Local Residential Alcohol And Drug Rehab In Nottinghamshire

Addiction is a disease that, despite its severity, responds very well to treatment. Recovery options are available everywhere, to help you attain sobriety and get your life back on track. If you are in Nottinghamshire, are going through substance misuse, and are worried that there is no way out, be assured that you can break free through professional help, and available treatment options around the county.

If you have a close relative or friend going through this ordeal, you can also point them in the right direction. NHS drug and alcohol services, charity programmes, as well as private rehabilitation are all available options that can assist you in starting an addiction-free life. There are also support groups available in the county, that can help you sustain your sobriety once you have gone through treatment.

Primrose Lodge rehab service is one treatment option that has been effectively helping addicts make it through recovery for years. Primrose Lodge can provide you with the details of their services, as well as other local options that you can take part in to achieve recovery.

A Brief Overview of Our Treatment Services

Primrose Lodge is located in Guildford, Surrey, which is about 160 miles from Nottinghamshire. You can get to our rehab by connecting to the M1 from the A46, and then to Surrey via the M25. However, our free transport service means you don’t have to worry about getting to our facility, as we can take you to and from the rehab centre.

Going through rehabilitation in Primrose Lodge means you’ll be getting the highest standard of care anywhere in the UK. Our rehab services are always streamlined to reflect your type and level of addiction. We conduct an integrated medical detox and rehabilitation in the same facility, for addiction to substances such as alcohol, cannabis, prescription drugs, and other illegal substances.

Through our week-long detox, our medical team will keep you stabilised as your body rids itself of the substance you have been consuming. This will see your withdrawal symptoms managed through medication therapies and expert supervision.

Rehab will typically follow, as soon as your detoxification is over. This involves a 14-day or 28-day programme of holistic therapy, such as 12-step therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT), and art and music therapy, as well as individual and group counselling sessions.

Our rehab centre has spacious private bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms, a gym, WiFi, ultra-modern kitchen and dining facilities, as well as built-to-purpose rooms for group and individual sessions. These will see to it that your rehab runs smoothly, and you’re able to focus on recovery without worries of discomfort. You’ll attend group sessions daily, and have private sessions with a therapist at least once each week.

We also carry out a free aftercare programme, that lasts for a year, which will see you gain access to scheduled group sessions throughout the post-treatment period. This service is devised to ensure you’re given the support required to help solidify the techniques you have learnt through rehab, and help you reintegrate properly to life without alcohol or drugs.

The Pros and Cons of Private Rehab

  • Speedy admission process, with a provision for immediate entry
  • Strict confidentiality to allow clients to worry less about their sensitive information making it to the public
  • Possible free transport from Nottinghamshire to our facility
  • One-year free aftercare service that will provide ongoing help when you leave rehab
  • Family programme that repairs relationship damages
  • Fitness facilities and a dedicated programme that enhances physical and mental health
  • Easy access to some of the best therapists in the country


Cost of treatment

How Much Does Rehab Cost in Nottinghamshire?

The cost of rehab is determined by the treatment service you choose to undertake. Charity programmes and NHS drug and alcohol services in Nottinghamshire come at a lower cost, and some are completely free of charge. However, most of these treatment options do not provide holistic therapies that can adequately treat certain types and levels of addiction. In some cases, NHS funding is provided for addicts to go through private rehabilitation, but this isn’t guaranteed.

Private rehab fees are typically higher, as they’re independently run and have no public funds or donations backing their services. At Primrose Lodge, we spare no expense in making sure our level of care is high, and our clients enjoy premium comfort when they go through treatment. We carry out a 14-day and 28-day rehab programme, both of which come at different costs. However, the programme you’ll undergo will be primarily determined by your personal situation, to ensure you get the best level of care.


Free/NHS Addiction Treatment Options in Nottinghamshire

New Directions Nottinghamshire: This is a free service for adults, over the age of 18, who are going through a hard time as a result of addiction to drugs and alcohol. This service is provided by Change, Grow, Live, in conjunction with government bodies, and is available to all people living in the county.

Addiction Support Groups in Nottinghamshire

Support groups are emotional pillars, that can help you stay on track with recovery. Meetings involve sessions in which group members and attendees share their experiences, and seek insight from other members. This way, you can learn new things about your addiction, and gain new knowledge and techniques on how to fight urges when they come up. Other addicts who have been in recovery longer than you have can also serve as role models who you can aspire to.

