Local Residential Alcohol And Drug Rehab In Torfaen

Torfaen is a Welsh county borough, located within the historic boundaries of Monmouthshire. Blaenau Gwent borders Torfaen to the northwest, while Caerphilly is to the southwest. The city of Newport shares a border to the south and to the east is the county of Monmouthshire. Torfaen is a relatively small area, so you’ll most likely have to rely on addiction treatment services in Monmouthshire and other neighbouring areas.

With addiction treatment in mind, the options available to you include inpatient rehab, which you can access at Primrose Lodge. Private rehab provides the most intensive addiction treatment, making it ideal for serious cases of addiction. If you or a loved one have been struggling with addiction for a long time, your best bet for a full recovery could well be inpatient rehab.

Other options for treatment include support groups, helplines and counselling. These can be provided by charities, government funded programmes or private organisations – typically for free, and in some cases, at subsidised costs. In this guide, we feature some of the treatment options you and/or your loved ones can benefit from in and around Torfaen.

A Brief Overview of the Services Offered by Our Rehab Centre

At Primrose Lodge, we offer a variety of treatment and therapies to address addiction and substance dependence issues. Our holistic approach allows us to treat a wide range of addictions and mental health issues, including:

  • Drug addiction
  • Alcohol addiction
  • Sex and love addiction
  • Gambling addiction
  • Dual diagnosis
  • Co-dependency
  • Eating disorders
  • Depression
  • Anxiety disorder
  • Trauma

To treat these issues as effectively as possible, we‘ve taken extra care with our recruitment process, and boast some of the best professionals on staff. Our team is made up of individuals who not only have the required experience and knowledge to treat addiction, but many of whom have been through the recovery process themselves.

Some key members of staff include:

  • Geoff Mascall (Registered Manager)

For most of Geoff’s career, he has been involved with substance misuse. Having worked in Wiltshire and London, alongside international medical heavyweights, his experience spans a variety of detox regimes.

  • Matt Reece (Lead Therapist)

Being an integrative therapist, Matt can work with theoretical models, expected to be highly beneficial for his clients.

  • Anuk (Therapist)

With many years in therapeutic interventions, Anuk specialises in trauma and draws a wealth of experience from the various residential programmes she has worked in, across various fields.

There is also Charlie McAdam, who is passionate about talking therapy; Helena Burton, who is an integrative therapist; and Johnny Beggache, who is a support worker. These form a fraction of our talented workforce and are all committed to the main goal of helping you beat your addiction. Our facility is located 126 miles from Torfaen. For your convenience, we provide a free sober transport service to and from our facility, before and after treatment.

Pros and Cons of Private Rehab

There are certainly more advantages than disadvantages to choosing private rehab. Firstly, let’s consider the pros:

  • Immediate intake

If you opt for private rehab, you won’t have to wait long before being admitted to a treatment programme, unlike NHS treatment, where you’re likely to be placed on a lengthy waiting list. At Primrose Lodge, we can get you started with treatment in as little as 24 hours.

  • Intense care

You’re likely to receive more intense and better quality care in a private rehab centre than a public facility. This is partly due to the fact that staff-to-patient ratios are lower, ensuring the treatment team can focus on helping you recover without having to deal with too many clients at once.

  • Better amenities

A private rehab centre is more likely to invest in your comfort than a public facility. With tastefully decorated rooms and pleasant surroundings, we strive to help you feel at home. In addition, you can enjoy amenities like swimming pools, gyms, spa treatments and more, depending on the facility you choose.

Continued support

Typically, a private rehab centre offers aftercare, often for free. This means you can reap the benefits of continued support long after the treatment programme has been completed.

Some of the cons associated with private rehab include:

  • Cost

Rehab is expensive, due to the overheads treatment facilities have to bear. However, we can help ease the burden via a flexible payment plan.

  • Time

Since inpatient rehab involves living in our facility for the duration of treatment, you might be put off if you don’t have the time to spare due to your responsibilities at work, home or school. To solve this problem, we suggest you opt for inpatient detox for a few days to a week, continuing with treatment on an outpatient basis thereafter.


How Much Does Rehab Cost in Torfaen?

Rehabs in and around Torfaen charge different prices for their services; these variations occur due to the fact that rehabs differ in terms of the amenities they offer and their general philosophy.

Some rehab centres are focused on providing treatment services for the rich and famous, including celebrities and company executives who may be intent on keeping their addiction away from the public eye. Such facilities tend to go the extra mile to cater for the needs of their clients, providing them with the standard of amenities that they’re used to. Such a facility will make arrangements to allow an executive to continue going to work, whilst receiving treatment discreetly.

Generally, a rehab facility in the more affordable range can cost anywhere between £800 and £1,200 per week, with luxury rehabs going up to £10,000 or more per week. At Primrose Lodge, you’ll get a perfect combination of affordability and world class treatment, ensuring you can enjoy the best of addiction treatment for less.

Free/NHS Addiction Treatment Options in Torfaen

The NHS recommends paying your GP a visit when you start thinking about addiction treatment options. They should be able to guide you to the NHS treatment services available nearby, as well as other free services that could be available.

