How One Man Turned His Life Around After Cocaine Addiction

One of the most difficult addictions to beat is a cocaine addiction because of how intense the cravings for the drug are. Even those who have been in recovery for some time will periodically experience sudden cravings for the substance, which could result in them returning to their old ways. However, it is important to know that a cocaine addiction can be beaten, and one man who knows this all too well is Martin White from Southend.

Can a Cocaine Addiction be Beaten?

No matter how severe a cocaine addiction, it is possible to overcome this illness with the right help and support. Martin White struggled with a £1,000 a week habit for more than three decades and admitted that he lost everything to his addiction, including his health, his business, and his family.

Thankfully, he has now managed to get his life back on track and wants his story to serve as motivation and inspiration for others who are living with similar struggles.

Martin said, “I come from East London, and as a kid, I had a rough background. My dad was a scrap metal merchant and a drinker. He was in and out of prison, and I never went to school – just out in the lorry with my dad. I will say it made me very streetwise.”

He added, “As I got older, I promised myself one day I would be rich and make the break away from being poor. I opened up a second-hand furniture shop, and before I knew it, I had 30 shops and became very rich very quickly.”

The Danger of Dabbling with Drugs

There are some who can use drugs like cocaine recreationally, but there are others for whom the drug becomes a destructive force and one that destroys their lives; Martin was one of them. He said he first took the drug when he was just nineteen years old. Until his mid-twenties, Martin continued to dabble with it. Nevertheless, by then he was using it two to three times per week, and that is when his life started to go downhill.

He said, “Things got out of control. I was spending around £1,000 per week on coke. That’s when things went really wrong. I lost my way in life, lost my business, my family and the worst was yet to come. For many years, things were out of control.”

He went on to say, “I lost myself, which was sad as I had been a sharp young man to start, but cocaine grabbed hold of me and took 30 years of my life away.”

Martin almost died twice due to the effects of cocaine. He said, “After being up for 48 hours, my heart missed a beat. I walked around the block, sat outside a church, and thought this is where I am going to die. On walking back to my house, I remember three young lads looking at me from their car and laughing. I was around 19 stone in weight and looked like death.”

What Does It Mean to Hit Rock Bottom?

Most people who overcome addiction will say they only reached out for help when they hit rock-bottom, but ‘rock-bottom’ is not the same for everyone. It signifies the point at which an individual decides they have had enough and want to do something about their situation. For Martin, it was when he returned home after feeling as though he was going to die.

He said he saw a photo of his deceased mother and there and then decided to get clean. From that day, he managed to get clean and has stayed that way. He has also lost eight stone and is now giving motivational speeches to others struggling with addiction. He said, “I have never looked back. Cocaine kills people and ruins their lives, but I am here to help.”

Source: (The Halstead Gazette) ‘I’ve beat my £1,000 a week cocaine fix’

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