Why Primrose Lodge

At Primrose Lodge we genuinely care that our patients make a full recovery from their illness. As a premier treatment facility, there has been no expense spared in making our clinic comfortable, attractive and homely with fantastic facilities for our patients to enjoy. We take pride in our clinical excellence and the fact that we are able to offer an exceptionally high standard of treatment and accommodation at an affordable price.

Our Team

Our multidisciplinary team of addiction treatment professionals possess extensive credentials and expert training in the field of addiction services. They take pride in their work and often go that extra mile in order to help our patients. Our clinical team regularly liaise with physicians, nurses and other relevant medical specialists in the field of addiction and recovery services. In order to provide a seamless and effective service, all of our team work closely together, regardless of their individual roles.

The vast majority of staff at Primrose Lodge are themselves in recovery. They have experienced the pain, terror and misery of addiction first hand. Having overcome their individual addictions, they provide a tangible role model for our clients to aspire to. Their personal experience gives them a unique perspective that our patients will be able to relate to and engage with. Needless to say, they are extremely passionate and dedicated to helping our patients overcome their own individual addictions. They know it is entirely possible and provide the patient with the hope and the proof that it can be done. Our dedicated team consists of a qualified Doctor, Counsellors, Psychotherapists, Holistic Therapists, Medical staff and Recovery Support Workers.

Family Recovery

Primrose Lodge are passionate about helping the family to recover from addiction too. We feel it is vital that the family are supported and guided whilst their loved one undergoes rehab treatment. We will help you to prepare for their discharge back home and heal the family with our unique Family Recovery Programme. Our support doesn’t just end when your loved one is discharged either; we provide 1 year free aftercare to all of our patients that complete their treatment. Aftercare is vital to on going progress and recovery from addiction.

Assisted Admission

Primrose Lodge understand that admitting to rehab can be a terrifying thought for some individuals; we therefore have a dedicated Counsellor who is committed to assisting the family and the addict in this delicate process. Our Counsellor has years of experience in working with addicts and their families. They will do all they can to make the admission as transparent and comfortable as possible for all concerned.

Our Ethos

Primrose Lodge strongly believe in the healing the whole person. This means that no stone is left unturned; we treat each patient on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. Permanent recovery is dependent on the individual making positive changes to all aspects of their life. We will show them exactly how to achieve this. We offer an environment that is designed to nurture and support each individual in his or her recovery. Addiction is a deadly disease; we want to help more individuals to find recovery and realise their true potential, free from the self-imprisonment of their mind.

Primrose Lodge will support and provide advice to family and patients before and after admission; we are here to help. Permanent recovery is on offer through our rehab clinic. We have complete faith that we have the means to help every addict that comes through our doors to heal and embrace a brand new life free from alcohol, drugs and destructive behaviours.

Around the Clock Support

As a fully residential clinic, we are able to offer support around the clock to each individual patient. No matter what the time of day or night, there will always be someone trained and experienced available that they can talk to. We find this approach provides the patient with the much-needed security that they need whilst undergoing intensive treatment. Our waking night staff are fully competent at dealing with any issues that may arise; so you can rest assured that your loved one is receiving the highest levels of support possible, no matter what the time of day or night.

Individualised Treatment

Primrose Lodge fully appreciate that no two individuals are the same. As such, our treatment programmes are completely individualised to each patient’s treatment needs. Whilst the main body of our treatment will follow the same principles for all, Counsellors and Therapists will tailor the treatment they deliver to each patient for maximum effect and healing. Every client’s addiction experience and circumstances is unique to them; this requires a clinically advanced treatment programme that is flexible and capable of providing the expert treatment they need. Group therapy, one to one counselling and holistic treatments are designed to address specific individual needs. Our resident qualified Chef can also account for the patient’s nutritional needs with an individualised eating plan.
Those that admit to us with a co occurring illness will also receive comprehensive treatment for their condition alongside any addiction problems presented. We have found that this is vital as part of relapse prevention and enabling the individual to live a full and happy life.

Our Programme Structure

Our residential rehabilitation programme is highly structured and designed to engage patients in a variety of powerful treatment methodologies. We offer full treatment for the mind, body and spirit, providing a unique programme that places our service above others in terms of healing the individual as a whole. Clients will be kept occupied and engaged in a full medical and therapeutic programme, whilst receiving high levels of support at all times. We factor all aspects of each individual into their personalised treatment plan, so that a full and permanent recovery can be maintained.

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“Primrose Lodge staff and programme have given me back my son. I had all but given up hope that he would ever find recovery from his illnesses. I have a better understanding of how to help him now, thanks to their expert guidance. I cannot express in words how grateful and relieved I am”

Anne, mother to Terry 21

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Primrose Lodge is part of the UK Addiction Treatment (UKAT) rehab family. No matter where you are located in the UK we can provide alcohol and drug addiction treatment. View our network of rehab clinics today!

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