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How do rehab centres at Caversham, Berkshire, make life better?

Are you struggling to quit alcohol and drug addiction? Are you worried about the addiction issues of your loved one? Help is closer than you would imagine. Caversham, a village on the Thames, was recently declared one of the nation’s most excellent places to live. The Sunday Times Best Places to Live in the UK 2020 gave this town high marks. Due to its proximity to London, many free and private rehab clinics in Caversham assist those with substance addiction.

At UKAT, we acknowledge your brave decision to quit the addictive habits that affect your life. The UKAT centre can support you throughout your journey to complete wellness and recovery.

Read below to learn about the excellent rehab facility in Caversham.

What do the statistics say about Drug and Alcohol abuse in Caversham, Reading, Berkshire?

In 2020 there were a record number of drug-related fatalities in Reading. According to data from the Office for National Statistics, Reading had 19 drug-related fatalities reported in 2020. This was the highest number recorded since records began in 1993, up from seven the year before.

Reading Borough Council says drinking too much impacts residents more significantly than drug addiction. According to research, 30,000 people in the town drink more than the upper limit.

What are the options for Rehab Centres in Caversham, Reading?

The UK government runs many rehab centres in Caversham to help the Caversham population to quit addictive substances. The NHS runs several detoxification clinics that help the town population with cleansing. Although they offer free help, getting enrolled in these centres is difficult. This is because the number of cases is high and the availability of seats here is less.
In comparison, although paid, private residential rehab centres near Caversham give good individual care, detox programmes, and aftercare to avoid relapse.

How do UKAT rehab facilities make a difference in Caversham, Berkshire?

The National Health Service (NHS) and charities like Alcohol Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous operate programmes for alcohol and drug addiction at many free and private rehab centres near Caversham. However, enrollment seats are limited, and the process is complicated at these centres. So if privacy, comfort and high-end treatment are what you are looking for, UKAT, private residential rehab near Caversham, can be the right choice.

The amenities at UKAT include:

  • Immediate admission
  • Comfortable accommodation
  • Complete medical detox under the supervision
  • 24*7 staff support
  • Qualified doctors and therapists
  • Customised rehab therapy
  • Recreational activities
  • Free aftercare plans
  • Holistic treatment with acupressure, meditation and spiritual Reading.

Primrose Lodge near Caversham, Reading

UKAT is a private residential rehab with seven centres across the UK. Our main goal is to provide high-end medical assistance, holistic treatment, medication, care and support that can improve your life and help you get sober. So if you or someone you know is looking for private residential rehab centres near Caversham, this luxurious treatment facility can be the right option.

Primrose Lodge is located 28 southwest of London, in the county of Surrey. Primrose Lodge is just 24.9 miles distant and can be reached in a 49-minute drive from Caversham.
This private rehab centre is the perfect place if you begin your detox away from the bustle of the city, with peace of mind and get undivided attention throughout recovery. This UKAT centre focuses on a cosy, comfortable and homely atmosphere along with the following facilities.

  • 19 spacious rooms with ensuite bathrooms
  • Healthy and nutritious meals from experienced house chefs
  • Spacious living areas for movie or quiz nights
  • On-site gyms
  • Art and recreational activities
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • Family recovery programmes
  • Relaxation activities like yoga and meditation

List of free addiction support groups in and near Caversham, Reading

If you want to attend AA, NA or CA free rehabilitation meetings near Caversham, Reading, the following list can help you decide.

AA meetings near Caversham

Reading Step

Address: Wesley Methodist Church
Queens Rd
Postcode: RG1 4BW
Time: 20.00 for 1hr 30mins on Friday
Helpline number: 0800 9177 650

Reading Sunday Morning

Address: (entrance opposite) 71 South St
Postcode: RG1 4RA
Time: 11.00 for 1hr 30mins on Sunday
Helpline number: 0800 9177 650


Address: Watlington House
The entrance is at the back through Sidmouth St and South St
Postcode: RG1 4RA
Time: 19.30 for 1hr 30mins on Wednesday
Helpline number: 0800 9177 650

NA meetings near Caversham

Never Alone

Address: Upper Room
Park United Reform Church
21 Palmer Park Avenue
Postcode: RG6 1DN
Time: 19:30 to 21:00 on Friday
Helpline phone: 0800 470 0382

Newcomers Meeting

Address: Room 3
Reading Quaker (Friends)
Meeting House
2 Church Street
Postcode: RG1 2SB
Time: 19:30 to 21:00 on Wednesday
Helpline phone: 0800 470 0382

Sunday Serenity

Address: Lounge
Park United Reform Church
21 Palmer Park Avenue
Postcode: RG6 1DN
Time: 19:30 to 21:00 on Sunday
Helpline phone: 0800 470 0382

CA meetings near Caversham

Reading Thus We Grow

address: Wesley Chruch
84 Queen’s Rd
Postcode: RG1 4BW
Time: 20:00 on Tuesday

The Sunlight of the Spirit

Address: The Pavilion
143-145 Oxford Rd
Postcode: RG1 7UY
Time: 19:00 on Wednesday

Faith on Friday

Address: Wokingham Baptist Church
Milton Rd
Postcode: RG40 1DE
Time: 20:00 on Friday

Why choose rehab centres in Caversham, Reading?

Caversham rises from the Thames and is situated in a flood plain and the foothills of the Chiltern Mountains. Caversham is thought of as Reading’s “posh” neighbourhood. It frequently features in the top areas people desire to relocate to Caversham. Caversham Lakes has numerous riverside homes, excellent schools, and a lovely shopping district that also marks the southern and eastern boundaries of the Thames Path National Trail.

With the St. Anne’s chapel on the bridge and her well, whose waters are believed to have therapeutic properties, it has become a destination for pilgrims. So if a spiritual, healing, riverside and serene but posh town are what you need to kickstart your detox journey, don’t delay and Get Help Now!

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