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How do rehab centres at Banstead, Surrey, make life better?

Rehabilitation is your answer when you feel defeated due to the effects of alcohol and drug abuse. Rehab centres in Banstead, Surrey, can help you overcome your substance abuse addictions to help you on your path to recovery. Whether you choose a free, private, outpatient or residential rehab centre, this article will help you find the best rehab centre to suit your detoxification needs.

At the helm of your rehab journey, UKAT is always present with its 190 rehab beds spread across the UK to ensure that your rehab requirements are personalised and tailored to suit your specific needs. In addition, UKAT provides that you are taken care of to the best of our ability with our varied treatment packages offered at our rehab centres.

What do the drug and alcohol-related death statistics in and around Banstead, Surrey reveal?

According to the Office of National Statistics (ONS), in 2020, there was an increase in alcohol-related deaths all over England, with Banstead and Surrey no different. Banstead, Surrey is located in the South East of England, showing an increase of 18.5 % deaths due to alcohol from 2019-2020. This 18.5% means that the deaths due to alcohol in 2020 increased from 9.2 to 10.9 in the South East of England.

The data relating to drug-related deaths is equally alarming. The Surrey Live has reported that drug-related fatalities in South East England, where Banstead, Surrey is located, have been at an all-time high. In 2020, in Banstead, there were 72 drug-related deaths. Therefore, these statistics highlight the importance of rehabilitation to reduce substance abuse fatalities in Banstead, Surrey, South East of England.

Are there any choices for rehab centres in Banstead, Surrey?

Banstead, Surrey, has many rehab centres to choose from. Your choices of rehab centres in Banstead, Surrey, are among free, private, outpatient, or residential rehab clinics. Choosing which rehab centre best suits your needs will depend on what you are looking for. Free rehab clinics like alcoholic anonymous, narcotics anonymous, and cocaine anonymous are readily available to help you on your path to recovery. However, they may feel impersonal due to a lack of personalised attention. Outpatient facilities like those offered by the NHS are also abundant. However, it is advantageous for rehabilitation to be successful if you get support round-the-clock. Private residential rehab clinics like those offered by UKAT will ensure that your needs are tailored to the treatment plans to ensure that you get the care you deserve. Though little expensive, private rehab clinics in Banstead, Surrey, ensure that your needs are comprehensively met.

What sets Primrose Lodge UKAT Substance abuse rehabilitation facility near Banstead, Surrey, apart?

Primrose Lodge is a UKAT centre located in Guildford, Surrey. It is a private rehab facility with several advantages, benefits, and facilities that make it your number one choice for a drug and alcohol rehab centre. Located around 24.3 miles from Banstead, Primrose Lodge will take you roughly 42 minutes by road. With an easy admission process, you can be assured that you will get beautiful and homely accommodation at Primrose Lodge. The safety measures are such that it promotes growth and positivity on your rehab journey. The counsellors and rehab experts are efficient and approachable to ensure your needs are always met. Medical services for your detoxification needs are available round-the-clock. The after-care plan that Primrose Lodge UKAT centre offers provides that if you complete the 90-day inpatient treatment plan, you will get complimentary one-month care. Primrose Lodge is a perfect centre for your rehab needs, with facilities like 19-en-suite bedrooms, various therapy rooms, a fully equipped gym, extensive gardens, and full in-house catering. As inferred from the alcohol and drug-related death statistics stated above, rehab centres like Primrose Lodge are desirable.

Free rehabilitation support groups for drugs and alcohol in and around Banstead

If you feel that a free rehab clinic for your substance abuse needs is your choice, then the following options are available.

Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) near Banstead

Banstead Step & Tradition

St Anne’s Church,
4 Brighton Road (A217),
Postcode: SM7 1BS
Wednesday at 20.00 – duration 1hr 15mins
Helpline: 02074070700 (10.00-22.00)


St Ann’s RC Church,
4 Brighton Road,
(A217 Southbound; first right after Banstead crossroads),
Postcode: SM7 1BS
Sunday at 19.30 – duration 1hr 30mins
Helpline: 02074070700 (10.00-22.00)


Reigate Baptist Church,
Sycamore Walk,
off Hornbeam Road,
Postcode: RH2 7LR
Thursday at 20.00 – duration 1hr 30mins
Helpline: 02074070700 (10.00-22.00)

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) near Banstead

Working It Wednesday

Open Door Church Centre,
Rooksmead Road,
Postcode: TW16 6QQ
Wednesday at 19:30- 21:00

Guildford Newcomers

The Stirling Centre,
St. John’s Stoke,
Stoke Road,
Postcode: GU1 1HB
Friday at 20:00- 21:30

Camberley Narcotics Anonymous – Experience Strength & Hope

Lounge Room,
St Marys Church Centre,
Park Road,
Postcode: GU15 2SR
Saturday at 17:00- 18:30

Cocaine Anonymous (CA) near Banstead

Blessed in Banstead

Banstead United Reformed Church
Woodmansterne Ln
Postcode: SM7 3EX,
Wednesday at 19:30

Practising the Principles

Brook Church,
The Square,
Postcode: GU19 5AY,
Sunday at 18:30

Cocaine Anonymous

190 Church Road,
Postcode: CR0 1SE,
Monday at 19:00

What is unique about Banstead, Surrey when choosing it as a rehab centre?

Banstead is a town in Surrey. Known for its greenery, lavender, and beautiful relaxing spots, Banstead is a relaxation hub spot, perfect for your rehabilitation journey. Well connected by road and rail, Banstead is easy to access. With its picturesque scenery and green cover, Banstead, Surrey, is the perfect spot for your journey to recovery.

UKAT believes that for rehabilitation to be successful, constant care and support available round the clock is the essence. Further, our personalised and tailored treatment packages ensure that your rehab needs are at the core of our care. Our Sanctuary Lodge is one of our many UKAT centres for your perfect rehabilitation road to recovery. So, get help now. Enrol at Primrose Lodge UKAT centre and avail the benefits and advantages that we offer.

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