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Jason Shiers
Jason Shiers is a Certified Transformative Coach & Certified Psychotherapist who is Creative Innovations Marketing Manager for UK Addiction Treatment. Jason has been working with addictions and people in recovery for 25 years now and is always looking towards the innate mental health that is inside everyone. Jason has been cited in multiple articles about addiction and is a regular contributor to many different websites.
Jason Shiers has been working in the field of addiction for 25 years now. His journey began when he came into recovery in 1994 and has since been studying in multiple areas of psychology and various different understandings of how the mind works, how addiction is formed and how to help people who suffer live a happy, fulfilled and successful life.

Jason is passionate about helping others and has continued to further his education and understanding of how addiction is created and plays out in life through studies of different approaches of psychological and spiritual approaches.

He originally studied Person Centred Counselling many years ago to help people with addictions.

Jason then went on and studied at the Manchester Institute for Psychotherapy in Transactional Analysis, studying the work of Eric Berne and becoming a certified psychodynamic psychotherapist.

Various other approaches to understanding addiction including qualifying as an NLP practitioner and coach lead Jason to his current understanding.

After having a life changing experience through the 3 Principles a spiritual understanding that was realised by Sydney Banks in the 1970s he knew he was onto something. Jason now is a certified transformative Coach under Michael Neil the author of the Inside Out Revolution and trainer at Supercoach Academy.

Jason continues to work with people with addictions with UK Addiction Treatment Centres through creative innovation and finding new ways to connect the gap between people wanting to find treatment and the services UKAT provides.

Jason loves working with people who struggle with addiction, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, grief and trauma, and recently started the podcast Misunderstandings of the Mind to help people understand their true nature and see that they are never broken, nothing lacking.
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