Local Residential Alcohol And Drug Rehab In Northamptonshire

It’s not difficult to recognise the damages that addiction causes to an individual, their family and the community as a whole. Most people don’t set out to become addicts. For instance, those who are addicted to prescription pills will have had had a legitimate medical use for drugs initially. Meanwhile, individuals who abused ‘legal highs’ and other illicit drugs probably did so to escape certain emotions or even an illness. Addiction is a progressive disease, which requires professional help in order to get better.

When you attend rehab, you’ll be surrounded by patients who have the same recovery goals as you. The support you receive from peers motivates you to get better and maintain abstinence from drugs. Going to rehab could save relationships with loved ones – perhaps even your marriage. Family therapy is a component of most addiction treatment and helps the family heal as a unit. Get started by calling our addiction helpline, where one of our drug counsellors will guide you through the next steps, using evidence-based guidelines.

Overview of the Services Offered at Primrose Lodge

Primrose Lodge is a UKAT facility in Surrey that offers specialised treatment to individuals who need help quitting drug and alcohol abuse. Our comprehensive treatment caters to the psychological and physical aspects of your addiction. We are passionate about helping people recover from addiction because most of our staff are former addicts who have maintained abstinence for a long time.

We understand the difficulty in seeking help for addiction and have experience treating a range of physical and behavioural addictions. Primrose Lodge is one of the few rehab centres in the UK that works with young people aged 16-18 – especially those dealing with eating disorders, trauma and other behavioural and mental illnesses.

We offer a highly personalised detox plan, designed with input from you, your doctor and therapist to ensure it’s thorough and comprehensive. Our therapeutic environment aids healing and we offer a range of alternative therapies to complement your efforts in recovery.

Services include:

  • Alcohol Detox
  • Prescription Pill Detox
  • Cocaine Detox
  • ‘Legal High’ Detox
  • Intensive inpatient treatment of alcohol and drug addiction
  • Music/ Art therapy
  • Meditation
  • Fitness therapy
  • Nutrition therapy
  • 12-step programmes
  • Trauma therapy

The distance from Northamptonshire to Perry Hill, Guildford is 94 miles. We offer a sober transport service that takes you from your residence to our rehab centre (and back again, when you’ve completed rehab).

Call us now to discuss your treatment options.

Address: Perry Hill, Worplesdon, Guildford
Phone no: 0203 5539263

Pros and Cons of Private Rehab


Because they are self-funded, private rehab centres are able to employ some of the best addiction nurses, drug counsellors, recovery workers, psychotherapists and doctors, who all work towards a single goal of helping you recover from addiction. Your privacy and confidentiality are also protected at a private rehab centre. You’ll receive treatment without having to worry about the social stigma attached to recovering addicts.

The risk of relapsing during treatment is a non-issue at a private rehab facility, as it comprises a highly disciplined programme, where you’ll have no access to drugs or triggers that might cause you to relapse. You’ll be living in a therapeutic community, where you can access 24/7 support from care professionals and other patients. Staying at an inpatient facility for two to three months improves the chances of a positive treatment outcome and sustaining long-term recovery.

Cost of treatment

How Much Does Rehab Cost in Northamptonshire?

Whatever your budget, there is a rehab centre that caters to your addiction treatment needs. Facilities in cities like Liverpool, Birmingham, Manchester and London charge more than those in rural areas. If you attend a luxury rehab programme that offers extra amenities and five-star facilities, you will also pay more. The first option to consider is paying for rehab via your medical insurance. If you don’t have insurance, you can choose one of the free options listed in this post; apply for government funding via the NHS; or seek financial support from loved ones.

Standard residential programmes cost between £5,000 and £7,000 per month, while luxury programmes cost between £50,000 and £75,000 per month.

Free/NHS Addiction Treatment Options in Northamptonshire

CGL – Substance to Solution (Daventry): CGL is a charity that provides support for children, young people, adults and families who need help with substance abuse. Their drug/alcohol service is aimed at highlighting the risk that drugs and alcohol pose, as well as helping users to reduce or quit substance abuse safely.

Services include detoxification, prescriptions, harm minimisation, family support, employment provision, peer mentor support, access to clinical services, housing assistance and recovery planning.

Address: Danetre Hospital, London Road, Daventry
Phone no: 01604 211304

Aquarius -Young People Service: The goal at Aquarius is to help people overcome an addiction to drugs, alcohol or gambling. They work with individuals and their loved ones to reduce the impact caused by the behaviour of someone who is abusing drugs. In Northampton, outreach and drop-in services are available for young people (aged 10-18) who have problems with drugs or are worried about a loved one’s drug use. Other services include Motivational Interviewing, one-on-one counselling and brief intervention.

Address: 81 St Giles Street, Northampton
Phone no: 01604 633848

Addiction Support Groups in Northamptonshire

Aquarius Northamptonshire: Aquarius facilitates a SMART recovery group and offers activities and support for individuals who need help recovering from gambling, drug or alcohol addiction. They request that you shouldn’t drink or use drugs 24-hours prior to attending counselling sessions. Other services include telephone support for drug and alcohol users, group meetings and relaxation services.

Address: Wardington Court, Welford Road, Northampton
Phone no: 0300 4564292

Family Support Link: This group provides support for carers and families affected by someone else’s drug/alcohol use. Their goal is to reduce the psychological, physical and emotional harm caused to families by empowering them to improve their lives. Services include education, family support, advocacy, group support, out of house support, a telephone helpline and early intervention.

How to Choose a Recovery Programme

A few tips to help you choose the right rehab centre include:

Licensing and certification: Focus your search on UK rehab centres that are registered with the Care Quality Commission. This shows that they are certified to provide addiction care.

