Our Addiction Treatment Programmes

Medical Detox
Primrose Lodge is fully equipped to facilitate medically monitored detoxes for alcohol and all types of addictive drugs (both illicit and prescribed). We recommend that an intensive rehabilitation programme follows this immediately to safeguard against relapse.
Personalised Plan
Each treatment programme is tailored to the individual’s specific medical, emotional and therapeutic needs. Our experts create a unique treatment plan for each client, because we do not believe in the one-size-fits-all policy.
Dual Diagnosis
We treat people suffering from addiction and dual diagnosis and offer the latest in proven therapies delivered by qualified and experienced professionals. We have the means to successfully treat co-occurring illnesses such as Anxiety Disorder, Depression, PTSD and OCD. Simultaneously treating both co-occurring illness and addiction – proven to be the most successful path to long-term recovery.
Therapeutic Models
At Primrose Lodge, we use only the most effective and proven therapeutic models to treat our clients. We believe in the powerful healing effects of the 12-Step therapy and so combine this model with others to obtain optimum results.
Food & Nutrition
Each client will be fully explained the benefits of looking after their body as well as their mind. Whilst in our care, all meals are freshly prepared by our resident chef. Aiding in the individual’s rehabilitation. By putting the right nutrients in and teaching each individual how to care for him or herself, it is our hope that this mind-set will be carried on outside of the treatment environment.
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The price of not getting help

What happens to people suffering with an addiction is often devastating for both the addict and their families. We at Primrose Lodge can help you and your loved ones overcome addiction.

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Call Now 0203 553 9263

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Our Level of Care at Primrose Lodge
Levels of care

Below is the process our clients go through:

  • IMD inpatient medical detox
  • IR inpatient rehabilitation
  • RT residential treatment
  • SC secondary care
  • TC 3rd stage housing referrals
  • 24/7 care

Call us or write to us for full information about our treatment services and available programmes.

Don’t waste another day on addiction

We will assess your situation and offer you the most suitable programme to let you detox and heal from your addiction, improving your health and your relationship with the ones you love.

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Fitness Programme
Family Programme
Holistic Therapy
Health Eating
Therapy Types at Primrose Lodge

We work in a holistic way here and we offer multiple modalities to try and get clients involved and working on their own recovery.

Individual Therapy

Clients get individual therapy sessions which help with any deep-seated issues and things that are confidential. It will also give them a stronger sense of self.

Group Therapy

Group therapy encourages participants to share their experiences and to build a group of mutual trust where they recover together through a common bond.

Drama Therapy

It is through creativity that we help our clients rediscover the beauty of the world around them. Through Drama Therapy, they learn new ways to express their feelings and emotions.


During their stay, our clients will have the opportunity to be treated via Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). Proven treatment for a number of physiological and psychological issues.

12 Step

We believe in the 12-step therapy model, and continue to use it, proving its powerful healing effects. All individuals suffering from addiction can benefit from the programme at Primrose Lodge.


Meditation helps the mind to find the focus it is missing, helps improve blood pressure, and to find tranquillity. Via this method, our clients also balance out their breathing.

Start the Admissions Process Now

Simply give us a call and we will guide you through the process.


Strict client confidentiality policy is in place.

Lifetime support

On completing treatment we offer lifetime support for your recovery.

Don't waste another day on addiction
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Call Now 0203 553 9263

Call Now 0203 553 9263

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