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How do rehab centres at Stanwell, Surrey, make life better?

As we know, alcohol and drug abuse have been on the rise in recent years, and addiction is severely affecting the lives of individuals and families. Addiction to drugs and alcohol is possible only when you become dependent on them. This may result in damaging consequences like depression and suicidal tendencies. If you or your loved one are suffering from substance and alcohol abuse it is important to understand that you are not alone. Rehab facilities in Stanwell, Surrey can help you on your road towards recovery.

We provide you with excellent services which will take care of the whole treatment regimen. Our rehab centres in Stanwell, Surrey, are furbished with comfortable bedrooms, bathrooms, gyms, and open spaces. In short, we have something to offer to every client.

What do we know about alcohol and drug misuse in Stanwell, Surrey?

In 2021, nearly 32 people succumbed to overconsumption of opiates and cocaine, in Surrey. It is an alarming number and could have been prevented if the right medication and care were provided on time. According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), Surrey in Southeast England has seen a drastic increase of 18.5% in alcohol-related deaths in 2020.

Alternatives for rehab facilities in Stanwell, Surrey

There are a lot of options available in Stanwell, Surrey when it comes to rehabilitation clinics. Here, the rehab therapy centres have both free and paid services. The local people can choose from both options based on their budget and treatment patterns. Free Support groups in Stanwell, Surrey, are arranged by local groups that provide free-of-cost services. However, it is recommended to have sound knowledge of the services rendered by both the private rehab facilities and the free groups before making a decision.

Although the addiction therapy costs are higher in residential rehabilitation centres, they have exquisite amenities for their clients. Some of the benefits provided are 24/7 admission, customised treatment bundles, and no waiting period. Here, every client is treated like a family member.

The local support groups will offer free screening and addiction medication at zero cost. But, they do not allow immediate admission and comes with a significant waiting time. You can attend either physical meetings or online discussions depending on your taste. Even if you plan to get admitted, you will strongly notice the absence of warmth and care during the treatment course.

How do UKAT rehab centres near Stanwell, Surrey, play a role in medical detox?

We understand that the course of treatment is crucial to early recovery, so we assure all clients about the comfortable and safe atmosphere at our rehab centres. This is further strengthened by the fact that our centres have a robust network of experienced doctors and on-site nurses who provide around-the-clock monitoring and care. Our infrastructure is created to provide our clients with a source of relaxation in the fresh air and away from the hustle of urban life.

If you are worried about your family members, then we also have facilities for one-to-one counselling and group therapy with your family. For us, the topmost importance lies in quality treatment and an overall positive experience for our clients.

A glimpse of the amenities provided by the UKAT private residential rehab centres in Stanwell, Surrey, are:

  • Treatment plans are crafted to suit the needs of our clients
  • Round-the-clock admission for 365 days
  • Trigger identification techniques
  • Guaranteed post-treatment care of one year
  • Techniques to prevent relapse
  • Detoxification services for quick healing
  • Specialized therapies like trauma care and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • A convenient and safe treatment centre
  • Access to the nursing staff at the centres
  • Comprehensive screening processes to address the root cause

Besides all kinds of drug and alcohol abuse, UKAT private rehab centres in Stanwell, Surrey, also offer therapies for behavioural or process addictions.

Primrose Lodge – UKAT private residential rehabilitation clinics near Stanwell, Surrey

The Primrose Lodge in Guildford is just 21.3 miles from Stanwell, Surrey, and it takes about 30 mins by road to reach the centre.

At the Primrose Lodge, we have 19 luxurious double bedrooms, an activity room equipped with a television for entertainment, a gym, and lush green grounds for relaxation amidst Mother Nature. It is a CQC-registered rehab clinic and has been receiving good ratings consistently. We believe that a treatment journey is not uniform for all our clients, hence, it must be tailor-made. Unlike other rehab facilities, we offer free post-treatment care for a lifetime and even teenagers who are addicted are treated by us. Therapies for substance abuse like cannabis, crack cocaine, cocaine, heroin, and prescription drugs are also present at the Primrose Lodge.

Apart from the main course of treatment, we also organize one-to-one counselling sessions, group discussions, and psychotherapy

Names of free addiction support sessions near Stanwell, Surrey

There are free support group meetings organised by local people near Stanwell, Surrey. If you are looking forward to getting rid of drugs and alcohol addiction free of cost, here are a few services near Stanwell, Surrey, that can help you start your recovery journey.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) near Stanwell, Surrey


St Joseph’s Catholic Church
St Margaret’s Drive
Day- Monday 20.00
Duration- 1hr 30 mins
Postcode- KT18 7JQ


Our Lady and St Peter’s Church
Garlands Rd
Day- Tuesday 20.15
Duration- 1hr 15 mins
Postcode- KT22 7EZ


The Cafe
Christian Centre
Church St
Day- Wednesday 20.00
Duration- 1hr 15 mins
Postcode- RH4 1DW

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) near Stanwell, Surrey

Guildford Newcomers

The Stirling Centre, St John’s Stoke
Stoke Road
Day- Friday 20.00-21.30
Postcode- GU1 1HB

Topic Meeting

The Old School Building
New Road, Shepperton
Day-Monday 20.15-21.30
Postcode- TW17 0QQ

Sunburys Sunday Steps

Open Door Church Centre
Rooksmead Rd
Sunbury-on-Thames, Surrey
Day- Sunday 18.00-19.15
Postcode- TW16 6QQ

Cocaine Anonymous (CA) near Stanwell, Surrey

Practising The Principles

Brook Church
The Square Bagshot
Day- Sunday 18.30
Postcode- GU19 5AY

The Easier Softer Way

St James Church
Church St
Day- Monday 19.00
Postcode- KT13

Choose Life

Salvation Army
Sythwood Goldsworth Park
Day- Thursday 20.00
Postcode- GU21 3BE

Why are rehabilitation clinics in Stanwell, Surrey, the best choices?

Stanwell is a small rural place in Surrey, central London and houses the famous Parish Church and the historical Stanwell Place. Stanwell, Surrey serves as a small portion of the Heathrow Airport, and the rest is dedicated to residents. It is surrounded by green paddy fields and meadows that form an ideal place for the natural healing of our clients. Hence, the rehab centres in Stanwell, Surrey are the best options for a total recovery.

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