Customised treatment plan: A fundamental aspect of drug/alcohol rehab is the provision of a tailored treatment plan for each patient. Primrose Lodge uses your input, medical exam results and psychological evaluation from a licensed therapist to create your detox and rehab treatment plan.

Cost of treatment: While many patients complain that private rehab is expensive, they should realise that such rehab centres are self-funded and would be unable to provide excellent care if they couldn’t attract the best staff or offer comfortable lodgings for patients. Don’t be in a haste to enrol with the cheapest rehab centre. Rather, look into their reviews and ratings and compare prices to find the most affordable option.

A number of therapies applied in treatment:  Depending on the severity of your addiction, you might require multiple therapies to effectively treat addiction or mental health issues. We also include alternative therapies like yoga, meditation, fitness therapy, art/music therapy and nutrition therapy to complement traditional techniques.

NA Meetings in/Near Northamptonshire


Anchor House, 6-7 Regents Square, Sheep Street
Sunday 1:00 pm
Monday 8:00 pm
Wednesday 7:00 pm

Spring House, 39 Billing Road
Tuesday 4:00 pm

Blackthorn Community Centre, Longmead Court
Friday 8:00 pm


Cornerstone Café, unified Reform Church, Foundry Place
Thursday 7:30 pm


The Bridge, 13-15 Oxford Street
Saturday 6:00 pm


Church of Christ, Greenhill Rise
Sunday 6:00 pm


Full Gospel Church, 60 High Street South
Tuesday 8:00 pm

AA Meetings in/Near Northamptonshire


Methodist Church Hall, High Street
Thursday 7:45 pm


St Columba’s Church Hall 157 Studfall Avenue
Saturday 7:00 pm

Arran Way Community Centre, Mull Drive
Thursday 8:00 pm
Sunday 6:00 pm

United Reformed Church Hall, Elizabeth Street
Wednesday 8:00 pm
Monday 8:00 pm

Back Room, Beanfield Centre, Beanfield Avenue
Tuesday 11:00 pm

Danesholme Community Centre, 4 Danesholme Centre
Friday 1:00 pm


Abbey Community Centre (Room 1), St John’s Square
Thursday 7:30 pm


Salvation Army Hall, Spinney Road
Tuesday 8:00 pm


St Andrew’s Church Rooms, Crown Street
Wednesday 1:00 pm

Loadsby Room – Friday 8:00 pm

Church Rooms, St Edwards Church, London Road
Sunday 7:00 pm


Emmaus Village
Wednesday 7:30 pm


St Peter’s RC Hall, 1 Hayway Road
Thursday 8:00 pm

St Mary’s Church Hall
Friday 1:30 pm


Northampton and District MIND, 6-7 Regent Square
Sunday 11:00 am

Kingdom Life Church, 9 Tower Street
Thursday at noon

The Nene Centre, Bedford Road
Saturday 7:00 pm

Addiction Counselling in/Near Northamptonshire

Solve it: Solve It’s vision is that no one should suffer or die from the health consequences of addiction to drugs/alcohol, either by lack of or misleading information. For over 28 years, they’ve provided specialist services aimed at increasing awareness of solvent abuse and the negative impact it has on families.

The key elements to their services are preventive education, support and signposting, and early intervention. They believe that young people will make the right choice, given the right skills and understanding on how to proceed. Other services include online counselling, information and guidance, and instant messaging support.

Address: Ringstead Business Centre, 1-3 Spencer Street, Ringstead, Kettering
Phone no: 0300 3301420

Eclipse Counselling services: Eclipse is a self-funded charity that provides free drug/alcohol counselling to affected individuals. Counselling services are available to anyone who contacts Eclipse or is referred by an agency. They support parents via a parent support group and parent course to help them learn more about drugs and how to provide better care for their loved ones, without neglecting themselves.

Address: 1 Basset Court, Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire
Phone no: 01908 211288

Local Government Addiction Resources in Northamptonshire

Northamptonshire Drug and Alcohol Service: This is a government service that provides support for individuals who have a problem with drugs and/or alcohol. They explore factors that might be contributing to addiction and help you set recovery goals. Team members include specialist addiction nurses, drug support workers, doctors and complex need workers. Services include individual counselling, group sessions, group rooms and inpatient treatment.

Address: 39 Billing Road, Drug & Alcohol Rehab, Northampton
Phone no: 01604 233227

Bridge Project: This is a peer support project that links volunteers who have maintained abstinence for a long time with those who experiencing problematic substance abuse. Bridge comprises members whose speciality is offering guidance and advice on housing, benefits and employment. They also have recovery workers, who help service users maintain recovery. You can benefit from any of their services, as long as you’re 18 years and above, have problems with Class A drugs and/or alcohol and are committed to resolving your issues.

Address: 63c Gold Street, Northampton
Phone no: 01604 621259

How Can I Get to and from Northamptonshire?

If you’re visiting our rehab centre from Northamptonshire, the fastest route is via the M1 and M25. You’ll pass through the A5076, Lumbertubs Way, M25 to Portsmouth Road in Surrey until you reach your destination in Worplesdon. There are several trains that commute between Euston and St Pancras International to Northampton. Ticket prices start from £17, but you’ll enjoy a 43% discount when you book in advance. St Pancras to Wellingborough takes 50 minutes, from Euston to Northampton is a 55-minute journey, while Northampton to Birmingham International takes 45 minutes.

Getting around by car is easy. The county has a strong road infrastructure that connects Northampton with other towns. Principal roads include the A45, A508, A14, A5, A605, A45 and the A6. The county also offers a comprehensive bus service, with major operators like Uno and Stagecoach Northampton. The main bus route to Kettering is served by Stagecoach’s X4, which operates routes in Milton Keynes, Peterborough, Wellingborough and Corby. The elderly, disabled people and schoolchildren can apply for a county bus pass via this link.

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