a sex addict.

Nevertheless, if you do feel that any of the sexual activities you engage in are out of control, you may need to speak to someone. If your sexual activity is getting in the way of your normal everyday life and if it is likely to cause harm to yourself or anyone else, then it is likely that you need help to overcome your problem. There are several signs to be aware of that could indicate that you have a problem. These include:

  • Knowing that your behaviour is likely to cause negative consequences for yourself and others but continuing with it anyway.
  • Feeling that you have little or no control over your behaviour.
  • Feeling the need to engage in riskier sexual behaviour to achieve the feelings you desire.
  • Neglecting hobbies or non-sexual activities in favour of pursuing sexual gratification.
  • Neglecting responsibilities at home or at work and avoiding spending time with loved ones to engage in sexual activities.
  • Feeling guilt or shame about your sexual activity and going to great lengths to hide it from others.
  • Trying to stop or cut back on sexual activities that you believe are out of control but being unable to.

What Causes a Sex Addiction?

Just as with every other type of addiction, there is no single cause of a sex addiction. Nonetheless, there are many factors that make it more likely for some individuals to be affected than others. For many, a sex addiction might be the result of genes that have resulted in a predisposition to impulsiveness, risk-taking and sensation-seeking behaviour.

It is also said that hormones can cause some people to want to engage in excessive sexual behaviours. Their increased libido coupled with impulsive behaviour may cause them to seek sexual gratification to excess.

There are a few social factors that can contribute to the development of a sex addiction as well. For example, those who suffer with social isolation or those who have been rejected in society or a relationship could go on to engage in unhealthy sexual activities.

Although sex is natural and healthy, if it begins to interfere with daily life, it is a problem that requires treatment.

Why Sex Addiction Happens

When wondering why sex addiction happens and why some individuals are affected while others are not, it is important to consider the brain’s reward system. In some people, sex causes such intense feelings of pleasure that they feel the need to replicate these feelings continuously.

Sex addiction is like drug addiction for some people in that the effect it can have on the brain in terms of the release of dopamine (feel-good) chemicals is similar. Each time the person engages in sex, he or she will feel a rush of pleasure, but over time, these feelings will diminish due to the body releasing fewer chemicals in response. The effect of this is that those with a sex addiction tend to engage in riskier behaviours to get the feelings they desire. The more the person tries to chase the desired feelings, the more chance there is that he or she will lose control over sexual activities.

Is Sex Addiction a Treatable Condition?

The first step to getting treated for a sex addiction is coming to terms with the fact that it exists in the first place. Naturally, most people do not really want to talk about their sexual activities with others, but it is important that you seek help if you believe you have a problem. It is unlikely that your condition will get better without help.

In fact, if you fail to get help, you might find that your situation worsens. The good news is that help is available for sex addiction; here at Primrose Lodge, we offer extensive programmes to those suffering from all types of addiction.

You do not need to feel embarrassed or ashamed because of your condition. We have helped many individuals overcome a sex addiction and we are here to help you too.

When you call us, one of our fully trained advisors will discuss your situation with you in detail to get an idea of what you are dealing with. He or she will ask questions about your sexual activity and how much control you feel that you have over it. If we agree that you do have a condition that requires treatment, we will discuss your options with you.

We offer inpatient and outpatient treatment programmes that aim to break the addiction though the use of psychotherapeutic treatments. Various therapy sessions will help to get to the cause of your addictive behaviour and you will then be provided with coping strategies to help you avoid a return to this behaviour in the future.

If you would like help for a sex addiction for yourself or a loved one, please call us today at Primrose Lodge. We offer excellent programmes for those who need help for all types of addiction, and our clinic is staffed by friendly professionals who will put you at ease instantly.

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