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How do rehab centres at Chesham, Buckinghamshire, make life better?

Have you been delaying quitting addiction because you don’t know where to start? It is as simple as getting in touch with any UKAT centre; we are here to help.

There are several rehab facilities in and around Chesham to help the locals with rising drug and alcohol addiction cases.

At UKAT, we appreciate that you want to save your lives and loved ones from the hazards of unhealthy addiction. If you have decided to go sober and lead a better life, then the rehab centres near Chesham, Buckinghamshire, can help you on the road to complete recovery. Read ahead to know more about the many options of well-equipped rehab facilities near you.

What do the statistics say about drug abuse in Chesham, Buckinghamshire?

In February 2021, Chesham was the worst small town in Buckinghamshire for drugs, with 12 crimes reported and a crime rate of 0.52 per 1,000 inhabitants. Going by the latest statistics, Chesham saw an upswing in the number of drug-related crimes in the town. Sixty-three drug-related crimes have already been reported in 2021, with a crime ratio of 2.73/1000 people living in Chesham. These numbers show that the graph trend is the worst for drug crimes in the last five years barring 2019. There are also reported dealers storing illegal drugs in unoccupied properties in quiet areas of Chesham, Buckinghamshire.

How do UKAT rehab facilities make a difference in Chesham, Buckinghamshire?

Several facilities near Chesham, Buckinghamshire, offer recoery programs by the National Health Service (NHS) and charities, such as NA and AA. Still, the admission process to get into one of these may not be straightforward. Due to the large influx of people signing up for rehab at such institutions, it is impossible to offer individual attention to each of them. Some many such organisations and institutions provide free or subsidised treatment and rehab facilities in and around Chesham, Buckinghamshire. Being around the same area also increases the chances of recurrent trigger factors. Hence, opting for a rehab centre with residential facilities is recommended. Private Rehab facilities have multiple treatment options including one-on-one sessions and are easier to get into. Many private residential rehabs offer good amenities.

Primrose Lodge rehab centre near Chesham, Buckinghamshire

At UKAT, we aim to build happy, healthy, and addiction-free lives. If you or a loved one require a helping hand to support you through the recovery journey near Chesham, Buckinghamshire, then this UKAT centre could be the ideal rehab centre.

Primrose Lodge is a private rehab centre in Surrey with a unique detox facility and healing surroundings. Primrose Lodge is 38.1 miles away from Chesham and can be reached in one hour and six minutes by car.

The centre is equipped with trained professionals to handle various addictions such as prescription drug addictions, illegal drug addictions, codependency addictions, and behavioural addictions.

There are 19 luxurious rooms with ensuite bathrooms at this centre. If a rehab centre away from worldly chaos in serene surroundings is what you are looking for, then this rehab is a perfect choice.

The other amenities include:

  • 12-step detox programme
  • Cognitive Therapy for behavioural disorders
  • Family oriented therapies
  • Yoga and mediation
  • ART workshops
  • Group discussion therapies
  • Codependent behaviour treatment
  • One-to-one counselling
  • Healthy meals by an experienced cook
  • On-site gymnasiums

List of free addiction support groups in and near Chesham, Buckinghamshire

If you would like to consider any free scheduled meetings with the AA, NA or CA near Chesham. The following list will provide you with the necessary information.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) in or near Chesham


Saturday, 7 pm
Sun House Community Centre, 32 Church St
Postcode: HP5 1HU
Sunday, 11 am
The Bagnall Centre, 71-79 Waterside
Postcode: HP5 1PE


Thursday, 8 pm
St Michaels Church Hall, Sycamore Rd
Postcode: HP6 5DR

Amersham Lunchtime Discussion

Wednesday, 12.30 pm
St Michaels Church, 70 Sycamore Rd
Postcode: HP6 5DR

Cocaine Anonymous(CA) free sessions near Chesham

Don’t Leave Before The Miracle Happens

Monday, 7 pm
Holy Trinity Church, Walton St, Aylesbury

There Is A Solution

Monday, 7 pm
Tinkers Bridge Meeting Place, Marshworth, Tinkers Bridge
Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes Recovery Rocks

Wednesday, 8 pm
York House Centre, London Rd, Stony Stratford
Milton Keynes
MK11 1JQ

Cocaine Anonymous Aylesbury

Friday, 7 pm
Church of the Holy Spirit, 71 Camborne Ave, Aylesbury
HP21 7UE

Narcotics Anonymous(NA) free sessions near Chesham

Just For Today

Sunday, 11 am
Room 2, Oasis House, George Street, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire.
HP11 2RZ

Amersham. You’re Never Alone

Monday, 7.30 pm
St Michael & All Angels C Of E Church, 70 Sycamore Road, Amersham.

Old Tea at Oasis

Tuesday, 7.30 pm
Meeting Room 3, Oasis House, George Street, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire.
HP11 2RZ

Wednesday Teapot

Wednesday, 7.30 pm
Oasis House, George Street, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire.
HP11 2RZ

Why should you choose a rehab in or near Chesham, Buckinghamshire?

Chesham is a beautiful market town surrounded by farmland as it is part of the Chess valley in Buckinghamshire county. Chesham is a civil parish famous for the 4B’s, namely, boots, beer, brushes and baptists. It is situated close to London, making it a great place to stay if you like quiet surroundings that are easily accessible from a major city. There are plenty of things to do in and around Chesham, like visiting the Royal Chesham Museum, the Lowndes park, the Amersham Fair Organ Museum and the Sarratt Bottom Nature Reserve. If a family-friendly town with easy access to London sounds exciting, Chesham can be your home away from home while you recover. So Get Help Now!

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