Support groups are free to attend, and are typically held weekly. Some of the support groups we encourage you to attend include:

Alcoholics Anonymous: This is an international mutual aid society that is made up of people who are recovering from compulsive drinking. The group is founded on the 12-step principle, which helps addicts come to the realisation that there are things they can change and things they can’t. The support group aims to help members find the motivation to stay on the path to recovery and remain clean.

Narcotics Anonymous: Also guided by 12-step therapy, this group consists of men and women from around the world who are overcoming their addiction to drugs. There are numerous NA group meetings held weekly in Nottinghamshire which, like AA, are also free to attend.

How to Choose a Recovery Programme

Conceding that you have a problem, and choosing to seek help, is the most important step in recovery. Choosing a programme that will help you achieve sobriety, however, will truly determine how successful your quest to get clean turns out. This is because addiction affects everyone differently, and there are numerous variations when it comes to treatment. This can make the selection process quite overwhelming. And, considering what you or your loved one are already going through, it could make your addiction struggle all the more difficult.

You can make the right call if you have an experienced addiction expert pointing you in the right direction. Your GP can evaluate your situation, and advise you on what to do next. Alternatively, you can place a call to us and we’ll provide guidance for free. This will take away the burden of navigating through the often-confusing recovery options.

Your first treatment consideration should be inpatient care. This is because it provides you with the best shot at a successful and speedy recovery. Treatment plans through this method are totally individualised, and you’ll go through recovery in relative comfort. At Primrose Lodge, comfort and relaxation is guaranteed. We, at Primrose Lodge, have also taken further measures to ensure you worry less about other issues such as confidentiality, transport, and aftercare, so that you can focus solely on recovery. Please give us a call today, and our therapists will be happy to draw up a personalised treatment regimen for you.

After you go through treatment, it is recommended that you join support groups and attend meetings regularly, as these will help you stay on track. It is also crucial that you accept help from family and friends, as the recovery journey requires adequate emotional support.

NA meetings in/near Nottinghamshire

Nottingham Step Meeting

Mondays 7:30 pm

St Barnabas Cathedral House

North Circus Street





Nottingham Basic Text Study & Shares

Wednesdays 7:30 pm

Church Hall

St Andrew’s with Castle Gate United Reformed Church

Goldsmith Street






Thursdays 7:45 pm

Double Impact

18-19 St John Street



NG18 1QJ


Nottingham We Do Recover

Fridays 5:00 pm

St Andrews Church

Goldsmith Street






Saturdays 4:00 pm

St Barnabas Cathedral House

North Circus Street





AA meetings in/near Nottinghamshire

Nottingham Serenity Sunday

Rm 6, Queens Walk Community Centre, The Meadows.


Sundays 12.00 pm

Duration: 1 hour


Newark Tuesday

Barnby Gate Methodist Church Hall (next to Rutland Hotel), Barnby Gate.

NG24 1PX

Tuesdays 7.30 pm

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes


Long Eaton Big Book Wednesday

St Johns Church Hall, College St, Long Eaton

NG10 4GA

Wednesdays 7.30 pm


Kings Mill Hospital Newcomers Thursday

Education Centre, Kings Mill Hospital, Sutton in Ashfield.

NG17 4JL

Thursdays 10.00 am


Nottingham Living Sober Friday

St Nic’s Church (basement room), 79 Maid Marian Way.


Fridays 12.30 pm

Duration: 1 hour


Worksop Multi-Mtg Recovery Friday

Abbey Street Community Centre, Abbey St

S80 2LA

Fridays 7.30 pm


Nottingham Carlton Saturday

Sacred Heart Church Hall, Carlton Hill.


Saturdays 3.00 pm



Addiction Counselling in/near Nottinghamshire

There are local counselling services that can help you stay clean if you encounter any difficulties after your treatment. While you’ll get access to therapists during your stay in rehab, getting professional help after treatment is recommended. You can find the contact information of licensed psychologists in Nottinghamshire through the following directories:

British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy

Counselling UK


National Counselling Society

Counselling Pages

Local Govt Addiction Resources in Nottinghamshire

Nottingham Recovery Network: This service operates from a single point in Nottingham, providing support to individuals facing difficulties concerning alcohol or drug misuse in the city.

Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) Head 2 Head Team: This programme provides services such as intervention, mental health assessment, and treatment support to young people and children, up to the age of 18, who are misusing harmful substances.

How Can I Get To and From Nottinghamshire?

By Road

Nottinghamshire is mainly served by the M1, which provides a connection to the city of Nottingham. Major roads, like the A46 and A52 also connect to the county. The A52 is called the Brian Clough way.

By Train

Train services operated by East Midlands Train currently run from Nottingham to Liverpool, Sheffield, Doncaster, York, Scarborough, Leeds, and London.

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