Once referred to your local addiction service, you can expect your first appointment to involve a range of questions regarding your substance use and health in general. The reason it is necessary for you to answer these questions truthfully is so that experts can devise a tailored treatment plan for you. At an NHS centre, you’ll have a keyworker to provide support for the duration of treatment.

Another free treatment option is a support group. Such groups may be sufficient if you have a mild to moderate case of substance dependence or addiction. These groups are free to join and meetings are open to all addicts.

Addiction Support Groups in Torfaen

NA is a 12-step support group, comprising individuals who meet on a regular basis to help one another leave behind a life of substance abuse and addiction.

This service caters to friends and families who have been affected by the addiction of a loved one.

  • Tearing your hair out

This group is specifically targeted at parents who are affected by their child’s substance use.

How to Choose a Recovery Programme

The first thing you should do before you select a treatment programme is visit your GP or see an addiction expert who can perform an assessment. With a proper diagnosis, it should become clearer what recovery programme might be best suited to you. For instance, you could discover that you have an underlying condition such as depression or anxiety, meaning you’ll need dual diagnosis treatment.

Once you have an idea of the type of addiction treatment you should be looking at, it becomes easier to narrow down your search. Finally, be sure to get satisfactory answers to these questions before you make up your mind about any treatment facility:

  • What is the treatment approach of the facility (secular or religious)?
  • What types of therapies and treatments are used?
  • How long does treatment last and is there a minimum duration?
  • Are there flexible payment plans?
  • What kind of continuing care is available, if any?
  • Is the facility licensed?
  • Does the treatment team have experience with the kind of addiction you have?

NA Meetings in/Near Torfaen


Sunday, 7:00 pm
Step and Tradition
Quaker Meeting House, 43 Charles Street, Cardiff, South Glamorgan

Monday, 7:45 pm
Quaker Meeting House, 43 Charles Street, Cardiff, South Glamorgan


Wednesday, 7:30 pm
Newcomers Meeting: Always hope!
Rear Entrance, Chambers house, 49 Blackwood Road, Blackwood, Gwent


Thursday, 7:30 pm
Basic Text Discussion
St Peter’s Church, 1 Alexandra Road, Clevedon, Somerset


Thursday, 7:30 pm
Seven Corners Centre, 1-3 Seven Corners Lane, Abergavenny, Gwent

AA Meetings in/Near Torfaen

Gwent Newport

Eveswell Discussion
Eveswell Community Centre, Eveswell St
Friday: 13.00

St Woolos Chapel Step
The Chapel, St Woolos Hospital Grounds
Saturday: 12.30

Big Book
The Chapel, St Woolos Hospital grounds.
Monday: 13.00


Beginners Open
Music Room, St Mary’s Priory
Wednesday: 20.00

Tregaron Room (kitchen side door), Maindiff Court Hospital, Ross Rd
Sunday: 15.15

Ebbw Vale

West End Congregational Church, Tredegar Rd
Friday: 20.00

West End Congregational Church, Tredegar Rd, Ebbw Vale
Tuesday: 20.00


Speaker Saturday
Twyn Community Centre, Caerphilly Town Square
Saturday: 10.30

Steps Thursday

Twyn Community Hall, Caerphilly Town Centre
Thursday: 20.00


Cyncoed Experience: Strength and Hope
The Fellowship Room, Cyncoed Methodist Church (left-hand entrance)
Westminster Crescent (off Cyncoed Rd)
Monday: 20.00

Big Book Friday
Beulah Church, Beulah Road
Friday: 20.00 – Duration 1hr

Addiction Counselling in/Near Torfaen

  • NCSP – Community Outreach

This programme caters to homeless people and those residing in temporary accommodation, who have a background of alcohol and/or drug misuse.

Castlewood, Tickenham Road, Somerset, Clevedon
Phone: 07554 438 751

Developing Health and Independence (DHI) offers confidential, free support to family and friends of substance abusers.

Helpline: 01179 166588

This service provides residential courses and other support for families.

For other services available in your local area, speak to your GP for guidance.

Local Government Addiction Resources in Torfaen

Community Safety Partnerships (CSP) are responsible for dealing with substance use issues in their local area. They are funded by the 0.4% Ring-fenced LHB Allocation and SMAP Fund, in addition to other funding from the Home Office and Welsh Assembly.

The area comprising Torfaen County Borough Council is covered by the CSP, including the three major population centres: Blaenavon, Pontypool and Cwmbran. For more on the drug and alcohol interventions in the county, contact the Torfaen County Borough Council at Civic Centre, Pontypool.

Phone: (01495) 762200

Email: calltorfaen@torfaen.gov.uk

How Can I Get to and from Torfaen?

The journey from Surrey to Torfaen should take approximately two and a half hours via the M4 through Reading, Swindon, Chippenham, Bristol and Newport. If you’re going by train, the ideal place to stop is the station at New Inn, Pontypool. It’s only a five-minute drive to the Civic Centre, past Panteg Cemetery and Pontypool Park.

From the same station to the AA meeting at Eveswell Community Centre is a 19-minute drive via the A4042 and roughly 20 minutes to Maindiff Court Hospital, where another AA meeting is held. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to attend an NA meeting, there’s one at Chamber’s House, 20 minutes from the train station.

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